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Finally Fixed News

Oh my, the Canadians gotta be losing their minds right about now! But Canadian keeper Pat Onstad is the one who knows how things really are: "We got ourselves in a position to let the referee influence the game. Whether it was a correct call or not is irrelevant. I think we dug ourselves a hole in the last five minutes of the first half."


Wild LA news from Steven Goff's Soccer Insider blog: Just got off the phone with Santino (Quaranta - LA midfielder). He said he is awaiting word on a trade and did not train with the Galaxy today. He has heard that New York, Kansas City and Colorado are possible destinations. "They're trading everybody, man," he said. "It's a panic. I'm not sure Frank and Alexi are on the same page. It's a bad situation right now."

Solid Gold Cup Action - Matches & Scores:
-Semifinals last night:
USA 2-1 Canada - USA goals by Frankie Hejduk(!) & Landon Donovan(PK), Can goal by Ian Hume.
Match report from US Soccer.
Match report from CONCACAF.
Match report by Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune.
Match report by Lacy Banks of the Chicago Sun Times.
Match report by Nick Firchau of Chicago's Daily Southtown.
Match report by Steven Goff of the Washington Post.
Match report by Grahame Jones of the LA Times.
Match report by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.
Match report by Larry Millson of the Toronto Globe & Mail.
(Sorry but all the other Canadian newspapers I check just ran Wire Reports which I usually don't link to.)
Match report and post-game ratings by Ives Galarcep at Soccernet.
Players ratings by Mahoney of Soccer America.
Post-game analysis by John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle.
Post-game analysis by Jen Chang of Soccernet on his blog.
Mexico 1-0 Guadeloupe - Mex goal by Pavel Pardo.
-I have to admit that it was nice to see one of the few Mexican players I like, Pardo, score that great goal. It was a monster shot.
Sun Jun 24 - Soldier Field in Chicago-
USA v Mexico - 2pm central on FSC & Univision
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My notes from the USA v Canada match:
-How about that missed shot from Landon Donovan early in second half. That missed open goal shot. A complete miss. Oh it was a beaut. "A swing and a miss", as they say in baseball. The kind where you swing all the way through, then keep spinning around and end up face down in the dirt with a dust cloud around you. It was that bad. It should have been 3-0 game over. But nooooooooo.
-Did you see the Canadian players going nuts on the referee after the game? And did you see that massive moron Adam Braz was right in the middle of it. He has to be one of the stupidest players I have ever personally witnessed. I have seen this dude have 3 or 4 full melt downs over the years. How has he not killed someone. I was dying laughing watching his froth and foam. Adam you are an idiot! And for that I love you.
-Frankie Hejduk & Dwayne De Rosario may have gotten off lightly in the second half. They went up for a head ball together. They both threw elbow, DDR's connected, Frankie swung his arm again, they both went down, DDR got up and slammed a headbutt into Frankie's shoulder blade, Frankie shoved back hard. They got separated and then both were yellow carded. It easily could have been red for both.
-The resulting yellow card means that Hey Dude will miss the final on Sunday for accumulation for yellows.
-Michael Bradley will also miss the final after his 90th minute red card for the lame ass tackle on De Guzman. Where did Bradley learn that move?
-And how did the referee come up with 4 minutes of second half stoppage time. 2 or 3 at most. Certainly not 4.
-That was game #100 for Kasey Keller in a USA shirt.
-I really think Bradley is doing this team a disservice by switching the lineup so many times - pick one and go with it in the big games. It will give the guys more time to settle in together. IE - if Tim Howard is the #1 then why is Keller in goal?
-Brian McBride was in the stands for last nights game.
-The USA defense scared the hell out of my too many times tonight. Especially in the first half. They gave Canada 3 or 4 chances with awful passing and poor decisions. That garbage is what gave Canada the confidence that they were not out of it late. Lets hope they shore this crap up, fast.
-Hume plays for Leicester City in the English Championship Division - aka the 2nd division.
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I think Josh at Throughball pretty much sums up all of our feelings about last nights USA v Canada game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

du Nord Three Stars Of The Game
3. Landon Donovan - Cool as a cucumber and as brutal as a beat down. He was great with the ball. Tracked back to play defense. Set up Hejduk so effortlessly for the first goal. Calmly banged home the PK for the second goal. But he also got a yellow for diving, and missed a wide open sitter that Beasley said should go directly into the all time top 50 bloppers list.
2. Ian Hume - He didn't even come on until the 64th minute, but wow did he change the game. He was a demon out there. Hockey style rough. But two plays he made were huge. First he cleared a Dempsey header off the line, with a back heal! Then he came forward, but an amazing cut back move on Bocanegra and smashed a shot to the back post and curled around Keller for an awesome goal.
1. Frankie Hejduk - "Preposterous" that was the word one fellow viewer used to describe Frankie's performance. He scored! On a shot he normally puts 15 rows into the stands. Unreal. And he made those wild lunging tackles count. And of course as always he played with 100% effort for 90 full minutes.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

