Friday, July 28, 2006

Ear Kissing News

The promoter of Barcelona's three games in America (starting at the end of next week) say that 100,000 tickets have already been sold.
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I am gonna run this one here again cuz for some reason I don't think enough of you read it. It's written by a du Nord favorite, Andrea Canales, and explains exactly how you can love MLS, right now. I totally agree. I love it, warts and all.
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Check it out - MLS is back on Fox Soccer Channel! It's really about time this happened! They start off with KC v NE this Saturday, see below for details.
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MLS games Saturday:
Kansas City v New England - 7:30pm on Fox Soccer Channel
Houston v NY - 7:30pm on Direct Kick
Salt Lake v DC - 8pm on Direct Kick
Dallas v Colorado - no TV - part of a double header featuring Club America v Everton
Chicago v Columbus - no TV
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Here is a typical major beef I have with local MLS broadcasting. Colorado is owned by Kroenke Sports which also owns local sports television network Altitude, yet this weeks Colorado road game is not on TV. What the hell is that?
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Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe writes about the languishing season of New England defender Avery John. He played for Trinidad and Tobago at the World Cup, but can barely get on the field for his club team.
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The Boston Herald with a pretty good story on New England captain Joe Franchino, who has been injured quite a bit this season, but refuses to use any excuses for not being part of the team.
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Len Ziehm of the Chicago Sun Times looks at the near future for the Chicago Fire and their striker Nate Jaqua.
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US Soccer has a podcast with USA U20 & Bolton forward Johann Smith. He talks about his club team, and the next U20 World Cup.
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Twin Cities striker Abdusalam Ibrahim (a member of the USA residency team in Florida from Richfield MN) is on the 18 man roster for the USA U17 team that heads to Japan for the Toyota Youth International Tournament next month. They will play the Czech Republic on Aug 10, Japan on Aug 12, and a Placement Match (Championship, 3rd Place, or 5th Place match) against a corresponding team from the other 3 team group on Aug 13. The other group consists of Croatia, South Korea and Nagoya Grampus of the J-League.
-Another local player, forward Patrick Donyen from Crystal, has been selected as one of 50 players for the USA U15 training camp (July 30-Aug 5) in Somerset NJ.
-And 3 other local players have been selected to attend the upcoming USA U14 training camp in Concord MA: Isaac Kannah of Brooklyn Park, Eric Miller of Woodbury, and Dylan Xiong of White Bear Township.
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Ives Galarcep of Soccernet looks at what the retirement of Brian McBride from international soccer will really mean for Team USA. The story also contains a sorta-update on the status of Youri Djorkaeff with New York Red Bulls.
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Andrea Canales at LA Soccer News checks in with Troy Roberts, one of the many newer players getting time in the LA Galaxy back line this season.
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The municipality of Harrison New Jersey who are selling bonds to help build the Red Bulls stadium have completed that sale (nearly $40 million). The proverbial road is clearing in front of the team for construction to begin. Amazing.
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Dan Loney of American Soccer News with a look at match attendance.
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Yanks Abroad talks to Everton boss David Moyes about American goalkeeper Tim Howard.
-And Tim Howard continues his US Tour Diary for - Day 3.
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The PSV site has a cool little article on and picture of DaMarcus Beasley's shoes. His shoes have the "Star and Stripes" on the tongue! Another thing you might want to do at the PSV website is cruise around to the different photo pages from training session. One thing you will notice immediately is that in every single picture of DMB he has that awesome grin going on. I did not see this once during the run up to the World Cup, and I was worried about the dude. It's great to see it back.
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Copa Libertadores Semifinals!
First leg scores:
Guadalajara Chivas 0-1 Sao Paulo - SP keeper Rogerio scored on a late PK for his team and grabbed the precious road goal. Match report by Luis Bueno for Sports Illustrated.
Libertad 0-0 Internacional goalless draw benefits the road team - match report via Sports Illustrated
Second legs matches (with first leg scores):
Sao Paulo - Guadalajara Chivas (1-0) on Wed Aug 2
Internacional v Libertad (0-0) on Thur Aug 3
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First Division matches midweek and thru the weekend:
Montreal 1-0 Seattle
Minnesota 0-1 Charleston
Virginia Beach 3-1 Portland
Atlanta v Montreal
Miami v Puerto Rico
Rochester v Seattle
Toronto v Portland
Virginia Beach v Charleston
Miami v Puerto Rico
Toronto v Seattle
Minnesota v Atlanta
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First Division Standings (top 6 teams make post season playoffs)
Points - Team - Games Played
35 Montreal 17
31 Charleston 19
29 Vancouver 20
28 Rochester 16
25 Atlanta 16
25 Puerto Rico 16
- - - -
25 Seattle 20
24 Virginia Beach 17
20 Miami 17
20 Portland 21
14 Minnesota 17
12 Toronto 16
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Chelsea goes to Hollywood, from the AP - and - the Orange Country Register.
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European club signings:
Blackburn signed South African forward Benni McCarthy from Porto.
Manchester United signed English midfielder Michael Carrick from Tottenham.
Bolton signed South African defender/midlfielder Quinton Fortune from Man Utd.
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A note for everyone considering the trip to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup: It took Big Apple Soccer's Michael Lewis 15 hours to get to Cape Town from New York's JFK airport this week.


Blogger Matt said...

Duff to Newcastle as well. I don't think it's been mentioned here since it happened.

5:56 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i am not a nitpicker and dont say this to harp on you matt, but i wrote about it on monday the 24th and then had a story from rob hughes about it
but thanks for talking about it anyway
i think it could end up being a big move this year for any team
but who will put the ball in the net for newcastle.......

10:31 AM  
Anonymous bq said...

OK, OK, you were right. Andrea Canales article is terrific. Well writen and hits the nail right on the head.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Winona Nick said...

But why just the MLS? The USL has fans, local teams to support and fancy play-off runs, why not mention this league as well?

Isn't it a bit of the same to only follow the MLS and have disdain for the USL?

Hey the USL has a single table as well! Something for the Euro-snobs to like!

5:25 PM  
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