Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TV Broadcasting Follow-Up

Last week I wrote an article for the Third Carnival of American Soccer Blogs about the quality of broadcasting in soccer games.

This past weekend two great examples made themselves available for me to use in my argument about what is wrong and how simply this stuff can be fixed.

1) The two biggest plays in the MLS v Chelsea match were Eddie Robinson clearing the ball off the goal line & Dwayne De Rosario scoring the winning goal, but on both plays the announcers were blabbing on and on about nothing of importance when the action was happening on the field and totally missed the plays. Then they reacted with shock as something big had just gone down. It took them several minutes to even figure out which players were involved and at first glance got all the names wrong.

As a matter of fact, the video production almost entirely missed the goal cuz they were busy showing us some bullshit long shot with their "happenin'" boom crane camera at the far end of the field.

A complete joke both times.

(As a side note, I have been watching the USA Basketball matches over the past two weeks as they prepare for the world championships and those ESPN broadcasts also have the announcers talking constantly about everything but the action on the court. It's truly awful, and disrespectful. But this is the ESPN way and we can expect a lot more of it in soccer. And I am starting to think that fans are taking regular season games less seriously because the announcers take them so lightly.)

2) During the Barca v Chivas game the announcers went on and on at length about the perceived lack of off-side calls, especially on the two goals. The announcers claimed that both goals should not have counted. Yet FSC who produced the game had almost no replays so us or their announce team could judge. Luckily for me I have a DVR so I can make my own replays, and sure enough, the referees got both calls right!!! Several of the "professional journalists" who wrote newspaper articles yesterday even mentioned that the referees blew the calls, but those people didn't do their homework either & were dead wrong too.

These are a few of the little things that I want to see fixed for the broadcasting of soccer in America NOW! But I can almost guarantee you that it will not happen any time soon. Especially not at ESPN who see themselves as the reason people are watching, not the sporting event.


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