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The Water Is Running News

The USA Women will wear special pink jerseys for the match v Canada on May 12 at Pizza Hut Park in Dallas. The special shirt is to acknowledge Mothers Day, and raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Very cool. Well done ladies. Let's see the men do the same! I'm serious. How cool would that be?

The Daily Mirror fishwrap in London says Robbie Fowler will be joining the New England Rev's. As you can see by this link, the DM do some very deep and detailed reporting for this "story".
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Both MLS teams are in CONCACAF Champions Cup first round, first leg action today. See em on Fox Soccer Channel:
-Puntarenas v Houston - live at 1:30pm central
-Olimpia v DC United - live at 8pm central
-Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle with a Dynamo v Puntarenas preview.
-The nickname of the stadium in Puntarenas is The Magical Pressure Cooker! Excellent!
-Steven Goff of the Washington Post with a DC v Olimpia game preview.
-Jack Bell at the New York Times previews the Houston & DC Champions Cup matches.
-Ian Plenderleith at the US Players Assoc with a look at MLS teams fairly poor showing, with a couple of great exceptions, in the Champions Cup.
-Marc Connolly as the Players Assoc calls today "Opening Day". I like the sound of that.
-Jeff Carlisle of Soccernet with the "struggle" story too.
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A big rumor on LA Galaxy financial news from Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune: A more likely blockbuster announcement from MLS is the jersey sponsorship for David Beckham's Los Angeles Galaxy. Two sources have confirmed that the bidding is down to Citibank and Herbalife (and, interestingly, not Beckham sponsor adidas). The Citibank offer to have its name across the front of Galaxy shirt, the sources said, is a monster: five years, $49 million. A decision is expected any day. How good does the Beckham signing look now? A COUPLE OF CORRECTIONS: I said, "That money would pay his full salary." I should have said it "could", but it won't cuz he gets a cut of that money (probably a big cut too). And I also said "Another interesting fact is that Herbalife is the vitamin company of Chivas owner Jorge Vergara!" When of course they are NOT. He owns Omnilife, a completely different company. My bad.
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'Member back a couple weeks when LA held those open try outs and 2 dudes made it through? Well one of em got cut. The other is still in training. Expect him to get cut real soon. Then we can completely forget about this stupid story. I bet Frank Yallop wishes he could have that try-out weekend back.
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Michael Lewis at Big Apple Soccer with more of his interview with Red Bulls new main attraction Claudio Reyna.
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Despite what the Red Bulls owner said yesterday about the team not signing another big money player this season, coach Bruce Arena told Ives Galarcep that a Designated Players signing is expected late this week or early next week!
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There's an article in the New York Times, not directly about the New York Red Bulls, but about the redevelopment of the town of Harrison New Jersey where the Bulls are building their new home.
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New England tops Bermuda 3-1 on the island. From the Rev's home page.
-Match report from Bermuda newspaper The Royal Gazette.
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Bermuda is also hosting the LA Galaxy. The Bermuda Sun with a story on the Gals. Including a picture that makes Nate Jaqua look REALLY skinny.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Luis Arroyave at the Chicago Tribune with a feature story on the Fire's newly clean-cut #1 keeper Matt Pickens.
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One day after getting punked by the Canadian U20's, TFC is starting to find some firepower. Plenty of good things are going on. From the Toronto Sun.
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The Toronto Star with a feature on TFC's new forward Abbe Ibrahim, who coach Johnston was very big on back in New York and has now brought him to the great white north.
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Czech midfielder Patrik Berger wants to come play in MLS. Um, yeah, uh, no thanks, we'll take a pass on that.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Kansas City Star with the latest on KC stadium developments.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And a new story from the Houston Chronicle on that city's stadium story.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Steve Davis at MLSnet with an article on the always "on" Jimmy Conrad!
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Kevin McGeehan at the US Players Assoc asks a very important question before David Beckham arrives in MLS: Can ESPN Cover Beckham Sanely? And we all know the answer to that question is: "Not a frickin chance." They will hype it all up, and then when it is not earth shattering, all the American "sports journalists" will use every column inch they can get their hands on to say "I told you so!" What a cliche.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The USA U23 team played to a 0-0 draw with their Japanese counterparts in Kumamoto Japan today. The US Soccer site with a match report.
-Japanese paper Daily Yomiuri with a match report as well.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
American midfielder Lee Nguyen will miss the rest of the 2007 season with his Dutch club PSV after having surgery to repair a separated shoulder that was not healing properly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The 2007 Copa Libertadores - the group stage is in full effect. Here are this week's matches & scores:
-Tue Feb 20
Alianza Lima 1-2 Necaxa
El Nacional 1-2 America
Libertad 1-0 Banfield
-Report on all three matches via Sports Illustrated.
-Wed Feb 21
Nacional - Internacional
Flamengo - Maracaibo
Parana - Real Potosi
Cienciano - Toluca
-Thur Feb 22
Caracas - LDU Quito
Deportivo Pasto - Santos
Colo Colo - River Plate
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Champions League games yesterday and today:
Tuesday scores-
Celtic 0-0 Milan - how do two teams with lots of injured defenders play to a scoreless draw?
PSV 1-0 Arsenal - great goal by Edison Mendez in a painfully dull game.
Lille 0-1 Man United - Ryan Giggs with a late road goal - which is always great for the aggregate scoreline.
Real Madrid 3-2 Bayern Munich - the game of the day. I can't remember who, but some newspaper predicted this. Bayern's two road goals are bigger than Real's 3 home goals. Scorers were: 2 by Raul and 1 by Van Nistelrooy for RM, with Lucio and Van Bommel for BM.
Wednesday matches-
Roma v Lyon
Inter v Valencia
Barcelona v Liverpool
Porto v Chelsea
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune with a story on the exciting Real v Bayern match.
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The BBC is reporting that Manchester United fans in Lille narrowly avoided disaster when too many people were crushed into one area of the stands and then police turned on them. Ugly shit.
-Peter Berlin of the IHT follows this story.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Another BBC story from Manchester, this time from the sky blue part of town, that says there could be a new owner for Man city on the horizon, and unbelievably it could be yet another American! Wow. No names yet though.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
At least 3 and maybe 4 more Serie A stadiums have been brought up to security code in Italy and will be allowed fans back in seats this coming weekend.
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The Guardian gives out some fake awards and Craig Bellamy earns top honors.


