Friday, June 09, 2006

And the Cup is on!

Guest du Nord blogger Bill here. I am brother to "King du Nord", Wolf. I guess that make me "Duke du Nord". My usual home is over at, where I discuss everything from my self inflicted childhood repression to comic books to finding restaurants that serve meals for under $5.

I will no doubt be raiding Wolf's diet Mr. Pibb supply while he is gone. For those who don't knowWolf personally, he won a walleye fishing contest when he was 13 and the grand prize was a lifetime supply of Mr. Pibb. Had he been an adult he would have won $10,000. That's life.

Now on with the show.

The CBC, in its explanation of World Cup and team Canada's history and future, brag about their ability to dominate.

“It's easy to forget that in 1986, Canada made it through the CONCACAF group to qualify for the World Cup; the U.S. didn't."

Yes, that and a ranking of #86 will earn you a stool in a sports bar.


Team England’s Theme song. They picked Embrace's - World at your Feet or should they have picked The Colonel's - Cup My Balls? Listen to both and decide for yourself if the team made the right choice.


Germany's win over Costa Rica may have been by big numbers but their lazy defense didn't earn them points at home. Paulo Wanchope's speed and aggressiveness almost made up the difference. The few times he was offsides were so close and Germany was playing him much too loosely. The Germans were so lackadaisical on defense that we will wait anxiously to see if Poland tries to exploit this obvious weakness’.


Blogger tom said...

Hey Bill! I don't care about soccer anymore, I just want to here more about Bruce's walleye.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Gear Gab said...

14lb 9oz, I believe it is still in the top 10 Minnesota youth catches. Too bad he gave up the sport as he could do one hell of a good fishing show.

Couldn't you see him in the Ozarks on a 19' Tracker going for the record catfish?

2:28 PM  

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