Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Now we are getting somewhere - Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune writes about MLS! Yes! It's a story about the relative value of DC's Jaime Moreno compared to Chelsea's Andriy Shevchenko: Moreno's worth measured in goals
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There's an excellent article by Pam Schmid in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune about the changing face of Minnesota high school soccer. The recent influx of foreigners has exploded the game in style and diversity. I know a kid at Minneapolis Southwest from Sudan who is very shy, but incredibly talented.
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Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald on the Red Bulls newest player, Markus Schopp, and how much they are paying him.
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Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle checks out all the playoff possibilities coming from this next weekends MLS games.
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And then Fallas's regular Week In Review.
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Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer gets out the high powered microscope and examines the current state of New York Red Bulls.
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The Deseret Morning News with a nice feature on Salt Lakes two talented rookies - Mehdi Balloucy & Willis Forko!
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DJ Walker's always entertaining Stream of Consciousness: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas
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Scott French of the LA Daily News talks to Chivas USA wonderboy Jonathan Bornstein about his teams chances for a massive double whammy this weekend - clinching a playoff spot, and eliminating his boyhood favorites the LA Galaxy from the playoff hunt.
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Christian Gomez of DC United has been named MLS Player Of The Week.
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Here's another photo (aerial this time) of the new Colorado stadium in suburban Denver. I love that roof. But sadly, the surroundings look even bleaker than Frisco TX.
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Do you have a bomb shelter at your house? If not you might want to think about building one, because odds are very good right now that a big old satellite is about to come crashing down from outer space. How do I know? Cuz SIRIUS Satellite Radio just gave Giorgio Chinaglia & Charlie Stillitano a radio program of their own. Frightening. Now this is something the fundamentalist nutjobs of all colors should occupy their time with and team up to fight. These two dudes are purely satanic.
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Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe looks at what New England has to do to shore up their lame attendance and win back fans.
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Dan Loney's latest for American Soccer News: Parity v. Playoffs
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The 93rd US Open Cup Final on Wednesday night:
Chicago v Los Angeles - live at 7pm central on Fox Soccer Channel
-Chicago has won the Open Cup 3 times
-LA has won the Open Cup 2 times, and are the defending Cup holders
-Both teams entered the tournament in the 4th round. Chicago beat Kansas City 2-0, New England 2-1, and DC United 3-0 to get to the final. Los Angeles beat Dallas Roma 2-0, Colorado 3-1, and Houston 3-1 to get the chance to defend their title.
-Chicago beat LA 2-1 on Saturday at Bridgeview in regular league play, but LA were the superior team on the pitch.
-Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune with a match preview.
-Luis Bueno of the Press Enterprise says: US Open Cup Needs Boost - I couldn't agree more with you Luis.
-US Soccer has a press conference with representatives from both teams that you can hear via podcast.
-US Soccer also has the Top 5 Reasons why each team will win the Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~
UEFA Champions League Matchday 2
-Real Madrid v Dynamo Kyiv - live at 1:30pm central on ESPN Deportes & delayed at 4pm central on ESPN Classic & delayed to 4pm central on Setanta
-Steaua v Lyon - delayed at 3pm central on ESPN Deportes
-Benfica v Manchester United - live at 1:30pm central on ESPN2 & delayed at 3:45pm central on ESPN Deportes
-Celtic v Kobenhavn
-CSKA Moskva v Hamburg
-Arsenal v Porto - live at 1:30pm central on Setanta & delayed at 10pm central on ESPN Deportes
-AEK v Anderlecht
-Lille v Milan - delayed at 6pm central on ESPN Deportes & delayed to 8pm central on Setanta & delayed to Thurs at 6pm on Fox Soccer Channel
-Levski v Chelsea - live at 1:30pm central on ESPN2 & delayed at 6pm central on ESPN Deportes
-Bremen v Barcelona - live at 1:30pm central on ESPN Deportes & delayed at 4pm central on ESPN Classic
-Spartak Moskva v Sporting
-Internazionale v Bayern Munich - delayed at 3:45pm central on ESPN Deportes & delayed at 4pm central on Setanta
-Liverpool v Galatasaray - live at 1:30pm central on Setanta
-Bordeaux v PSV - delayed to Thursday at 1pm central on ESPN Deportes
-Shakhtar v Olympiacos
-Valencia v Roma - delayed at 6pm central on Setanta & delayed at 11pm central on ESPN Deportes
-See the Champions League highlight show on Friday at 1pm central on ESPN2
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The USL First Division Championship:
Rochester v Vancouver next Saturday - September 30
See it live at 6pm central on Fox Soccer Channel
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Soccernet has a great article in their Champions League section that starts off: "I have a confession. I love Filippo Inzaghi." Hahahahahahahahaha. Fantastic. The Milan striker is a guilty pleasure of mine too. Super Pippo is the ultimate goal poacher.
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Hey! Congrats! Ruud van Nistelrooy's wife gave birth to a daughter yesterday. Cigars for everyone! But remember, smoking is bad, m'kay.
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Another FIFA big wig is in trouble - the President of the South American federation CONMEBOL, Nicolas Leoz, has been accused of taking bribes.


Blogger Kinney said...

"Moreno's wage at DC United will be close to the $200,000 average for Major League Soccer in the United States." - Rob Hughes

Sweet Jesus I wish MLS had a $200,000 average. That would be amazing.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Thanks Wolf for bring to my attention the Star Trib article by Pam Schmid. A very well done article and she is very accurate in her story in the problems and advantages of these teams with 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. I speak from experience. I wrote her and let her know she had done a fantastic job and challenged her to write another article in the future about how many of these same kids are probably not playing summer club soccer because of cultural differences, money -or lack of it- and pure straight out discrimination. It is not an easy question and there are no easy answers but just as this article proves, there are lots of advantages for doing it.

9:32 AM  

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