Thursday, January 18, 2007

For Your Information - USA U20's 4-1 Haiti

Like old Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction (look it up), I'm movin' mighty slow. So don't expect much from du Nord right now.

I did see the USA youngsters beat Haiti 4-1 last night in a respectable performance. No one on the team was brilliant, and no one was horrendous. Andre Akpen had a nice debut with 2 goals. Robbie Rogers had some nice crosses from the left. Quavas Kirk was good at right back with both his defending and going forward to help on offense till he got burned and dragged the guy down giving away the PK and Haiti's only goal. Danny Szetela started off by winning nearly every ball and then spraying panic clearances all over the field except to his own players. Later he settled down and was ok. Freddy Adu was the captain and played in the middle of the park but did very little other than consistently nice quick first touch passes every time the ball came to him. He did get fouled a lot too. Anthony Wallace made his presence felt offensively and defensively, showing huge promise but is still awkward and green looking at times. Both Nathan Sturgis and Tim Ward from the defensive back have a great passing touch. The other starters Sal Zizzo, Chris Seitz & Jules Valentin were fine, with very little to do. This team should have no problem with this qualifying group. But they can be a lot better and will have to be if they want to have an impact next summer in the finals. See the next match on Friday at 5:30pm central time on GolTV v Gualemala.
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