Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rotten Old Freaks News

LATE ADDITION: It looks like the LA Galaxy has sent keeper Kevin Hartman to Kansas City for future Super-draft picks. More later. Thanks to Joe for the tip-off.
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LA Soccer News is reporting that in a Canadian TV interview Toronto coach Mo Jo said he had sold striker Nate Jaqua to the LA Galaxy. No one else would confirm this. And Jaqua has been searching for a team in Europe. So who knows. Stay tuned.
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The 2007 MLS Cup final will be played in our nations capital at RFK Stadium.
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According to Chris Courtney & Robert Wagman of SoccerTimes the Real Madrid bid for USA & Standard Liege defender Oguchi Onyewu is a very serious and "fabulous offer".
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Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated asks himself and then answers 5 questions about the Freddy Adu move to Real Salt Lake.
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The Deseret Morning News on Freddy's first day in SLC.
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The Salt Lake Tribune talks to Adu's new teammates.
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Lya Wodraska of the SL Trib examines why these guys like Adu, Mathis & Cunningham are attracted to RSL coach John Ellinger.
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Kali at the Real Salt Lake Blog was at the Freddy Adu press conference in SLC and has a great report on the event.
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Several people have been asking, via the comments and emails: what does the appearance of Freddy Adu mean to the Salt Lake on-field line up. The Salt Lake Trib tries to answer that. Thanks to the anonymous reader who sent this link.
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Ives Galarcep for Soccernet says DC United got a lot for Adu.
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Jack Bell of the New York Times on the Freddy Adu story.
-Bell also has two juicy bits of info: 1) MLS has been offered $2.5 million from Fulham for New England midfielder Clint Dempsey. (That is not nearly enough in my opinion - $4 million is the number I see.) And 2) Italian Serie B team Brescia is hunting for Colorado's Pablo Mastroeni. (He should definitely NOT go there.)
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Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle looks at the youth system the Dynamo hope to build.
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Fallas is also reporting that Houston will NOT participate in the MLS v FMF tourney next summer.
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Eurosport says that by mutual consent Paulo Wanchope has ended his contract with Rosario Central in Argentina. That means he is free to do as he pleases regarding a new team. New York? Los Angeles? DC? Anyone in MLS watching this?
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Bob Hunter at the Columbus Dispatch says that what the Crew needs right now is a healthy dose of Brian McBride. And who exactly is going to get him the ball Bob? Joseph Ngwenya? I don't think so.
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Is DC United assistant Tommy Soehn headed to LA to run Chivas USA?
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New England will train in two different spots outside the USA in this winters upcoming preseason. They will return for the 3rd consecutive year to Bermuda Feb 16-24, and then go to Cancun Mexico Mar 8-16.
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Former Minnesota Thunder and Kansas City Wizards defender Brian Roberts has retired from the game and taken a job with the Wizards Front Office working with the youth system.
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Marc Connolly of the US Players Assoc talks to USA & 1860 Munich defender Gregg Berhalter.
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The College of William & Mary newspaper says that former New England keeper Adin Brown has won a Player Of The Year award with his club Aalesund in Norway.
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The FIFA World Club Championship from Japan. Here is the schedule/scores:
Sun Dec 10
Auckland City 0-2 Al Ahly - goals by Flavio & Mohamed Aboutrika.
Mon Dec 11
Jeonbuk 0-1 America - the lone tally by Ricardo Rojas.
Wed Dec 13
Al Ahly 1-2 Internacional - Internacional sensation Pato scored the games first goal, only to have Ahly tie it on a goal by Flavio. Super-sub Luiz Adriano won it for the South American champs. By the way, Pato is all the rage at this tournament. He is a 17 year old that every big club is chasing. His name means The Duck. Get used to hearing it.
Thur Dec 14
America v Barcelona (UEFA)
Fri Dec 15
game 1 loser v game 2 loser - 5th place game
Sat Dec 16
semifinal 1 loser v semifinal 2 loser - 3rd place game
Sun Dec 17
semifinal 1 winner v semifinal 2 winner - championship game
-See all the matches on Fox Soccer Channel
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Colombia has hired club Cucuta Deportivo coach Jorge Luis Pinto to become the new head man of their national team.
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The LA Times with the heavy story of Chilean futbol, the Pinochet era, his death and the Colo Colo v La U derby. Intense to say the least. Thanks to Demko for this one.
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This is the best image I could find with Wayne Rooney attending the Knicks game the other night. As you can see he is flanked by his girlfriend, and new co-star Jimmy Fallon. Yes, the brilliant Wayne-O was in NYC working on a buddy movie with Jimmy. It's to be an action-adventure style remake of a combo-plotted Dumb & Dumber and Bad Boys, of course called Dumb Boys, directed by Jerry Bruckheimer.
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In a move highly endorsed by du Nord, the English FA has asked FIFA to allow them to use post-game video reviews to dole out punishment for DIVING! Great idea.


Anonymous bq said...

Just wanted to say thanks again Bruce for all the great links you tirelessly give us everyday. Seems there has been some really interesting articles lately that I would have missed if not for your links.

You are the man!

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I would have preferred to have next years MLS Cup in Chicago I guess it being in DC will finally get me to travel out East and see RFK before United isn't playing there anymore and gets torn down.


7:44 AM  
Blogger J Fitty said...

Adin Brown...GO TRIBE!!!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video replay to dole out punishments postgame for diving. What a bureaucratic mess that will be. Punishment better be equal, lest charges and appeals for discrimination will be rampant. If done equally, many good players will be punished. The interaction between the player and the referee is a part of the game. Glad to see England is trying its best to completely lose its identity.

9:39 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i dont see the difference between using video to hand out punishment for a cheapshot behind (which nearly every league does) and for diving, which is just another form of calculated cheating

12:12 PM  

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