Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Being Boiled News

Denver Post: The Colorado Rapids will roll out the sod today on their new Commerce City stadium, which is on schedule to open in April 2007.
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There is a rampant rumor floating around the internets that Toronto FC is going to hire Johan Cruyff to be an assistant coach. Yes, that Johan Cruyff. I don't understand it, but it would be quite the coup.
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New York forward Edson Buddle was named MLS Player of the Week.
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MLSnet talks to Chivas USA President and part-owner Antonio Cue about his team in their second season.
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The US National Soccer Hall of Fame's local newspaper in Oneonta New York, The Daily Star, with a story on the induction ceremony yesterday that saw Phil Anschutz, Alexi Lalas, Carla Overbeck & Al Trost crowned as the latest members of the Hall.
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DC United midfielder Domenic Mediate is out for the rest of the season after breaking his leg in nasty tackle by LA's Ugo Ihemelu. Mediate had to have surgery on his right leg to repair the break.
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Deseret Morning News with a feature story on the newest Salt Lake defender Jack Stewart.
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The latest news from the Kansas City Star on public financing for a new Wizards stadium.
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Two new columns from Soccer 365: Andrea Canales - Playoff Haters - AND - Andrew Rogers The Euro Perspective - US Soccer Continues To Prove Pundits Wrong
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The Houston Chronicle's Week In Review
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The Fire Alarm is reporting that Chicago forward Andy Herron is going to join up with his Costa Rican national team for a tournament in Switzerland this weekend. Plus a look at his two up and down seasons in Chicago.
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Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald with his weekly Red Bulls column. Mainly about the impact of new arrival John Wolyniec on the forward line.
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Ives also talks to long injured Columbus midfielder Danny Szetela.
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MLS Wednesday night games:
Kansas City v New York - 7:30 central time on Direct Kick
Salt Lake v Los Angeles - 8pm on Direct Kick
Chicago v Houston - 8pm on Direct Kick
Colorado v Dallas - no TV
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Great podcast of an interview with US U20 forward Erik Hort who plays for Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic. Excellent stuff. Download and listen.
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Take a look at this goal by Lionel Messi of Barcelona from yesterdays 3-2 win over Celta Vigo. Amazing player.
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune with a look at Chelsea & France destructive midfielder extraordinaire Claude Makelele.
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We have heard that FIFA warned Juventus against taking their match-fixing conviction appeals to civil court, but what exactly might happen if Juve proceeds with their appeal is yet to be known. Scott French of the LA Daily News takes a look at some serious repercussions, and it's not pretty for all of Italian soccer, not just Juventus. Wow.
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New Liverpool signing Dirk Kuyt was named Dutch Footballer of the Year last night.
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Eurocentric Transfer News:
-Celta Vigo signed a loan deal for Uruguayan midfielder Pablo Garcia from Real Madrid.
-Real Betis signed surprising German World Cup midfielder David Odonkor from Borussia Dortmund.
-Tottenham signed Egyptian striker Ahmed Mido from Roma to a permanent contract after having been with the London team on loan last season.


Anonymous West Ham Are Magic said...

Maybe they mean Jordi Cruyff, Johan's son. He's getting old enough to quit playing and take up coaching. And I just tried looking him up on the website of his Ukrainian (!) team, Mettalurg Donetsk, and got what I think was a "page not found" in response.

2:42 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i am pretty sure they are talking about johan himself

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Demko said...

Check out the photos of the sod laying. Stadium looks awesome: http://www.coloradorapids.com/News/newsdetails.asp?ID=2040

4:17 PM  
Anonymous cdin said...

There is no way Johan Cruyff will be an assistant coach at Toronto FC. It just doesn't make sense. Why would some that has managed two of the largest clubs in europe, winning titles at both, take an assistant position?

I could possibly see him taking a Director of Soccer, GM, or maybe a Technical director posistion, but there is no way he will be an assistant coach. I would be shocked if he did.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never really thought I'd travel out to Denver to catch a Rapids game but now with their new stadium its a must stop spot for me next summer.


5:48 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

the probably do mean Johan but it would just be a publicity thing. The man hasn't coached in years and has no desire nor need to any more. He would probably be there as much as Youri Djorkaeff was in New York playing for the Red Bulls this summer.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:04 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i dont normally print any rumors, but the cryuff one was just too weird and wild not to run

we shall see if it has any truth or not

8:44 AM  

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