Tuesday, May 02, 2006

23 News

At 5pm central time TODAY we will learn the names of our Team USA squad (and the alternates) for World Cup 2006 in Germany from our coach and the good folks at ESPN Sports Center.
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And this just in from US Soccer: In addition to the roster announcement on ESPN's SportsCenter, Arena is also scheduled to appear on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption. Following the roster announcement, ESPNews will have live interviews with a number of US players on their "4 Quarters" show, including Landon Donovan and Claudio Reyna.
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WooooHoooo! Check out this new billboard in Times Square! I love it. Hooray Beer!
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NYNJ Soccer asked some of their friends to predict who will be on that magical USA list of 23 names. The one thing people are forgetting is that Arena will most certainly add about 6 or 7 names to that list as alternates. And those extras will probably be at the team training camp in case of injury to the chosen few before May 15.
-The coach of our glorious Thunder, Amos Magee, was one of the people who made their prediction. Now whether Amos is a thief or a genius is up to a court of law to decide, but somehow his list is exactly the same as the one I have been listing publicly here at du Nord for months. (Oh, and TV commentator JP Dellacamera stole my list too!)
-There is one person whose choices cracked me up pretty hard. Did this dude watch any USA matches over the past couple years? The shear ignorance is hilarious. Maybe it was on purpose. I would like to call them out right now: Biggest guffaw goes to Dan Gaichas, Columnist/Writer for The Fire Alarm who picked not only Greg Vanney, but also Eddie Gaven. Dude, put down the pipe.
Also, Eric Wynalda's list is different from the one he post at Soccernet yesterday. Guess he wants to cover all his bases.
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The Washington Post has a great page on who they think will be on the team! Nice graphics dudes!
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What the hell is this garbage? Attendance: 11,762, Weather: Sunny and 62 degrees - This was New Englands first home game of the year last Sunday. Does someone out there at least have a really lame excuse?
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The way Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe sees it, New England's "sensational" centerback Michael Parkhurst was predominantly the reason for his team giving up the loss to Chicago last weekend. What gives Mike?
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Big Jonah Freedman at Sports Illustrated has a chat with hero Brian McBride! Excellent update on his groin injury.
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Andrea Canales with some Chivas USA v New York Red Bull post game player comments, for Soccer365.
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And the same web site has a column by Don Cuddy asking the question: Have The Revs Lost Their Mojo?
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You can tune into Glenn Davis' radio show tonight for more talk on the USA squad: Soccer Hour with Glenn Davis - 9pm central on the air in Houston at 790AM or via the world wide web at ESPN790. You can also call 'em up and lip off at 713-212-5790.
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Our superstar Landon-Cakes "I prefer Primadona" Donovan has been named the Major League Soccer Player Of The Week.
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And Gavin Glinton of Charleston has been named First Division Player Of The Week.
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In other First Div news, the leagues All-Star team will play English Championship Division team Sheffield Wednesday on July 19 at SAS Soccer Park in Cary, North Carolina.
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Middlesbrough coach Steve McLaren and I share a birthday. But he is a year older than me. He just might get named the next coach of England as his gift. Maybe I should ask him to get me that nice USA shirt seeing as none of you pukes seem willing to step up and give me this shirt as a birthday gift and as a small token of your appreciation for all the hard work I do here at du Nord. XXL please.
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KC Star with more, um, KC stadium talk.
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The New York Times did this exact same story 2 weeks ago, but here is USA Today's version of the story on new US Soccer President Sunil Gulati.
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Grahame Jonesy of the LA Times checks in to see what former US captain Thomas Dooley (he took over the armband from Captain-For-Life John Harkes who had just had it stripped from him) is up to these days.
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Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune says blame the boots for Rooney's injury: Softer sell exacts a very hard price
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The Fiver from the Guardian. Always full of ludicrous crap, and a blast to read. Brought to you here at du Nord as always by the Live Nude Weblog.
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English Championship Division Playoffs
The four teams who finished in 3rd-6th spots will fight it out now in a playoff for the third and final promotion spot. Here is the play off match line up:
#5 Leeds v #4 Preston
#6 Crystal Palace v #3 Watford
Preston v Leeds
Watford v Crystal Palace
Sunday May 21
3-6 winner v 4-5 winner
~ ~ ~ ~
La Copa Libertadores 2006 round of 16 first leg matches are done! Here are the deciding second leg games (with first leg scores included):
G: May 2 - Atlético Nacional v Liga Dep. Universitaria Quito (0-4)
H: May 2 - Independiente Santa Fe v Chivas Guadalajara (0-3)
A: May 3 - Vélez Sarsfield v Newell's Old Boys (4-2)
B: May 3 - Internacional v Nacional (2-1)
D: May 3 - São Paulo FC v Palmeiras (1-1)
C: May 4 - Corinthians v River Plate (2-3)
E: May 4 - Goiás EC v Estudiantes LP (0-2)
F: May 4 - Libertad v Tigres UANL (0-0)
~ ~ ~ ~
The Mexican Primera Division Clausura playoffs start Wednesday. 2 legged matches. Here we go:
Wednesday (return matches on Saturday)
Toluca v Cruz Azul
San Luis v Atlante
Thursday (return matches on Sunday)
Morelia v Pachuca
Guadalajara v Chiapas
~ ~ ~ ~
The Italian TIM Cup Final fist leg this Wednesday:
Inter v Roma - (return leg May 11)
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Let's end with some comedy today:
This guy Eric Naze at the newspaper Florida Today had some pretty funny and out of touch picks for who he thinks will represent the USA at World Cup 06. And it seems quite possible that the paper doesn't have an editor to check any of this dudes facts either.
The team he picked is listed as "Starter", "On the bench", and "Just missed". Here are some of funnier moments:
-Goalkeepers: Just missed: Jonny Walker (Columbus Crew, MLS); Zach Thornton (Chicago Fire, MLS); Joe Cannon (Colorado Rapids, MLS). None of these three has suited up for the USA in ages. Not one of them makes any real "just missed" list. Has this guy watched a game in 05 or 06? Try Matt Reis, Kevin Hartman & Tony Meola instead buddy.
-Defense: Starters: Bobby Convey (Reading FC, England) - No dude! The Convey at left back experiment was tried twice at least a year ago and produced nothing, thus the movement of Eddie Lewis to left back that produced instant results. Convey is a midfielder in case you didn't know.
-Defense: On the bench: Chad Marshall (Columbus Crew, MLS) - Hahahahahaha. This is the funniest pick of them all. Does Marshall have more than 1 cap for the US ever? He's barely on the "top 20 defenders who did not even get a look" list, much less ON the team.
-Midfield: On the bench: Santino Quaranta (D.C. United, MLS) - Q got called into camp in January, showed up insultingly out of shape, and didn't see the field. Never to be heard from again. Not even in the DCU games. No chance in hell.
-Midfield: Just missed: Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids, MLS) - Ummm, he was one of the best USA players at the last World Cup and is a near automatic starter. Come on guy, are you even trying here?
-Forwards: On the bench: Pat Noonan (New England Revolution, MLS) - pretty much plays exclusively on the left wing when he gets a shot with team USA. Has been injured for months now, and will probably be an alternate. But certainly not on the bench at forward.
-Forwards: Just missed: Jeff Cunningham (Colorado Rapids, MLS) - Again, when did he suit up for the US last? Are you on drugs? No! Chance!
The rest of his choices seem fairly acurate, but then a dead squirrel could pick most of this team.


