Monday, February 26, 2007

Great "USA 1 - 1 Italy" Shirts For Sale

A du Nord reader from Columbus Ohio named David sent me this email about some shirts he made and is selling:

Were you, much like myself, in Germany last summer to cheer on the Yanks? Well, as disappointed as I was about the early exit, I was incredibly proud of our gutsy display against Italy, so when I got back to the states I got some t-shirts made to remember the occasion. I still have a few left (L and XL's). They cost me about $20 each to get made, so I've charged people $25 for them (which includes shipping). I'm not really making money on the idea, just wanted to memorialize one of the greatest night's in my life. It's a red T-shirt with navy blue rings around the sleeves and neck and it says on the shirt:

I Was There
Fritz-Walter Stadion
Kaiserslautern, Germany
USA 1 - Italy 1
"We tied with 9 Men"

I put the last quote on there b/c it was what me and my friends kept saying after the game as we were so thrilled to get a point off of Italy with 2 men sent off.

There is an image available of the shirts if you want to see it first. Just send an email and it will be sent to you.
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