Wednesday, May 10, 2006

13-14 News

More on the death of former Minnesota Kicks & South African midfield star Ace Nstolengue has died. He was one of my fave's as a kid. The has been no more word on the cause of his death. (Thanks to Lance for sending some of these links.)
-The official PSL announcement of his passing.
-There's a nice tribute at the South African Premier Soccer League site from league Chairman Dr. Irvin Khoza who claims that Ace would have made a great stand up comedian!
-And a speech Ace made when receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Guateng Provincial Government.
-A tribute to Ace from The South African Star.
~ ~ ~ ~
MLS Wednesday match
Dallas v LA
~ ~ ~ ~
Dwayne De Rosario, the brilliant midfielder for Houston, has been named MLS Player of the Week.
~ ~ ~ ~
There is a really good profile of USA & Houston striker Brian Ching by John Lopez in the Houston Chronicle. Ching leads MLS with 7 goals in 6 games.
~ ~ ~ ~
Jeff Bradley's First XI with El Dee.
~ ~ ~ ~
Every team at the World Cup have their own bus with their own slogan painted on it. The USA slogan is: United we play. United we win. Here's the list of all 32.
~ ~ ~ ~
Now here is a weird one for ya: The New York Times Sunday Magazine has a weekly column called Freakonomics. This week they look at the worlds elite soccer players to see what traits they have in common. They found a really strange one: The vast majority of "the best of the best" are born in the months of January, February, and March. What is that all about? Read on.
~ ~ ~ ~
Voice of America talks to Captain Caveman - Ben Olsen about being selected for the USA World Cup squad. Includes an audio clip.
~ ~ ~ ~
Andrea Canales writes about Clint Dempsey's hip hop buddy Big Hawk who was murdered last week, for Soccer365.
~ ~ ~ ~
Long time USA favorite Earnie Stewart has spent the last year or so as General Manager of his first pro team VVV Venlo in Holland, but now another of his former teams, NAC Breda, is chasing after him for the same role at their club. Yanks Abroad has details.
~ ~ ~ ~
Yanks Abroad also has 11 questions from readers for PSV's young American Lee Nguyen.
~ ~ ~ ~
NYNJSoccer has a chat with Chicago's young gunner Chris Rolfe.
~ ~ ~ ~
Steve Goff of the Washington Post says Arena wants USA players to have a good time.
~ ~ ~ ~
And then Goff took questions from the peanut gallery today via an online chat. Always an excellent read.
~ ~ ~ ~
Marc Connolly of the US Players Assoc. talks to the star of Goal-The Dream Begins, Kuno Becker.
~ ~ ~ ~
And Connolly, on his own self-titled blog, says that the rumor of Wolverhampton defender Darren Anderton coming to play in MLS may not be so ludicrous after all.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Columbus Dispatch with an article on the Crews first year striker and Maryland college star Jason Garey.
~ ~ ~ ~
Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune on Frankie Hejduk's "buzzkill", plus his weekly regulars: Trophies, Red Cards, and Sidelines.
~ ~ ~ ~
Who knew that Salt Lake would become a Lake of Fire for RSL. The politics have gotten pretty ugly over this whole stadium thingy. I love a good cat fight.
~ ~ ~ ~
Ives at the North Jersey Herald thinks the local Red Bulls need a shaking up. I would say a shaking down might be better, or an ass kicking, or maybe the old frying pan to the head. How about all of them at once. Hooray Fry Pans!
~ ~ ~ ~
All new podcast from US soccer with U20 coach Thomas Rongen reviewing the teams trip to Argentina for a series of matches.
~ ~ ~ ~
Team USA launches their official pre-World Cup training camp today in Cary North Carolina. Big Apple Soccer reports that Heerenveen midfielder Michael Bradley is with the team for training purposes. Good for him!
~ ~ ~ ~
Pepsi's new German TV commercial (LA Joe sent it, and he digs it!)(Me? I don't like the Pepsi so much. But the ad is real good.)
~ ~ ~ ~
Just 2 days after winning the Dutch Cup, Ajax fired coach Danny Blind.
~ ~ ~ ~
Glenn Roeder who took over as manager in mid-season when Newcastle shitcanned Graeme Souness have now hired the new wave looking dude full time. There had been lots of speculation that he could not take the job cuz he was not a fully licensed coach, but I guess that has all been worked out. Du Nord wishes a hearty "good luck" to the former Gary Numan band member.
~ ~ ~ ~
UEFA Cup Final today! At Phillips Stadium in Eindhoven.
Sevilla of Spain v Middlesbrough of England
~ ~ ~ ~
English Championship Division Playoffs
Its now down to two teams fighting for the 3rd & final promotion spot to the Premiership next season. And there will be at least one more American in the top league as both teams still battling have one in their regular 11. Eddie Lewis for Leeds and Jay DeMerit for Watford. Good luck boys!
The semifinal scores:
Preston 0-2 Leeds - Leeds rock into the playoff final with a huge road win and 3-1 on aggregate.
Watford 0-0 Crystal Palace - Watford moves on with a 3-0 agg win.
-The Final is Sunday May 21 in Cardiff at the Millenium Stadium
-Soccer Times' reporter Robert Wagman writes about the great season DeMerit has had.
~ ~ ~ ~
The Mexican Primera Division Clausura 2 legged semifinals:
Wednesday (return leg Saturday)
Toluca v San Luis
Thursday (return leg Sunday)
Guadalajara v Pachuca
~ ~ ~ ~
The Italian TIM Cup Final second & final leg tomorrow night:
Inter v Roma (1-1)
~ ~ ~ ~
English FA Cup Final
Liverpool v West Ham
Saturday May 13th at Millenium Stadium in Cardiff
-Again they unfortunately will only be showing this match on closed-circuit TV at selected pubs and restaurants. There is a mandatory $20 PER PERSON COVER CHARGE from Setanta! Call your local watering hole to see if they are showing it.
~ ~ ~ ~
Pairings for the Quarterfinals in La Copa Libertadores!
-First legs are played this week, then the whole tournament takes 2 months off for the World Cup. So the second leg matches will not be played until mid-to-late July. I find that a little odd, but go figure:
May 9 Chivas Guadalajara 0-0 Vélez Sarsfield
May 10 Liga Dep. Universitaria - Internacional
May 10 Estudiantes LP - São Paulo FC
May 11 River Plate - Libertad
-Second leg matches in July:
July 18 Libertad - River Plate
July 19 Internacional - Liga Dep. Universitaria
July 19 São Paulo FC - Estudiantes LP
July 20 Vélez Sarsfield - Chivas Guadalajara
-Sports Illustrated with a recap of Tuesdays match.


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