Friday, February 09, 2007

Offensive Shoes News

The story behind the Colorado colors and name changes is starting to come out:
-The teams website is nearly blank except for the teams new badge and colors. But the current name appears to be STAYING! Good news. Not that the name they have had for 11 years is a great one, but it is what it is, and the alternative floated around the internet is a nightmare. The one interesting thing about the webpage is that the new badge is place over a world map and the badge just so happens to be placed right over London. Check it out.
-The Independent of London has a story today saying Colorado Rapids owner Stan Kroenke is in negotiations to form a partnership with the real Arsenal FC. Hence the origin of the supposed name change. Even with a real connection I still think its a putrid idea. You don't need to change your name to have an affiliation. Come on guys. Stop the madness. Please. For the children.
-The Independent also has a look at who Kroenke is, and a list of the other big money people in MLS. Fascinating that they are starting to take an interest in our game. And gee, look, right after Beckham signs with LA and three American groups buy English teams. too. Hmmmmmm.
-And they have a third feature on the American who owns Aston Villa - Randy Lerner.
-To make this deal all the more genuine - Colorado will be going to London in early April to train at the Arsenal facility.
-Here is the story from the Arsenal website.
~ ~ ~ ~
It looks like all the Salt Lake stadium psychosis is finally over. Is it really? I guess no one will ever really know until that whistle is blown and the first game starts. The city's two daily papers with multiple stories:
-Salt Lake Tribune
Real Salt Lake is here to stay
Stadium deal to delay Kreis' retirement
Latest deal elicits cheers, jeers
-Deseret Morning News
Stadium plan is as Real as it gets
House approves soccer stadium
~ ~ ~ ~
Drew at WVHooligan has the latest list of all the offseason MLS roster changes, so far. Good reading.
~ ~ ~ ~
'Member when Toronto FC held a big open try-out and drew all the attention in Canada? One kid actually made it through and is getting a shot in preseason. The Toronto Star follows his quest.
~ ~ ~ ~
New York has acquired goal keeper Nick Rimando from Salt Lake in exchange for "future considerations." I would guess this means that there is more wheeling and dealing to go on and it will all sort it self out eventually.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Desert Morning News with stories on two Real Salt Lake players - one old: Eddie Pope - and - one young: Chris Lancos.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Boston Herald with a feature story on New England's blonde muscled-up Eddie Munsterish captain Joe Franchino.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Colorado Rapids website has a report from the teams preseason camp.
~ ~ ~ ~
Chicago's Daily Southtown previews the Fire's pre-season camp.
~ ~ ~ ~
Yes Tino Palace is paid one 10 pound bag of red onions by MLSnet for every edition of The Clean Sheet he writes. (Hey, that's not a bad deal!) Here is the latest: USA wins again
~ ~ ~ ~
Luis Bueno & Andrea Canales at LA Soccer News tag-team a feature on USA & Chivas USA's Jonathan Bornstein.
~ ~ ~ ~
The AP with a story on Landon Donovan's impact on a game when he is "on".
~ ~ ~ ~
US Soccer finally posts USA coach Bob Bradley's post-Mexico press conference via podcast.
~ ~ ~ ~
Ives Galarcep at the North Jersey Herald with one last story (for now) on the current USA dominance over Mexico.
~ ~ ~ ~
Yanks Abroad has an interview with new YA Kamani Hill from UCLA to Wolfsburg in Germany.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Sacramento Record with a story on one of the USA fans most hated Mexican players, Luis Hernandez, known to his anti-fans as El Toalla (as in - when Mexico coach Javier Aguirre sent Hernandez into the 2002 World Cup game against the USA he "threw in the towel"). Luis is on a tour of the USA with an indoor team from Mexico. And here is a picture of Luis WITHOUT the hilarious hair he used to strut around in.
~ ~ ~ ~
Welcome to the Bermuda Hogges Football Club!
~ ~ ~ ~
A couple more Central American International games took place last night:
Guatemala 1-0 Nicaragua
El Salvador 2-1 Belize - the name of former DC United player Eliseo Quintanilla pops up again here, as he scored the winner.
~ ~ ~ ~
Hertha Berlin have set up a website just for female fans of the team - Hertha Freundin. Comes complete with "hunky" photos of the players. Whatever it takes.
~ ~ ~ ~
Ian Fisher & Peter Kiefer of the International Herald Tribune on what the changes in Italy will actually mean to fans.
~ ~ ~ ~
Marcela Mora y Araujo of the Guardian sits in a Hotel bar chatting with the Argentine players the night of their win in France. I wanna be doing that!
~ ~ ~ ~
Big Euro games this weekend:
West Ham v Watford - a relegation battle
Stuttgart v Bremen - #3 v #2, and they cant afford to let #1 Schalke pull away
~ ~ ~ ~
I came across two very interesting stories from Rick Broadbent of the Times of London. He calls the series "The Rivals". He goes to a big Euro rivalry match, writes a report and rates the game. He has done two so far - Fenerbache v Galatasaray in Turkey, and Ajax v Feyenoord in Holland. These are absolutely great stories!


Blogger Zathras said...

As much as I hate "Arsenal Colorado," I actually kinda like "Colorado Arsenal." But I'm glad that they're still the Rapids. I think renaming a team is stupid in general.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

"the new badge is placed over a world map and the badge just so happens to be placed right over London"

and if you play the graphics backwards you can sorta hear Fernando Clavijo saying in a very muffled tone, "I buried Pablo Mastroeni".

Seriously, I like the new logo and the colors as well as the uniform.

11:56 PM  
Blogger wvhooligan said...

thanks for the mention man...i hate to nit pick site is WVHooligan not WHooligan....thanks for the link though, that is huge since i just opened that site two weeks ago

10:14 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks for the heads up wvh, it has been duly noted and corrections to such have occured!!

8:17 AM  
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