Monday, May 22, 2006

Cabin On The Lake Up North News

Last Saturday - MLS Week 8
Houston 0-1 Chicago - match report by Bernardo Fallas of the Houston Chronicle. Chicago is finding ways to get those valuable road points while waiting for their new home to open in less than 3 weeks. The home team Houston just could not get it done even though they had the chances.
New York 5-4 Chivas USA - match report from Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald, who not surprisingly dogs the suspended Amado Guevara.
Columbus 1-1 DC - match report from the Columbus Dispatch by Shawn Mitchell, who gives the other new arrival from LA the man of the match - Joseph Ngwenya. (Ned Grabavoy won it last week the day after he was traded from LA to Columbus along with Ngwenya.) Sigi wins round 2 over Sampson!
Dallas 4-0 New England - match report by Steve Davis of the Dallas Morning News - the New England riddle got a lot more confusing with this ass kicking. And Dallas got a lot more legit!
Salt Lake 2-1 Kansas City - match report by Lauren Gustus of the Salt Lake Tribune, which starts off with a bit about one of the master mathematicians of all time Pythagoras! You do know the Pythagorean theorem don't you?
Los Angeles 0-1 Colorado - match report by Grahame Jones of the LA Times. He calls the Galaxy loss, "Futility at it's finest"!
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Some very interesting news from Michael Lewis at Big Apple Soccer: Spanish sports newspaper Marca reported on its front page Sunday that Real Madrid and Brazilian star striker Ronaldo would prefer to play with either the New York Red Bulls or a team in Qatar.
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From the sounds of this article, my Thunder team could not have played much worse last night losing 4-0 to Montreal.
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USL First Division scores from this past weekend (check out all the road wins):
Portland 0-1 Rochester
Charleston 0-1 Puerto Rico
Seattle 0-2 Toronto
Montreal 4-0 Minnesota
Miami 0-1 Virginia Beach
Portland 2-1 Toronto
Monday Night
Vancouver v Rochester
-After just 3 home games it's pretty clear that Romario is not going to draw crowds the way his team, Miami FC, thought he would. Their match last night only drew 1,852.
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6 new player interview podcasts by US Soccer from the end of training camp in Cary NC. Claudio Reyna, Eddie Johnson, Steve Cherundolo, Oguchi Onyewu, Carlos Bocanegra and Pablo Mastroeni.
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The final story from the Raleigh Observer on the Cary NC US Soccer training camp.
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Gregg Berhalter has captained Energie Cottbus for the past 4 seasons and lead them back to the Bundesliga this season, but has announced to Yanks Abroad that he is leaving the team. Where he is headed has not been revealed, but he is staying in Germany.
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I want to link over to Marc Connolly's blog at the US Soccer Players Association site. He has some great insights from his days at the USA training camp last week. Excellent stuff.
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Steve Davis of the Dallas Morning News wonders if Clint Dempsey will be that latest American to introduce himself to the world next month.
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A self answered editorial stadium Q & A from the Salt Lake Tribune.
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The following players are generally considered the front runners for MLS Rookie of the Year (What do you think? Did I miss or overrate someone?):
Mehdi Ballouchy, Salt Lake
Jonathan Bornstein, Chivas
Jason Garey, Columbus
Matt Groenwald, Kansas City
Kei Kamara, Columbus
Sacha Kljestan, Chivas
Brandon Moss, Columbus
Jacob Peterson, Colorado
Dasan Robinson, Chicago
Lawson Vaughn, Chivas
Kyle Veris, Los Angeles
Marvell Wynne, New York
-Myself, I don't like the whole rookie of the year thing because of the different stages of development some of these players enter the league at. I prefer the "Young Player of the Year" where you pick a date and everyone born after that is eligible, no matter how many years you have been in the league.
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The USA Send-off Series begins Tuesday night in Nashville.
-I will probably be out on the town somewhere watching the game, and I will post the location here as soon as I know it so you can join up in the rabble-rousing!
-Tue May 23 v Morocco - at The Coliseum in Nashville at 6pm central on ESPN2
-Fri May 26 v Venezuela - at Cleveland Browns Stadium in Cleveland at 6pm central on ESPN2
-Sun May 28 v Latvia - at Rentschler Field in Hartford at 6pm central on ESPN2
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Maybe I should start taking this debacle in Italy more seriously. Last week I posted the article by Grahame Jones from the LA Times which seems to be the best one of boiling down ALL the problems. And believe me when I say, it's not just a referee assignment scandal. It's way way more. Here it is again.
-And Italian newspapers over the weekend were saying that national team coach Lippi was being pressured to resign! Despite what this and other articles are saying, his job is safe for now.
-Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune calls it the... Soiling of The Beautiful Game
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Our mustachioed friend from the Boston Globe, Frank Dell'apa, reviews three new soccer books for the Sunday edition of his paper. One of them is a look at American soccer in the roaring 20's!
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The Kansas City Star continues with some of the best Pre-World Cup coverage of any US daily newspaper. Big hats off to them!
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George W Bush should take note - This is the way to lead a country: The Costa Rican government declared June 9 a national holiday so that employees can watch the World Cup opener between Germany and Costa Rica.
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Barcelona's Samuel Eto'o scored his team's only goal in a season ending 3-1 loss to Athletic Bilbao, but claimed the coveted El Pichichi as Spain's top goal scorer for the season! He finished with 26 goals, narrowly beating out Valencia's David Villa who had 25.
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English Championship Division Playoff final was yesterday in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium.
Leeds 0-3 Watford - American defender Jay Demerit scored the first and winning goal for Watford on a very powerful header off a corner kick.
-So he and his virtually unknown Watford teammates will join Reading and Sheffield United in the Premiership next season, but not Eddie Lewis and his Leeds teammates who looked quite awful in the game.
-I saw the game at the cozy Highbury Pub in Milwaukee, with a whole bunch of Jay Demerits friends who went nearly insane when he scored that goal. Lot's of fun for them, but a huge bummer for the nice Leeds fans I was chatting with.
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Butt Ugly Iain Dowie has resigned as manager of Crystal Palace. I am sure he won't be out of work for long.
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Mexican Clausura Final:
Pachuca 1-0 San Luis - after the first leg ended in a goalless draw, the home side took the match by the narrowest of margins and now claim the 2006 Clausura Championship!!! The series only goal was scored on a PK by Uruguayan Richard Nunez. This was Pachuca's 4th title. FYI, the teams nickname is the Tuzos or Gophers! I can dig that.
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Manchester United owner Malcom Glazer has suffered a second stroke.


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Your Bush/Costa Rica comment reminds me of when I was in New Orleans in October of '01 and found an Irish bar in the French Quarter to have lunch and watch the US/Jamaica WC qualifying match (the one that clinched entry into the '2 WC for the US team). Sure enough that was the day that Bush decided to invade Afghanistan and we missed the first half of the game due to preemption. Our enterprising bartender was able to scrounge around the channels and found the game on another channel in time for us to watch the 2nd half, but any national leader should know that you never start a war on the day that your national team is playing...

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