Blogger Jesse said...

TFC beat a local side called 'SoccerMax' actually. The author of the article got it wrong. They play Lynn on Friday instead.

Good stuff, keep it up.


3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree with your notion that the MNT should wear pink uniforms to raise awareness of breast cancer.

If they don't, at least I will be wearing a pink shirt while sitting on the couch watching the game.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Matth said...

I do love British tabloids; the Daily Mirror is one of my favorites (although I can never remember which one has the daily topless pic on page 3).

MNT should play the entire Gold Cup in pink shirts.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vergara owns Omnilife, not Herbalife.

5:57 PM  
Anonymous footbal news said...

this is a good option to support cancer patients.I would recommend even the european football to do the same for the sake of other's goodwill

3:39 AM  
Anonymous Colin said...

I think wearing pink shirts would be incredibly silly. And why breast cancer? Why not some other cause/illness? Breast cancer already gets far more attention/funding than prostate cancer for example despite the fact that they occur at similar rates.

I'm not sure we really need the USMNT to raise breast cancer awareness anyway, it's hardly a state secret.

Why don't we just keep the focus on soccer instead of pet social issues?

Great blog btw.

11:34 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

yer a cold bastard colin

and i have no idea what the fuck is "pet" about cancer

prostate cancer awareness is fine by me

i would just sometimes like to see things be a little more than just about money - if this makes me bad then so be it - i wear it proudly

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brucio, in your above response in which you called Colin a "bastard," are you saying that international soccer competitions are "just about money" ?

I always thought it was "just about soccer."

Then again, perhaps you'll do a thorough academic study and provide us evidence of what the rest of the world's national teams are doing fundraising for.

I don't imagine its on behalf of "cancer research," since, as you know, most of the countries in the world DON'T DO CANCER RESEARCH.

Touche !

Please, let's keep politics out of it.
We're all here for soccer.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Colin said...

No, I'm not a cold bastard. I had a good friend of mine die of cancer in high school and my cousin's husband might kick the bucket at the ripe old age of 33 because of it.

I just think soccer and unrelated social causes should be separate. If the USMNT should be supporting a charity it should be something soccer related like building more fields. But of course they already do that by providing revenue from games to the USSF which in turn funds youth soccer projects.

Which is why we play friendlies against Mexico in away environments.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't think there would actually be people against the idea of the pink jersey. I like the idea actually. Of course I liked the pink baseball bat MLB did for breat cancer awareness. As for wearing a certain jersery for prostate cancer, what shade of brown would the jerseys be. :)


Also when did prostate, breast cancer awareness or fundraising to treat such ailments become political?

4:13 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

colin - sorry for insulting you personally, theres no need for that on my part

carry on

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Are you willing to do a Dunord fundraiser for cancer ?

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Hooray beer! My official du Nord t-shirt arrived today! Bruce, you should consider offering them in pink. I'd buy one.

5:45 PM  

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