Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Totally Hosed At The Copa America Draw

Here is the draw for the three groups of next summers Copa America tournament in Venezuela:

Group A
Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru

Group B
Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico

Group C
Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, United States

It could be said that our boys are in the Group of Death again. Wow. Group A got off lightly, features the home team, and has four teams did NOT qualify for the World Cup last summer. Talk about powder puff soft. Group B is definitely harder with 3 of 4 teams at the WC. While the USA group also has 3 out of 4. Colombia is the team from C that did not qualify but have been known for several decades now to be a good team who are currently underperforming. OK so maybe Groups B & C are about equal with Chile on the rise again, but Group A is silly weak. Nice draw Mr Chavez.


Anonymous David Keyes said...

I certainly think the draw is rigged, with the host Venezuela the main beneficiary.

If I remember correctly, other draws for Copa America have been similarly friendly to the hosts. In 1997, Bolivia got to the final largely because they had a weak group, which consisted of themselves along with Peru, Bolivia, and Venezuela (wait a second, that's the same group!). In 1999, hosts Peru were drawn with Bolivia, Paraguay, and Japan. In 2001, hosts Colombia were in a group with Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

I generally don't go for conspiracy theories but I wouldn't be surprised if the bigshots at CONMEBOL get together to ensure the host team gets a favorable draw every time at the Copa America.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

Tough draw for the US but I like it better than Group B. Chile is a darkhorse team. I could see Mexico finising fourth.

Venezuela might have gotten a host team draw but they still stink and will need some home officiating to beat out Uruguay and Bolivia.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Diego R. said...

Yes, the draw's tough - almost as difficulty as the US draw from last year's world cup - but hey, at least we don't have to wait 3 more years for some World Cup level competitiveness and intensity. Plus, the games will all be played basically in our time zones so it'll make for some good viewing.

Copa America will be great experience for the US team. Just think about how players like Bornstein and Ricardo Clark will be able to handle CONCACAF qualifying after playing against Argentina and Paraguay in South America.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's still a big question as to how to divide up the teams between the Gold Cup and the Copa America. Do you send some experienced players to each tournament? Or the "A team" to one and "B team" to the other? What about the effect on MLS of having two big tournaments during the season? Can the US afford NOT to take LD to one of the tournaments? Lots of room for speculation!

10:16 AM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

the host always gets an easy draw in any big tournament. that is the rule. regarding which squads to take, maybe you are right mr anonymous that the teams for the gold cup and copa america will be mixed up and not a clear A v. B team. maybe more euro based players will come to the copa america as they will have the chance to rest more? that said, some may play in the gold cup. looking forward to it. who is going to Venezuela for the tournament?

10:33 AM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

some info at the conmebol site:

any word on the tv coverage?

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Wamiq said...

Group A is absurdly weak compared to B and C. Those are the 4 worst teams in the tournament. They didn't even try to pretend to make it look somewhat legitimate. Going forward, the teams that get to play the two Group A teams in the next round will have a great advantage.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this blog is to be the voice, then lets turn the mindset up a notch.

As for this squalking about the grouping...Like the US sdidn't have a good situation at USA 94'?

Do you think t CONMEBOL is gonna put the guest in the easy group? I'd be suprized if Venezuela got out of teir group anyhow.

Listen up!

How many of you guys will be going to Venezuela?
You know to support your team? Who here is gonna put there money where their mouth is?

If so, post your blogs and let us know!

All you armchair pundits..

With all this speculation surrounding the A or B team going to La Copa you may be able to get inside of Klinsmann's head a little on why it is he didn't jump at the opportunity to be the coach.

Aside from his seperate business dealings in So Cal. I understand wholey his reasoning for wanting to have more of a say in the day to day organization surrounding the MNT.

The USSF is only interested in winning the Gold Cup here in the USA. At the Copa America they have no finacial incentive to go beyond the minimum,

For example: Here in the States the USSF retains monies, be it from TV, Stadium revenue, or other branding options. In Venezuela..? the USSF gets nothing except for an apperence fee and a bonus for progressing. Maybe if it was in three years before the World Cup they'd care more. But it became obvious to me over the past year thea they may have spent too much time blowing smoke and not enough time developing talent.

USSF is a business entity that generates revenue to support various Soccer programs throughout the United States. The structure of the USSF is not built upon the passion of the game like you might witness in Brazil or a similar likeminded place.

The passion is just not her for them to really care too much about their fanbase. If they cared about there fans would they ...

1. Produce such an ugly and confusing website?

2. Keep pumping out those antiquated stats about every win in the history of the USSF?

3. Make us suffer through all the bad videos on ,, you know, ....the ones with that bad Pasty whiteguy EMO feux rock music crap?

Aside from the USSF and their sappy approach, does anyone know a Center Mid that can hold the ball? We may as well retire the #10 shirt right now...If Donovan is the next big thing you're fooling yourselves..

PS ....keep up the trashtalking Wynalda, you're the only reason I keep the volume turned up

5:58 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

jeez, and here i thought i was cynical

8:59 AM  
Anonymous NWnative said...

Interesting viewpoint,

Ditto on the Wynalda tip

2:54 PM  
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