Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shot In The Snout News

A conversation between Ray Hudson & Phil Schoen on the GolTV broadcast of the Barcelona v Racing Santander game last Sunday. (Barca has a free kick. Deco serves it from the left side into the middle of the goal box where Ronaldinho heads it home for a goal and then runs toward Deco to celebrate):
Ray: Ronaldinho knows who provided it alright, and goes over & says "I'm gonna buy you a table dance tonight Deco!"
Phil: They have table dances at the ice cream parlors in Barcelona?

Mia Hamm is pregnant with twins!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Frank Giase at the Newark Star-Ledger says the New York Red Bulls are going to do whatever they can to land homegrown striker Alecko Eskandarian from Toronto.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Michael Lewis at Big Apple Soccer talks to Red Bulls new Dutch keeper Ronald Waterreus about his new home.
-Lewis is also writing a daily report from the teams training camp in Bradenton Florida. Here is Day 1.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
BigSoccer poster Mistake posts the text from ESPN Magazines small feature on NYRB forward Josi Altidore.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Soccernet has started a countdown to David Beckham's first game with the LA Galaxy, and they claim it will be v Chelsea on July 21. Why have we not heard anything from MLS or the Galaxy on this yet? And why would Soccernet jump the gun on this info seeing as they are owned by the leagues #1 broadcaster ESPN? (thanks to Ken for tipping us off to this nugget)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The DC United supporters La Barra Brava have an interview on their site with one of DCU's new owners Will Chang. Very cool to see.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Frank Dell'apa at the Boston Globe with the story of New England goalkeeper Matt Reis and his mentor David Vanole who died last month of a heart attack.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Mike Biglin of the Boston Herald with a feature on NE striker Taylor Twellman and his new contract, and also mentions the teams attempt to sign a new contract with midfield star Shalrie Joseph.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Andrew Hush at Soccer New England with a story on the "topsy-turvy" career of New England defender Avery John.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Houston striker Brian Ching gets a raise in pay. From the Chronicle.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And Bernardo Fallas from the Chronicle looks at the Dynamo's young newcomers. Will any of them make the cut?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bob Luder at the KC Star with a feature on Kansas City youngster Will John. Things have not gone according to his plans or others projections for him so far.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Jeff Bradley with his MLS tribute to the Westminster Dog Show via his column First XI: Best In Show
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ken Pendleton of the US Players Assoc thinks the upcoming SuperLiga is a very poor substitute for MLS teams who should be playing in Copa Libertadores.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And Kevin McGeehan also from the US Players Assoc would love to see even more rich guys like George Gillet and Tom Hicks drop their soccer dough on American soil, not English. Hey Kevin, don't leave out Randy Lerner, Milan Mandaric (who sold Portsmouth last year and just bought Leicester City - people forget that he too is American) & the Glazer boys. I think this will happen in droves once the sport in America turns a true profit. These guys are not like Phil Anschutz, they want to make their money NOW.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The USA U23 team that is heading to Japan for a series of friendly's has added three players to the roster: Goalkeeper Justin Hughes from the Colorado Rapids, defender Sean Franklin from Cal State Northridge U, and midfielder Peter Lowry from Santa Clara U. They will replace Julian Valentin, Stuart Holden & Tally Hall who will continue to train with the team this week, but not travel to Japan on Friday. No reasons were given from their deletion from the traveling group.
-Nick Green at the Daily Breeze with a report on the making of this Olympic team.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The USA U17's will play a Jamaican All-Star team in Kingston tomorrow in preparation for the U17 CONCACAF qualifying tournament that will be held in Kingston in late April.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
US Soccer now has a story on the full TV ratings from the USA v Mexico match and overall they are quite good, not just with hispanics.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
IC Liverpool with a great story on American keeper Tim Howard's successful season at Everton.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
An Arsenal fan site called Gunnerblog has a story today about a young American who at one time recently was a star on the rise. Danny Karbassiyoon has been plagued by injury and now is staring at an unknown future.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness says the only reason Beckham is coming to America is his wife. From Eurosport. Presumably Mrs. Hoeness knows enough to keep her mouth shut, and stay in the kitchen.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
CONCACAF Champions Cup starts today:
W Connection v Guadalajara Chivas - first leg - see it delayed on Fox Soccer Channel at 10pm central time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Andrea Canales on the growing pressure that surrounds Mexico in their match ups with the USA. From Soccer365.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Giuseppe Rossi, now with Parma, has spurned his American roots for his Italian heritage, and while he has not done much on the field in his short 2 year career, a couple of key goals have made him a real golden boy-to-be. FIFA continues the raves. (thanks to Justin for the link)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Luis Bueno at his daily paper the Press Enterprise with more from Mexican legend and Chivas USA defender Claudio Suarez on the intense USA v Mexico rivalry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Copa Libertadores - the group stage is off and running TODAY!
Defensor Sporting v Gimnasia
Emelec v Velez Sarsfield
Cucuta Deportivo v Deportes Tolima
-Gregory Sica at Sports Illustrated previews the tournament.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Three FA Cup fourth round replays are on tap today. The 5th round will be held this coming weekend.
Norwich v Blackpool
Middlesbrough v Bristol City
Bolton v Arsenal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri has been hired to take over Parma in Italy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Rob Hughes at the International Herald Tribune looks at the scouting of players all over the world, including here in America. My friend Demko and I talk all the time about the poor scouting that goes on in our country. I think it is as big a weakness as youth development. If the American idea of scouting is to have a bunch of hacks pay money to try out for the Galaxy or Toronto or the Chivas reality show, then we are in huge trouble, cuz those events are a joke.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Brazil coach Dunga defends that awful shirt he wore last week. I still think he lost a bet and had to wear it at the winners request.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So Samuel Eto'o decided he did not want to go on as a sub for Barcelona last weekend, and now he says its the coach fault. Hmmmm. Interesting theory he has.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
On another Bruce Dickinson note... we are referencing the rock n roll singer, not the record producer, and purveyor of "More Cowbell" - two entirely different people. And my pal NC tells me that last summer Iron Maiden did a concert where ticket buyers were flown to the gig with Dickinson as their pilot! YESIREEEEE!!!!! Now that is rock n roll!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And finally today, Jeff at BLCKDGRD sends us the tale of Brucio - courtesy Kids In The Hall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck Rossi

