Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hit The Target News

The World Cup Semifinal scores:
France 1-0 Portugal
Germany 0-2 Italy in extra time
~ ~ ~ ~
The inventors of French Toast, French Kissing & French Fries have advanced to Sunday's final with a team full of re-animated old boys, on a really dodgy penalty call. They had to hang on for everything they were worth at the end as Portugal poured on the pressure to tie the match up. Fab Barthez tried to give the game away with his insane version of goalkeeping meets backyard volleyball, but he did not succeed. (I still have no idea why he is on the field when the excellent Gregory Coupet is sitting a dozen or so meters away on the bench.)
Match Reports:
-Jason La Canfora for the Washington Post
-Kim Rahir for Der Speigel
-Sam Wallace for The Independent of England
-Rob Hughes for the International Herald Tribune
-Grahame Jones for the LA Times
-Ives Galarcep for the North Jersey Herald
~ ~ ~ ~
More Welt Meister mania in other languages:
-For all you French speakers - L'equipe
-For all you Portuguese speakers - Globo Esporte
-For all you Italian speakers - La Gazzetto dello Sport (the pink paper)
~ ~ ~ ~
See the World Cup Final on Sunday July 9 in Berlin - Italy v France at 1pm central time on ABC
~ ~ ~ ~
I find it all to be a bit of a cliche but the world press (and some localized press) are saying that the World Cup and Jurgen Klinsmann's forward thinking spirit have changed the entire country of Germany for the good. Roger Cohen of the International Herald Tribune says it this way.
~ ~ ~ ~
Jamaica have offered a ton of cash, a baby goat, a roll of slightly used cash register tape (so he can dummy up his own reciepts), an ugly secretary, some weed, a lifetime 15% discount card at KFC and their national team coaching job to none other than Sven Goren Erickson! I have no doubt he will gladly accept. Wouldn't you? It is probably the most prestigious job out there.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Financial Times trio of Simon Kuper, Richard Milne and Jonathan Wilson give their review on all of Germany during the World Cup (everything but the matches).
~ ~ ~ ~
The Kansas City Star talks to KC coach Bob Gansler and two of his capped players Jimmy Conrad & Josh Wolff about the current state of Team USA.
~ ~ ~ ~
Frank Dellapa looks at what the USA will have to do to prepare for 2010, at Soccernet.
~ ~ ~ ~
And Jeff Bradley writes at the US Soccer Players Assoc site about what he thinks the US Soccer Federation should do next.
~ ~ ~ ~
This sounds like something I might have done in my younger days. (Thanks Lance)
~ ~ ~ ~
The Guardian newspaper in England is stunned that none of their precious players is on the short list for World Cup awards. Who the hell could possibly make a short list as a top notch player from that pathetically dull team. Crouchy? Becks? Maybe Phil Neville's little mustache? Wait wait, I know, Frank Lampard - the Landon Donovan of England. Go down the line, and you tell me who from England should have made a list of the very best players? I dare you to nominate even one from England. (ADDITION: OK, I am gonna go against my own better judgement and say that there was one England player who actually rang it up. Joe Cole. As much as I think he is a showboat playboy, that dude can really attack a goal. And I love that.)
~ ~ ~ ~
Here is the list of finalist for both the Golden Ball and the Best Young Player awards:
Michael Ballack
Gianluigi Buffon
Fabio Cannavaro
Thierry Henry
Miroslav Klose
Andrea Pirlo
Patrick Vieira
Gianluca Zambrotta
Zinedine Zidane
Tranquilo Barnetta
Cesc Fabregas
Lionel Messi
Lukas Podolski
Cristiano Ronaldo
Luis Valencia
(I personally don't think Andrea Pirlo (the biggest wanker of the all those diving wankers) and Lionel Messi deserve to be on those two lists. Yes Messi is good, but he didn't play much.)
~ ~ ~ ~
The Denver Post had a feature story the other day on the Rapids Basque defender Aitor Karanka.
~ ~ ~ ~
Lastly - a complete divergence from the du Nord norm. Let's talk about some music. Do any of you out there like the hard rock? (By this I don't mean that hideous 80's & 90's hair band shite.) How about adding some envelope pushing sounds structure to it? (By this I was thinking about innovators like Eno & Sonic Youth.) And some sonic heaviness? (Sub-sonic for that matter.) Does this sound appealing at all? How about if I said it was kinda like a melding together of equal parts Motorhead, My Bloody Valentine and Swans? If this sounds cool to you, like it does for me, then you must must must check out the new album by Boris. Three Japanese freaks laying down some seriously heavy quality. The album is hilariously called Pink, and comes with nice-fancy-vague-mysterious artwork. Very subtle. But believe me when I say it rocks. The first tune is long and meandering and thick, and as it abruptly ends the second song explodes with a very high-tempo simple ripping riff that will take your head off at the right volume. Highly recommended for those of you looking for something new to sink your teeth and brain into.


Anonymous bq said...

My oh my! You are in form today or as those Brits who you really don't like very well would say, you are fit! Well, not fit in the normal confines of fit. I saw you playing footie on the 4th of July and saying you are fit would be like saying I am fit and everyone knows that I am not fit but.......ah hell, I'm just saying your writing was outstanding today.

It's good to have Sr. Wolf back stateside and giving us what we all want and need.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, the people at the Guardian were kidding. They thought their team sucked too.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Hops said...

French Fries are actually Belgian not French.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Ballack has no business being on the GB finalists list.

9:08 AM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

ashley cole was one of their best, saving a sure goal against ecuador and beckham alone won that ecuador game with his bigtime free kick. i was one of his harshest critics but who is better than him on set pieces?

10:15 AM  
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