Monday, June 04, 2007

Tons Of International Scores From The Past Weekend

Euro 08 qualifiers:
Wales 0-0 Czech Republic
Iceland 1-1 Liechtenstein
Kazakhstan 1-2 Armenia
Russia 4-0 Andorra
Germany 6-0 San Marino
Finland 0-2 Serbia
Macedonia 1-2 Israel
Faroe Islands 1-2 Italy
Denmark 3-3 Sweden - game abandon after fan violence on referee
Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-2 Turkey
Norway 4-0 Malta
Albania 2-0 Luxembourg
Slovenia 1-2 Romania
Belgium 1-2 Portugal
Azerbaijan 1-3 Poland
Lithuania 1-0 Georgia
France 2-0 Ukraine
Belarus 0-2 Bulgaria
Latvia 0-2 Spain
Greece 2-0 Hungary
Estonia 0-1 Croatia

International friendly's:
England 1-1 Brazil
Venezuela 2-2 Canada
Indonesia 3-0 Hong Kong
Mexico 4-0 Iran
Costa Rico 2-0 Chile
Honduras 3-1 Trinidad & Tobago
Australia 1-2 Uruguay
Austria 0-0 Paraguay
S Korea 0-2 Netherlands
Switzerland 1-0 Argentina
Eduador 1-2 Peru in Madrid

African Nations Cup qualifiers:
Ethiopia 1-0 Dem Rep of Congo
Uganda 2-1 Nigeria
Tunisia 4-0 Seychelles
Sudan 3-0 Mauritius
Rwanda 2-0 Equatorical Guinea
Eritrea 1-1 Angola
Tanzania 1-1 Senegal
Cape Verde Islands 2-2 Algeria
Namibia 1-0 Libya
Zambia 3-0 Congo
South Africa 4-0 Chad
Morocco 2-0 Zimbabwe
Ivory Coast 5-0 Madagascar
Mauritania 1-1 Egypt
Burundi 1-0 Botswana
Niger 2-0 Lesotho
Liberia 1-2 Cameroon
Swaziland 0-0 Kenya
Mozambique 3-1 Burkina Faso
Rep of Guinea 2-2 Gambia
Seirra Leone 0-1 Togo
Benin 0-0 Mali


Anonymous tps said...

I love du Nord!

That said, I think there's an opportunity for improvement with the "MLS Current Playoff Picture" on the right (which is wonderful, by the way). You show the two conference leaders and the next six; qualification technically goes to the top two in each conference and the next four. From an MLS release: "The top two teams in each conference will make the playoffs; of the remaining nine teams, the four with the most points, regardless of conference, will also qualify. The potential imbalance - five East teams and three West teams, for example - means two teams from the same conference could meet in MLS Cup 2007."

Thanks for du Nord!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

Was the US-China game not an official international friendly? Yours is the 2nd source I've seen that didn't mention it amongst the friendlies Saturday.

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denmark-Sweden was a classic not just because of the referes incident.
Also: France and Ukraine was pretty entertaining-saw the whole game on Setanta.
MLS this past weekend: saw the first half of Houston-Dallas yesterday-and it was a good game. Glad to see the Dynamo make the comeback without DeRosario in the lineup.

1:29 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

excellent info TPS.
i will change it immediately
thank you thank you thank you

as for usa v china being official or not
i dont really know what official means
but i didnt really feel the need to list it twice since i go into extreme depth in todays edition of du nord news
sorry for any confusion

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i guess what i mean is i've seen reference to international "b" games wherein it's not an "official" game...players that play don't get a "cap" and goals scored don't count in career tallies, etc...but i've never seen the US play an international "b" game...but i also know did not list the US-China game in it's international friendlies from saturday...

10:04 PM  

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