Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's Sunday Morning And I've Got No Special Someone To Lay In Bed With, So I Have This Time To Post Some News Just For You

Since I got home there has been quite a bit of MLS news to catch up on. You may have read most of this already, but I am typing it up any way:
- - - - -
1. Mo Johnston was canned Tuesday as coach of NYRB, and the Ankle Biting Midget Of Death (ABMOD) Richie Williams was installed as interim coach. Now the I don't know about you, but the last time I saw Richie Williams was about 10 months ago playing for Richmond in the First Division, and his coach and teammates hated him so much they pole axed him from the squad just before making their amazing run to the league title game which they lost to the filthy Seattle Face Kickers in Seattle. Would you want this guy as your coach?
- - - - -
2. Los Angeles gets Frank Yallop as their new coach (all praise to Allah) and he sends Todd Dunivant packing to NY. Just a few months ago Dunivant was being whispered about as the future left back for Team USA. Odd.
- - - - -
3. Yallop then sends Brazilian defensive midfielder Marcello Saragosa packing as well. You add this to the Dunivant move and it looks to me like LA must have some foreign player lined up to join them on August 1.
- - - - -
4. Eddie Johnson had not returned to KC as expected from the World Cup, and had not even bothered to contact the team. He is no longer missing though, as he showed up on Saturday. No word on where he was or if he will be punished by the team. The guys from LA doing the TV announcing last night during the KC-LA game didn't know he was back, even though the KC newspaper says he warmed up on the field with the team and sat on the bench. Its kinda lame that these dudes were that clueless, cuz they sure liked talking about him being MIA during the broadcast.
- - - - -
5. Youri Djorkaeff was given permission by NYRB to go to France this week to deal with a "Personal Matter". But if you are like me, you watched the Brazil-France World Cup Quarterfinal on Saturday, and who do the cameras show sitting in the stands but Mr Youri himself with a big old grin! The team said his absence did not include a side trip to Germany, so I think the old boy has some explanin' to do.
- - - - -
6. This bit of info is more an observation on my part..... The average age of the leading scorers in the league is disturbingly high. Where are you young gunners? Check it out:
Ante Razov - 10 goals - 32 years old
Jaime Moreno - 9 goals - 32 years old
Carlos Ruiz - 8 goals - 27 years old
Brian Ching - 7 goals - 28 years old
Jeff Cunningham - 7 goals - 29 years old
Jean Philippe Peguero - 6 goals - 25 years old
- - - - -
And on another note...
One last thing today... While at the World Cup, I was talking to a Greek guy who insisted that USA and Hannover left back Steve Cherundolo was leaving his team to sign with Panathanikos. The main reason was this dude had was that Pana play in the Champions League nearly every year and Hannover, well, they will get to CL the day after never. Stay tuned, and remember where you read it first! Hahahahahahaha.


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