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Westside Connection is playing Chivas? I'm assuming this game is at the Coliseum....

3:38 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

w connection are from the city of marabella in trinidad & tobago - that is where tonights game is being played

on du nord i always try to list the home team first

i would assume guada chivas will play their home leg at their stadium, jalisco, in guadalajara

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Rafa D. said...

I would like to see teams treat the Red Bulls like Chelsea in terms of trades/deals, and ask them to give up some big cash/players for what the Bulls want. I still think the best deal of the offseason was Van Den Bergh for a supplemental draft pick. But they've now signed Rimando for what is essentially free. And if they get Eskandarian for Conway...

This team has lots of money and needs results. Make them work for it! If you want to feel sorry for a team, make an easy trade to the Colorado Rapids.

5:24 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i like yer ideas rafa d.
thanks for the input

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude - from an eternal Iron Maiden fan - Maiden's Dickinson has done that often in the last few years! He will be doing it again this year for some of their shows. And, yes, THAT is rock and roll baby!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about 19 Year old Kasili Yinka Casal from Fulham who is training with DC United

What can you dig up on him?

Also W Connection Won their match against Chivas 2-1. All they need is a draw in Mexico to get to the next round where they would play DC United. If that happens the chances of DC United winning CONCACAF this year just went up by a lot.

10:22 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i know that Kasili Yinka Casal does not have a work permit yet

but thats about it

9:16 AM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

seems to me that rossi will not get a shot with the italian squad. if he does, good for him but i dont see it happening.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why's everyone hating on the Rapids and their name? Theyve made the playoffs and even conferance finals the past couple years, and their name is ten times better then wizards, or dynamo, and they arent named after a drink like the Red Bulls, seriously now

2:47 PM  
Blogger Kevin-- said...

Re: Bruce Dickinson--

For those that care, he is a first officer (co-pilot) on Boeing 757's for a charter airline called Astraeus.

On another board, I saw that he recently flew Rangers to Tel Aviv for their match with Hapoel Tel Aviv....

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that Chris Konopka is on trial in England.
I hope he has a good defense lawyer.

11:26 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

yes, konopka has a great lawyer - jackie chiles

3:46 PM  
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