Friday, March 10, 2006

Call Before You Head This Way News

Oh no! This is really sad news. Doug Hamilton, President of the Los Angeles Galaxy died Thursday of a heart attack on a flight back to LA from Costa Rica, where he had attended the teams Champions Cup match. He was 43. RIP Doug. Grahame Jones of the Los Angeles Times has the story. The team also has a press release.
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Alexi Lalas of the all new Red Bull New York delivers what appears to be a jihadist quality video taped message to the teams potential fans. I wonder if Al Jazeera got it first.
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Our guy Ives Galarcep from the North Jersey Herald strongly DOWNPLAYS Giorgio Chinaglia's involvement in Red Bull New York.
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Fellow Freak and Metrostars die hard The Metrologist has these words that are nearly eulogy-esque.
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Another Fellow Freak, Not Doug Logan, says that he agrees with Ives, and that old GC is a wind bag just beggin' hard for a job. Nothing more, nothing less. NDL also feels that GC getting a job with the team is simply not going to be in the cards at any time!
~ ~ ~ ~
Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer talks to Metro coach Mo Johnston who has been told his job remains the same for RBNY.
~ ~ ~ ~
The dude who runs the Meadowlands stadium in New Jersey where the Metrostars/Red Bull play is all pissed off about the team now being called Red Bull New York. Being a New Jersey guy he is mad as hell. And seeing as the team actually plays in New Jersey he is even more indignant about the name change. The team is currently negotiating a new lease at the stadium with this guy, George Zoffinger, and he says he is gonna lay down the law to these ignorant outsiders: "They're not playing in this stadium with that name." Oooooooo! Tough talk Georgie Boy. I bet you use that tact with the NEW YORK Giants & NEW YORK Jets when you negotiate their contracts too don't you. You phony punk.
~ ~ ~ ~
The third day in a row for the New York Times covering local soccer! Jack Bell again with more on the Red Bullys.
~ ~ ~ ~
NYNJ Soccer talks to Lalas too.
~ ~ ~ ~
The first of what we can expect to be many bold moves by Ze Red Bulls is signing midfielder Michael Ballack who currently plays for a German club.
~ ~ ~ ~
MLSnet Q&A's with Commish Don Garber on the sale of the team.
~ ~ ~ ~
The city of Harrison New Jersey will be home to the new Red Bull Arena that is scheduled to open in 08. That city is very excited about the new ownership according to the Newark Star Ledger.
~ ~ ~ ~
Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated with his views on the CONCACAF Champions Cup & his bi-weekly world club rankings, - and - A chat with the President of Team Red Bull of the Meadowlands, Red head Alexi Lalas, not to be confused with Lucy Lawless.
~ ~ ~ ~
The excellent Kevin A of Portland via Madison did some of his well known private-eye work and dug up a pdf of a Memorandum from the City of San Jose dated Feb 7, 06 that talks about the City's connection to MLS. In it there is a special mention of other expansion plans for the league. In the middle of page 2 under "What are the expansion plans of Major League Soccer?", sentence 4 reads, "The Cleveland metropolitan area has been awarded an expansion team for 2008." Very interesting tidbit! Thanks KA.
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And the above mentioned Not Doug Logan claims this could even happen in 07, along with Toronto, as opposed to 08!
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Dinah-Moe Humm
~ ~ ~ ~
That rumored USA match on May 23 in Nashville looks to be against Morocco
~ ~ ~ ~
Steven Goff of the Washington Post reports that after missing nearly a full season due to serious concussions, DC United striker Alecko Eskandarian is out again, this time with a hernia. Damn dude! Get well. We miss you.
~ ~ ~ ~
Looks like the "serious" ankle injury that Wayne Bridge of Fulham suffered wasn't so "serious" after all. He is set to play this weekend at Everton.
~ ~ ~ ~
The big Euro matches this weekend:
Birmingham v West Brom - not just a Birmingham derby, but a relegation battle too
Ajax v PSV - another old classic clash of titans
Chelsea v Tottenham - a London derby, and Tottenham dreaming of the Champions League next year.
Valencia v Real Madrid - duking it out for second place tied at 51 points.
Juventus v Milan - the Italian classic, and #1 v #2
~ ~ ~ ~
Fan Q & A with Chicago pres John Guppy.
~ ~ ~ ~
DC United second year defender Bobby Boswell sits down to blab with the official team website. It's all caught on video tape.
~ ~ ~ ~
Kansas City arrived in Germany today for two weeks of preseason training, including three matches against Nurnberg's reserves, Regensberg and Nurnberg's first team.
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The draw for the Quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League was held today. 1st legs on the 28th/29th of March & the 2nd legs on the 4th/5th of April:
1 Arsenal v Juventus
2 Lyon v Milan
3 Inter/Ajax v Villarreal
4 Benfica v Barcelona
One 2nd leg match from the previous round was delayed and will be played on Tuesday March 14:
Inter v Ajax (2-2 from first leg)
And the Semifinals will pair the winners of 1 v 3, and 2 v 4, on April 18/19 & 25/26.
The 2006 Champions League Final will be played on May 17 at Stade de France in Paris.
~ ~ ~ ~
Copa Libertadores Group stage!! This week’s matches and scores:
Mar 07
Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Caracas FC - Grupo 1
Universitario 0-1 Vélez Sarsfield - Grupo 5
Rocha FC 3-2 Liga Dep. Universitaria - Grupo 5
Mar 08
São Paulo FC 4-1 Cienciano - Grupo 1
Sporting Cristal 2-1 Bolívar - Grupo 2
Pumas UNAM 1-2 Internacional - Grupo 6
River Plate 4-3 El Nacional - Grupo 8
Mar 09
Independiente Santa Fe 3-1 Estudiantes LP - Grupo 2
Nacional 0-0 UA Maracaibo - Grupo 6
Tigres UANL 2-0 Corinthians - Grupo 4
~ ~ ~ ~
Soccernet has the Thursday Libertadores match recaps, in which Corinthians & Argentine superstar Carlos Tevez injured his knee.
~ ~ ~ ~
UEFA Cup Round of 16 (2 legged knockout - Mar 9 & 15):
Last nights scores:
Palermo 1-0 Schalke
Rapid Bucuresti 2-0 Hamburg
Lille 1-0 Sevilla
Steaua 0-0 Betis
Middlesbrough 1-0 Roma
Udinese 0-0 Levski
Marseille 0-1 Zenit
Basel 2-0 Strasbourg
~ ~ ~ ~
My old pal Sean sent me a link to the Zenit goal, but I had trouble opening it, so I found it on You Tube instead. It's a good one.


Anonymous ken said...

Do jihadist's need energy drinks to get motivated?

12:49 PM  
Anonymous GolNoir said...




1:35 PM  
Blogger Kevin-- said...

One bright spot from all this Red Bull/Metrostars controversy is this quote from Lalas:

To which Lalas retorted: "Giorgio seems to think we should fire the front office, coach and players. With all due respect, Giorgio can kiss my ass."

The whole article is here:

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Gear Gab said...

We wouldn't need corporate sponsorship if we could get the sport declared a religion (which it is).

Then the federal government could give them money as a "Faith Based Charity".

2:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do Houston fans sing when they're winning?

No, they just hum.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous shane said...

i find it rather interesting the san jose memorandum lists the chivas as the primary tenant of home depot stadium.

does the animosity towards the galaxy by san jose fans extend even to the governmental level?!

8:45 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

good call shane, i missed that chivas error.
so with that level of error does it make the cleveland thing highly questionable for truth too?

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