US Soccer with post-game audio & video interviews. Download audio here and video here.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Official Team USA blog.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

US Soccer photos from USA v Canada.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS matches & scores this week:
Wed Jun 20
-Columbus 2-1 Kansas City - Colu goals by Eddie Gaven & Stefani Miglioranzi. KC goal by Jack Jewsbury.
Thu Jun 21
-Houston 4-0 Chivas USA - Hou goals by Brad Davis(3) & Brian Mullan.
Match report by Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle.
Match report from MLSnet.
Sat Jun 23
-New England v Toronto - 6:30pm central on Direct Kick
-Colorado v Dallas - 8pm central on Direct Kick
-Salt Lake v DC - 8:30pm central on FSC & FSE
-Columbus v Los Angeles - 9:30pm central on HDNet & Direct Kick
Sun Jun 24
-Kansas City v Houston - 4pm central on TeleFutura
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Due to the U20 World Cup Toronto FC has to hit the road for the next 6 games. The TO Sun with an article on how they are trying to take that "home" attitude with them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In his always interesting "MLS Confidential" column at Soccer America, Ridge Mahoney says that an Eastern Conference assistant coach is totally disgruntled and wants out. No other hints are given. So lets look at the possibilities:
-Chicago - just fired head coach Dave Sarachan and replaced him with top assistant Denis Hamlett. Craig Reynolds & Daryl Shore are the two assts now.
-Columbus - Robert Warzycha, Mike Lapper & Vadim Kirillov are the assistants. Warzycha has been there a while. He could be a candidate for the disgruntled one.
-DC - Mark Simpson & Chad Ashton are the assistants. With a new head coach in Tom Soehn just this season it's hard to see them as the one. And Ashton is brand new to the game. Simpson is a possibility I guess.
-Kansas City - another new head man in Curt Onalfo with 2 new assistants in Kris Kelderman & Chris Henderson. Probably isn't one of them.
-New England - assistant Paul Mariner has been there several years and always seems happy. But maybe, like player Shalrie Joseph, he is unhappy with his compensation package. He is a prime candidate. Gwynne Williams is the other assistan but I have no ideas about him.
-New York - Ritchie Williams & John Harkes the two assistant for Bruce Arena don't seem like they are unhappy.
-Toronto - Bob Gansler is the top assistant at the first year team. You wouldn't think unrest would happen so quick. But maybe he wants to be the head man, and Canada is not for him. The other assistant Mike Matkovich is an unknown to me.
-So my prime candidates for unhappiness are Robert Warzycha, Mike Simpson, Paul Mariner & Bob Gansler. It's probably none of them.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jane Havsy of the New Jersey Daily Record says the New York Red Bulls had a special guest at practice yesterday. None other than Milan & Holland star midfielder Clarence Seedorf!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Andrew Hush at Soccer New England feels that MLS still has a long way to go.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Honda is set to end is giant sponsorship deal with MLS after a 12 year run. They were one of the original 6 major sponsors of the league. No reasons were given for the decision.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division matches & scores this weekend:
-Thu Jun 21
Portland v Montreal
-Fri Jun 22
Rochester v California
Charleston v Atlanta - live at 7pm central on FSC
-Miami v Vancouver
-Sat Jun 23
Carolina v Charleston
Seattle v Montreal
-Sun Jun 24
Puerto Rico v Vancouver
Minnesota v California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL 1D Standings:
23 Rochester
21 Vancouver
19 Seattle
16 Montreal
15 Charleston
14 Portland
14 Miami
14 Puerto Rico
14 Carolina
13 Atlanta
8 Minnesota
7 California
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My Minnesota Thunder will play an exhibition game on Saturday night in Plymouth against AC Milan's junior team.
-The Portland Timbers played that same Milan squad on Tuesday night in front of 11,000 people. Here is a report from the Oregonian.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soccernet with a team-by-team preview of the Copa America.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Spanish Kings Cup Final
Sat Jun 23
Sevilla v Getafe at the Bernabeu
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I very much looks like Thierry Henry has left north London to sign with Barcelona.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Galatasaray have signed excellent attacking midfielder Lincoln from Schalke. That is a bit of a surprise I must say.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tiago the Portuguese midfielder from Lyon, and formerly of Chelsea, has signed with Juventus.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a year back in Brazil with Santos Ze Roberto has resigned with Bayern Munich. I guess he missed the food and the weather.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Roma signed defender Juan from Bayer Leverkusen.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Barcelona went to South Africa this week to play a friendly and all the got was a torn knee ligament for captain Carles Puyol. Not much of a holiday gift.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jamaica lost 2-1 to Indonesia last night in Jakarata.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FIFA has lost a court ruling to MasterCard and must pay the credit card company and long time sponsor $90 million dollars. MasterCard sued after learning that FIFA was negotiating with rivals VISA to take over the exclusive contract. Judges at several levels slammed FIFA for their illegal backroom dealings and have now made them pay a heavy price. MasterCard then immediately terminated their contract with FIFA saying there had been "irreparable damage done to the company's trust in the organization."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Trinidad & Tobago Express with several article on the T & T Football Federation & Players struggles:
-Lawyers get involved in the pay dispute.
-A bigger picture look at the local football scene. The good and the bad from everyone, including Jack Warner.
And more reaction to Shaka Hislop's letter to Warner.
-Editorial on what the average person on the street in Port of Spain thinks.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Guardian in England is taking an interest in the T&T story as well.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jack Warner himself has been saying things like, "I am busy with the Gold Cup" or "I am busy with the FIFA U20 World Cup in Canada", so he does not have time to deal with the T&T players, but he somehow found time to talk to the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper and criticize Caribbean governments for financially supporting cricket. Yes cricket. He called it, "...a dying sport ...". What an odd guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

