Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kootchie Kootchie Koo News

Red Bulls coach Bruce Arena yelling at his players from the sideline during last nights game, heard very clearly during the TV broadcast: "Edson! Edson! Stay Alert!"
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According to the BBC, the EPL has asked the players to stop the tradition of sending the ball out of play when an opposing players goes down injured! They want the referee to decide if play should be stopped or not! Wow. Is this real? Will it happen? Should be very interesting. I think this may be their reaction to all the diving in the World Cup, that has become such an issue in recent years.
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O Colorado of Internacional have won the 2006 Copa Libertadores!!!
Internacional 2-2 Sao Paulo - a 4-3 aggregate win for the less storied Brazilian team from Porto Alegre. Inter played the last minutes with 10 men.
-Match report from Sports Illustrated.
-The winners join other regional champions - Barcelona of UEFA, Club America of CONCACAF, and Auckland City of Oceania, with African & Asian winners to be crowned in early November - for the World Club Championship in December.
-But Reuters is reporting that Internacional is already selling key players the morning after winning the Cup. Sad. Very sad.
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The 3 finalists have been named for the 2006 USA Player of the Year award:
-Clint Dempsey of New England
-Kasey Keller of Monchengladbach
-Brian McBride of Fulham
The award ceremony will be October 3rd in Los Angeles.
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3 MLS midweek games last night:
-Columbus 1-2 Salt Lake - It only took 18 months for RSL coach John Ellinger to figure out that you sign veteran players so you can let them play together instead of piecemeal. And it's finally working as the whole team is gaining confidence! Good for them. They needed some positivity. A couple more good solid wins and Iwill owe JE an apology for seeking his head so many times. Now we gotta find some love for Sigi Schmid and Columbus, who might just hang themselves after this one. Sigi has indicated it all just might be too much for him to handle. Literally! Really! And by the way, the goal Columbus did score came from one of the most dubious PK's of all time, as their player Jacob Thomas & the ball were both out of bounds when he was barely fouled and went down. Good thing that call didn't matter in the end result.
-New York 0-0 DC United - A farely slow game with very few real chances at goal. Neither team deserved to win, but New York probably played the better of the two. DC looked like they were on auto-pilot. I was hoping for something more special. And the candy-ass referee handed out early yellow cards for menial fouls - lame.
-Chicago 3-0 Kansas City - KC played a man down for almost the entire 2nd half and paid dearly for it. Their recent change of coach has not helped either. Nate Jaqua, Chad Barrett & Justin Mapp scored for Chicago, in that order.
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LA has lost midfielder Kyle Martino for the rest of the season due to a torn something-or-other in his hip, from the LA Daily News.
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MLSnet with a feature story on one of Dallas's favorite & now retired players Oscar Pereja, who has moved on to become the teams reserves coach.
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Andrea Canales of the LA Soccer News with a feature on the Amazing Jonathan, Jonathan Bornstein of Chivas USA.
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Canales also talked to LA's Landon Donovan who says he would love it if DaMarcus Beasley came back to MLS.
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Speaking of Donovan, two interesting & opposite opinions of him popped up in interviews this week with 2 other MLS players:
-Pablo Mastoeni - USA & Colorado midfielder: "Fans want to see and his World Cup teammates want to see him (LD) making an impact overseas. We want to see him being the world guy, not the U.S. guy, and he's good enough to do it."
-Dema Kovalenko - New York midfielder: "I was living in the United States for 15 years and going back there (to his native Ukraine), I realized it was not an easy thing. When Landon Donovan went to Europe and you see why he didn't stay. People don't understand that. When you're not happy every day going to training and outside the field not happy, it's not right. It's very, very difficult."
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Three players & a coach from the New York Red Bulls rank the bell to open the NASDAQ Exchange today. Players Amado Guevara, Todd Dunivant & Taylor Graham and asst coach Des McAleenan were the lucky devils. I guess.
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Tino Palace who writes the Clean Sheet at MLSnet is now stealing my stuff. I called the Salt Lake stadium turnaround SURREAL. Today he has a whole column about the story and calls it SURREAL. He is from Minnesota like I am, and obviously loves du Nord. Now he owes me. I love having that over people. Thieving bastard!
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An opinion column from a Kansas City area newspaper, the Johnson County Sun, on the great potential of a new stadium in their city.
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There have been a ton of rumors floating around since the World Cup about MLS players being made offers by Euro-clubs but the league turning them down, saying the offers are too small. 3 players who have come up a lot, Eddie Johnson, Josh Wolff and Jimmy Conrad, are all from KC, but their GM Curt Johnson doubts the true authenticity of those offers. From The Kansas City Star.
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David Mosse of Soccernet says forget about the England's Premiership, the real measuring stick for MLS should be Spain's La Liga. Completely agreed!
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Glenn Davis of the Houston Chronicle looks at the steps MLS has to take to grow as a league.
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USL Second Division Semifinals (two-legged total-goal series):
Richmond v Cincinnati
Pittsburgh v Charlotte
Charlotte v Pittsburgh
Cincinnati v Richmond
-The final will be held the following weekend, with details TBA.
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First Division game last night:
Montreal 0-1 Charleston - can you believe that!?!
~ ~ ~ ~
First Division matches this weekend:
Virginia Beach v Miami
Rochester v Toronto
Portland v Puerto Rico
Altanta v Miami
Seattle v Vancouver
Toronto v Rochester
Minnesota v Puerto Rico
~ ~ ~ ~
First Division table (top 6 make the playoffs):
43 Montreal
38 Vancouver
38 Charleston
37 Rochester
30 Puerto Rico
29 Atlanta
- - - - - -
29 Virginia Beach
28 Seattle
26 Miami
24 Portland
23 Minnesota
19 Toronto
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A handful of Euro friendly's were available for viewing on American TV yesterday. Here are the scores in those matches:
-Norway 1-1 Brazil - Morten Gamst Pedersen of Blackburn scored for Norway & Daniel Carvalho of CSKA Moscow for Brazil.
-Ireland 0-4 Netherlands - Ouch! Klaas-Jan Huntelaar of Ajax with 2, Arjen Robben of Chelsea & Robin van Persie of Arsenal scored the others for the Dutch.
-England 4-0 Greece - Frank Lampard & John Terry of Chelsea both scored, while Liverpool's Peter Preying Mantis Crouch got 2.
-Bosnia 1-2 France - Sergei Barbarez of Hamburg scored first for Bosnia, William Gallas of Chelsea tied it for France, with Julien Faubert of Bordeaux bagging the winner in second half added time.
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune with a wrap-up of yesterday's international matches: Among friendlies, some are alone
~ ~ ~ ~
Brazil's World Cup coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has officially accepted the job as new coach for South Africa.
~ ~ ~ ~
Euro-centric transfer news:
-Liverpool has snapped up Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt of Feyenoord, right from under the noses of Newcastle.


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It seems you have missed the big news in KC today. No pipe dream. This is real.

Check out this article at:

November 7 will be the beginning of a new era in Kansas City soccer.

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no, i didnt miss it, its there
a little past half way down the list for today - Johnson County Sun article.....

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So, what do you think?

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