Saturday, March 18, 2006

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Sorry for being out of commission yesterday. Everything just got crazy and I lost the day to a long long party with only a hint of debauchary (not enough), finished off with a high quality steak at a legendary St Paul joint - Mancini's. Our waitress was a classic old crab. After dinner I asked her if she wanted one of my famous St Patrick's Day whisker rubs. She hesitated for a moment, obviously processing this information, then bruskly said, "NO!" At least she didn't call the cops.
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So I got a few important nuggets for you today to help you with your habit, and will be back with full copious intravenous injections on Monday!
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If the USA had big London style tabloid papers that cared about soccer, the headline would read: Landycakes Taken Off Griddle! Why? Cuz Lando is out of the Germany match with a calf strain. Shit. He will not be replaced on the roster.
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Yesterdays story about Red Bull ponying up all the cash to send their fans to DC for the season opener is TRUE. Bus to and from game, game ticket, and pregame tailgate party - ALL ON THE HOUSE! This is pretty huge if you ask me. And wait until we see the response from DC United fans! Think they won't come out in hordes to get the pot really stirring. Fantastic.
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Evan of Soccer Thoughts put together a whole bunch of links to great soccer vid clips he found at You Tube! Rock on Evan!
~ ~ ~ ~ on the young defenders of The Arse. (That kinda sounds like they are guarding their anal virginity doesn't it?) (Was that last sentence a bit too much for you?) (Yeah, well, what can you do, besides lighten up?)
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A whole new round of gambling/match-fixing allegations is sweeping Germany as you read this. Apparently Bayern & German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has been called in for questioning. This is not good.
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I was very excited to find out that someone besides myself and Demko thinks that the crap I have been writing everyday about Michael Ballack is funny. Greetings to Afshin at the Iran World Cup Blog, and good luck to your team this summer my man!
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And on that note the grape vine was on fire last night as gossipy types spotted Ballack on the town in London with Ashley Cole, and other pro footballers in some sort of post-orgy-bliss-state. They were all wearing MK Don's scarves, drinking Dom, smoking Cohiba's, and were heard to be saying that they had already signed secret deals to play with that fine squad in the fall! Zidane & Roberto Carlos are said to be lined up to sign on the dotted line as well. Stay tuned!
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You should also pay close attention to this World Cup Blog, cuz it's really really good. Stuff on every single team. Great work guys! Hooray Beer.
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Glenn Davis in the Houston Chronicle looks at USA assistant coach Mooch Myernicks massive pile of frequent flyer miles.
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There was a meeting in a Cleveland suburb to discuss a potential stadium for a new MLS team, but no one from this mythical team was there to talk about their plans. So what kind of meeting was it? Poor?
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And these folks are jumping on the bandwagon too..... MLS in Philly - the Inquirer thinks so - but I find the story a little odd. Officials from Rowan University say MLS is going to build a stadium to share with them, but that "an owner has not yet been identified". So isn't that just more of the old "putting the cart before the horse" again? The idea is brilliant. We have seen how incredible this format worked with LA & UC Domingez Hills. So if someone with actual $$$$$ steps up then I will take this seriuosly. Until then.....
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By the way, yes Rowan University is in Jersey, but it's basically a Philly suburb. (Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania.)
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Regular reader Ethan G is a big Philly supporter and sent me several more links on the topic! Thanks man!
MLS is planning a Press Conference about a team and stadium on Monday.
Philly MLS may happen in Glassboro, NJ. Where is that you say? Map here.
With 3 more newspaper articles:
1. South Jersey to get 1st pro franchise - Rowan University says MLS is planning to put team in Glassboro
2. Rowan hosting franchise in MLS
3. Pro soccer team, stadium coming to Glassboro
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Houston's Brad Davis is now in Germany having the same hernia operation that Red Bulls Marvell Wynne just had. I still think Davis can be a really good, but not great player.
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One of the all time great MLS defenders, Robin Fraser, who retired last year, has taken over as director of coaching for AZFC - the Arizona Football Club - with hopes of growing the club into a national power some day in the near future. Go Dude Go.
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Q & A with USA & Gladbach keeper Kasey Keller at


Anonymous angelo said...

Who said your Ballack updates weren't funny? That's one of the first thing I read in the morning and I think Ballack and his agent should check them too for inspiration :-) .

And now that Henry is flip-flopping between Arsenal and Barca I am sure you will find a lot of material of interest for your post Ballack transfer market posts.

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Any more visits from the Pentagon now that you've wished the Iranians luck? :)

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be warned!

Anyone who writes for, or reads this weblog, is under constant surveillance from here on out!

Yours in Christ,
Don Rumsfeld

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Ballack character, does he come from east or west Germany and has he every been in the U.S. or have intentions of coming to the U.S? Would you say he has any Communist intentions or links to Al Qaeda?

11:35 PM  
Blogger ynba said...

Hey, thanks for adding me to your link list! I've returned the favor -- and yes, the Ballack-watch is hilarious.

12:58 PM  

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