Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Colored Paper News

Two more nice tributes to the recently deceased USA assistant coach Glenn Myernick:
-Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer
-Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune
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According to the KC Star... a “pattern” and series of events ...has led to Kansas City suspending forward Eddie Johnson for the rest of the season (which may only be one more game if they don't win or tie in NY this weekend). No further word was given from the team or any of their players. This is a drag.
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DJ Walker's always awesome Stream of Consciousness: FC Dallas vs Los Angeles
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Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune with a feature on Chicago's excellent and underrated left midfielder Ivan Guerrero.
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Despite missing the playoffs for the first time ever, and having a maligned defense, LA only gave up 35 goals - tied for least in the league with DC and NE. And while I do think defender Tyrone Marshall has seen his better days, the real culprit of ineptitude is the offense, which only scored 32 - just 2 more than Columbus's 30, and only 3 above the league record low of 29 - 18 less than league leaders DC.
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Grahame Jonesy of the LA Times talks to a long time Los Angeles resident & Guadalajara Chivas fans who is now rooting for the LA version as well. Excellent story.
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Soccer Capitol Times talks to former Columbus striker Dante Washington about the current crop of Crew & life after being a pro soccer player.
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Yanks Abroad has a short chat with American midfielder Benny Feilhaber at Hamburg, who has been playing with the reserves but practicing & suiting up for matches with the varsity too, just waiting for his chance.
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The USA U17 team is training and playing friendly's in South America right now. There is a great video clip of a travel and light practice day in western Argentina.
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Then there is a video of the USA U20 team down in Florida for some quick training sessions and match v Haiti as they begin to prepare to qualify in January for next summers World Youth Championship in Canada.
-There is also a podcast of an interview with midfielder Rodrigo Lopez.
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It's official - Toronto is leaving the USL First Division and dropping down to the PDL. From the Toronto Metro.
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Here are some of the Euro 2008 qualifying games of significance being played today:
Poland v Portugal
Ukraine v Scotland
Georgia v Italy
Ireland v Czech
Croatia v England
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Here are the top 5 teams in each of Europe's top six leagues:
16 Man U
16 Chelsea
14 Bolton
13 Portsmouth
13 Everton
22 Lyon
19 Marseille
15 Nancy
14 St Etienne
13 Lille
10 Herta Berlin
10 Nurnberg
10 Werder Bremen
10 Bayern Munich
10 Schalke
12 Roma
12 Palermo
11 Inter
8 Messina
8 Udinese
15 Ajax
14 Alkmaar
14 Groningen
13 PSV
13 Roda
13 Barca
13 Valencia
12 Sevilla
11 Real Madrid
10 Athletico Madrid
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In their last-last-last-last ditch efforts, Juventus, Milan & Lazio will all plead their case today (Fiorentina tomorrow) in an arbitration court. You can expect the courts to do the Italian thing, reduce the sentences yet again. We will know soon enough.
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Soccer 365 with an article on representatives of the Mexican Soccer Fed making a special trip to Trinidad to talk with FIFA & CONCACAF big-wig/slime-ball Jack Warner.


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