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Greco Roman Tapir Hunting News

"The New York Red Bulls are expected to announce the signing of midfielder Dema Kovalenko today." - From the New York Times Jack Bell column today...... aaaaaaaaaahhh, everyone with healthy legs, run for the hills.
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ADDITION: Listen to the Soccer Hour with Glenn Davis tonight at 9pm central on 790 AM in Houston, or streaming live on the internet at in the rest of the known world. Special Guest this week will be none other than Nacogdoches Clint Dempsey. You can call in to the show at 713-212-5790.
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Yes, Berlusconi has conned another group of people into giving him unearned, and totally undeserved, money. The powerful owner of AC Milan & former Italian prime minister will not be penalized by UEFA as his team WILL be allowed to play in the Champions League this year. Not cool. This sets a brutal precedent that if you fix matches, very little if anything of consequence will happen to you. Bad bad move on UEFA's part. This will now open the door for the other 3 clubs who were found to have fixed matches to have their punishments reduced even more then they already have been. Don't be surprised to see Juventus back in Serie A before the season starts.
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Tonight & tomorrow night it's the Copa Libertadores second leg semi finals (with first leg scores included)-
Sao Paulo v Guadalajara Chivas (1-0) - see it on TV live at 7:30pm central time on Fox Sports en Espanol.
Internacional v Libertad (0-0) - see it on TV live at 7:30pm central time on Fox Sports en Espanol.
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It's been officially announced now that LA's Landon Donovan will not play in this weekends All-Star game v Chelsea due to a hamstring injury. Colorado's Pablo Mastroeni will also sit this one out with a sprained knee injury. They have been replaced on the roster and Colorado's Terry Cooke is NOT one of the players added. This is a shame. He has had a great season so far. Two Houston players were picked as replacements - midfielder Ricardo Clark and defender Eddie Robinson.
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Kasey Keller has been named Captain at his club team Borussia Monchengladbach. Fantastic.
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The USA U20 started off the 2006 Milk Cup in Northern Ireland in top fashion with a 3-0 win over Wales. US Soccer has the details. Jonathan Villanueva, Tony Beltran, & Dax McCarty scored for the Yanks, while Johann Smith had a PK saved by the Wales keeper.
-The USA was scheduled to meet Denmark today, and finish with a placement game on Friday.
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US Open Cup matches-
Last night:
DC 2-1 Columbus - Jamil Walker wins it in over time as DC out shoots Cowtown 32-10! Match report from the Washington Post.
Los Angeles 2-0 Roma Dallas - The little men are dead, and the big bad bully cup holders advance. It's pretty amazing that an amateur side made it this far. So, congrats, but adios amigos. Larry Morgan of the LA Daily News with a match report.
Wilmington v New York
Chicago v Kansas City
Rochester v New England
Salt Lake v Colorado
Houston v Carolina
Charleston v Dallas
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Michael Ballack went and got himself one of those closely shorn Jose Morinho haircuts, cuz he's what we call a "suck up". has the word on this first two days with the team in America.
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The Salt Lake Desert News with a feature story on RSL's extremely promising 17 year old midfielder/defender Nik Besagno. I think this kid is going to be a star.
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Andrea Canales on the MLS All Star team (and who should have been on the squad) for Soccernet. She does not share my belief that Terry Cooke should be there.
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Where, oh where, is John O'Brien? Remember him? Star of USA v Portugal in 02. Most gifted American player ever according to some smart people. Ajax prodigy. Now a Goat. Injuries kept him out of WC06, and he has barely played for Chivas USA this season. Luis Bueno at LA Soccer News checks in on Johnny O.
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Jeff Bradley with his latest First XI at MLSnet, focusing on the All Star game.
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Jack Bell at the New York Times talks to USA & Everton keeper Tim Howard, plus a couple other hot topics.
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Danny Califf talks to Yanks Abroad about the start of a new season with his Danish club Aalborg.
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German Cup: I don't really know the significance of this cup, but I think it's a run-over from the end of last season. If I am not mistaken the top finishers last year compete in the next preseason. Any way, last night was the first semifinal:
Werder Bremen 2-1 Hamburg
And tonight is the second semifinal:
Bayern Munich v Schalke - see it live on tv at 1:30pm central on GolTV
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune on Ruud's new home: Van Nistelrooy finds another chance
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UEFA Champions League Second Qualifying Round, second leg matches (1st leg scores included)-
B36 0-5 Fenerbahce - a punishing 9-nil agg win for the Turkish team
Dinamo Zagreb v Ekranas (4-1)
Spartak Moskva v Sheriff (1-1)
Rabotnicki v Debrecen (1-1)
Steaua v Gorica 2-0)
MyPa v Kobenhavn (0-2)
Valerenga v Mlada Boleslav (1-3)
Ruzomberok v Djurgarden (0-1)
Legia v Hafnarfjordur (1-0)
Red Bull Salzburg v Zurich (1-2)
Siroki Brijeg v Hearts (0-3)
Dynamo Kyiv v Metalurgs (4-1)
Crvena Zvezda v Cork (1-0)
Sioni v Levski (0-2)
-The Third Qualifying Round matches will take place Aug 8/9 and Aug 22/23, see the draw here, to be followed by the group stages launching in mid-September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Top six finishers from the last season of the Bundesliga play for the cup. I think they do it as three rounds with 3-6 in the first round, 1-2 and winners in the semis and then the final.

Like Bayern M needs another trophy.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Funny thing about The Deuce. Josh reported yesterday over at that the topic that he has had the most hits on all year was The Deuce's "Don't Tread On Me" video. I left a post that said this too was the topic that I have had the most hits for. I agree with Josh and that he reported that he still gets a lot of hits for people googeling for Clint Dempsy info. I get the same. Does Nike understand what they have here as far a marketing in the U.S. This is what the kids want to see. They all know Landycakes as the poster boy for U.S. Soccer ( excuse me while I gag) but Dempsy is a little more of the bad boy, the real thing, the poor kid with talent that is hungry and I am amazed that Nike is not promoting this kid and trying to get him over to Europe themselves. It seems like money in the bank for them if they did.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous daryl said...

I was intrigued by Andrea Canales comment:

"Other than goals, there are few specific statistics in soccer that fans can point to as proof of a player's worth. Besides, a goal stat reveals little of a defender's value, for example."

Given American sports fans love of stats, stats and more stats, wouldn't it be a fantastic idea to employ a company like ProZone or Opta Index to record some numbers? A lot of top coaches (and Steve McLaren) swear by it, but it would also be great for MLS coverage on ESPN/FSC. Stats like passes attemps/sucessful passes, tackles attempted/successful tackles etc.

Soccer fans would love the data, whereas it would help new fans appreciate what happens outside of goals and assists.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Jason T said...

Regarding AC Milan, you should note that UEFA absolutely did not want them in the Champions League. They had no choice but to allow them back in solely because their own rules gave Milan a legal loophole. If Milan had sued for reentry, the courts would have allowed them in. However, UEFA made clear that their first order of business in the future is to change those rules to prevent this from happening again.

1:27 PM  

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