National Post sent a reporter to the U.S. Canada game. Game report here:

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Matt L said...

What's going on with the Copa America roster? I wonder if there are problems/issues with taking some of the MLS players.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the USA-Canada match, the linesman displayed that there would be 4 additional minutes for stoppage time, but the ref actually allowed over FIVE minutes of additional time.

As Brucio points out, there's no way it ought to have any more than 2-3 MAXIMUM.

I just don't see where there was justification for anything more than 2 minutes.

7:56 PM  
Blogger shmooth said...

Onstad lost that game for his team by taking down Beasley in the box. what an incredibly boneheaded move. beas had knocked the ball out of bounds. Onstad had at a minimum driven him extremely wide, and then decided he'd trip him. why? Onstad should not have been out there. legacy.

as far as Ian Hume's move on Bocanegra, it was decent, but nothing more than that. that goal happened in the midfield when the coach's son and one other person didn't think it was in their team's best interest to play defense. Bocanegra did a good job in slowing Hume down and staying in front of him to make him hit a near-perfect shot to score. couldn't have asked anything more from Bocanegra. Keller could have been a bit further out, but it happened pretty quick, and again, that goal happened in the midfield.

Glad the Canadians got punked. They played dirty.

Bradley Jr. doesn't deserve a roster slot. But then again, neither does Landon Donovan. At least now Donovan goes to the goal - it's just that he still has about as many moves as Cobi Jones - zero. It's kinda pathetic, actually. The kid needs a good two years in Argentina so he can get some confidence on the ball.

7:59 PM  
Blogger CG said...

Mike Matkovich was the DOC for the Chicago Magic.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like most US Soccer Fans, I felt horribly ashamed that we slunk into the Final on a bad call that I thought should have gone the Canadians' way. Until I saw this post.

It's the only big post on that page. Let me summarize it for you. Basically the poster says that because Hume challenged for the ball as it neared Onyewu, the offsides call has to be made in the context of that action, not the initial pass. And if you stop any Youtube replay of that play, as Hume challenges Onyewu, Hutchinson is clearly offsides.

Do you know if that interpretation of the offsides rule is correct? Because if it is, then I would think it would be blogworthy.


12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's an incorrect intepretation of the offside call... the determination of offside is made when the ball is played forward. Since Hutchinson is onside when the ball is played forward, he remains onside unless another Canadian player touches the ball.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous McCrum said...

Why did Honda drop? Let's see, the team whose jersey you've been on for about 9 seasons up and names their new stadium for TOYODA, making you, the guy on the jersey with long time support, look like you can't afford to buy the stadium too.

Nice move, that one.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous HumeHater said...

What about Hume's cheap-shot takedown of Mastroeni that was shown once briefly on a replay? I am the only one who saw that? Just surprised it wasn't mentioned here.

1:59 PM  

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