Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Bob Bradley Story

A du Nord exclusive
From Jack Bell of the New York Times

I think this shows Bob Bradley's humanity ...

Bradley took over the Metrostars in 2003 and dumped some players, including trading the popular Mike Petke.

I had to go to the stadium on a Friday, working on a MLS preview. My children had the day off from school and for the first time I was forced to drag them along. The new turf had just been put down on the field so they had a bit of fun.

Afterward, the Metros PR folks brought Bradley out of the lockerroom for me to talk to. We chatted for a before my children, Jesse, 12, and Sammy, 10, got a bit out of control.

So I said to Bradley that I would have to end the interview and apologized. I called my kids over and introduced them to Bradley. He shook Jesse's hand and said a few words.

Then I said, "And this is my daughter Samantha." He reached over and took her hand to which she blurted out ... "why did you have to trade Mike Petke?" (He was her favorite player.)

I nearly died and apologized to Bradley for a child's candor. Instead of reacting badly he bent down and explained to Sammy that sometimes you have to trade a good player to get a good player. Basically, he treated a child with respect and showed interest and a willingness to explain the situation.

To me, that said a lot about the man, something I'm not likely to forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i could not agree more . . . personally i feel the easiest way to measure a person is to see how they treat kids when 'off camera'. good to hear that bob is that kind of man, and good to see you giving him props for it.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Fullback said...

Now let's imagine that scenario with Arena in place of Bradley. Not pretty. Thanks for the story - it's nice to find decent folks in professional sports.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Joe Ginto said...

nice story. now go out and there and win the gold cup and get to the quarterfinals of the copa america!

2:17 PM  

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