Blogger D said...

FYI - Quaranta in injured, thus his absence in DCU games. Well, at least the obvious reason for him not appearing.

4:09 PM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

fyi, that billboard with the us soccer players is not at times square. its at 34th/7th ave, next to penn station and madison square garden. great to see the billboard in any case.

5:58 PM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

ching and wolff over twellman?! none of them would see much playing time methinks, but twellman must be crushed.

and really, why doesn't jonathan spector get an alternate slot at the very least? seriously, he plays nearly every week for premiership club charlton. who would you rather have in your squad if cherundulo or lewis got hurt? spector or say, jimmy conrad.

i respect arena's decisions but as dunord has mentioned before, bruce has the knack to surprise you.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

new england just hasn't figured out how to artificially inflate their attendance figures yet.

7:45 PM  
Blogger hartley said...

Spector has a major shoulder injury -- dislocation. He won't be ready to play until at least August or later.

He's gone back to Man U and probably won't return to Charlton again, unless the Addicks' new manager has as good a relationship with Fergie as Curbs does.

8:45 PM  
Blogger kebmodee said...

hartley--thanks for the update regarding spector. i had forgotten about his injury and did not know he had returned to MUFC. that kid needs to bad MUFC just like tim howard and keep playing first team football.

5:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to live in Massachusetts, but I never went to see the Revs play. Why? Because the ticket prices are totally outrageous and they didn't have a student discount.


8:46 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

spector update in the wednesday news

11:02 AM  
Blogger Adi said...

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