Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sadaharu Oh Hit 868 Home Runs For Yomiuri Giants News

-Today’s biggest news is that Eddie Johnson has been snapped up by Kansas City, as Dallas was trying to unload his huge contract.
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-The other crazy news (which I actually heard 2 weeks ago but chose not to mention cuz I thought it couldn't be true) is that Houston is already shrinking to the pressure being applied by unhappy Mexicans and is set to lose the "1836" from their name! Bad move I say. It was a great name.
- - -
-Our guy at Sports Illustrated Jonah Freedman just moved to San Francisco and got there in time to cover the USA v Japan match. He drools all over Taylor Twellman - just like the rest of us.
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-See & order the USA World Cup 06 uniform today.
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-US Soccer also has lots of great video from the Japan match - Highlights and Interviews
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-Some things I wanted to mention from the USA v Japan match: Chris Rolfe did his best Mike Burns imitation and let Japan score between him and the goal post even though he was standing right at the post! - And - Deuce Dempsey did a nice little dance after he scored his goal.
- - -
-Also, in case you missed this one, all the players from Los Angeles & New England that were in the USA camp have left to join their clubs in preparation for the CONCACAF Champions Cup which kicks off next week. (Twellman, Deuce, Noonan & Reis for NE, -and- Donovan, Hartman & Dunivant for LA)
- - -
-NYNJSoccer has an indepth interview with USL Commissioner Francisco Marcos. Read it now.
- - -
-The usually entertaining (& Chicago fan baiting) Tino Palace is back with the Clean Sheet at MLSnet
- - -
-USA & Reading keeper Marcus Hahnemann writes his OWN feature for US Players Assoc.
- - -
-The Hunt Park Insider has the latest scraps of info from Columbus' preseason exploits.
- - -
-Houston Chronicle's Week In Review
- - -
-Rob Hughes on the excellence of Alex (who I always thought looked a little like Prince): Del Piero an ace at icing Juventus cake
- - -
-The LA Daily News checks in to see how Bob Bradley is doing with his new Chivas USA team.
- - -
-Two bits from Yanks Abroad: former Metro Michael Bradley made his debut for the Heerenveen reserves, and scored a goal to boot! - AND - Cory Gibbs saw the green of the field last night!!!!! He played the first 45 minutes for the ADO reserves. I really hope his knee comes along and he is ready for the World Cup!
- - -
-Bizjournals.com has a done a study of USA markets that are ready to take on new sports franchises. They say there are 73(!) that could host an MLS team. SEVENTY THREE! On the other hand, how many markets do they say are ready for Major League Baseball? ZERO!
- - -
-Soccernet has a feature story on USA & Nordsjaelland defender Heath Pearce.
- - -
-Wigan 39 points - Everton 36 points. Wigan are next at Tottenham, while Everton are at Newcastle.
- - -
-Metro Honcho Alexi Lalas and player Amado Guevara supposedly had a heart-to-heart mano-a-mano and Guevara says he wants to win a championship with the Mets. Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer brings us that news, along with this bit that Dallas is still looking to acquire Guevara in a swap deal.
- - -
But Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald says Guevara is blowing smoke up people's you know whats.
- - -
-The second leg of the Spanish Copa del Rey Semifinals are tonight and tomorrow night. The matches:
Read Madrid v Real Zaragoza - stunning 6-1 win for Zara in the first leg gives them a nearly insurmountable lead.
Deportivo La Coruna v Espanyol - Esp leads 2-1, but the away goal that Depor snagged could be huge.
- - -
-Copa Libertadores!! This Weeks matches:
El Nacional - Paulista FC - Grupo 8
Unión Española - Goiás EC - Grupo 3
Vélez Sarsfield - Rocha FC - Grupo 5
Wed Feb 15
Independiente Santa Fe - Bolívar - Grupo 2
Deportivo Cali - Corinthians - Grupo 4
Cerro Porteño - Palmeiras - Grupo 7
Thur Feb 16
Libertad - River Plate - Grupo 8
Universitario - Liga Dep. Universitaria - Grupo 5
UA Maracaibo - Internacional - Grupo 6


Blogger Kevin-- said...

I have to say that i really like the new WC uniforms. Might have to get one of the away ones...Hey, who needs discretionary income anyway?

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Demko said...

Fascinating study from bizjournals. Not surprising that Twin cities is already among the most over-burdened sports markets. Milwaukee as well. Portland, Hartford, Rochester, Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia all look like great candidates for MLS expansion. It'd be nice to see one of them paired with toronto for '07. of course the league needs to figure out what to do with k.c. first.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The away jersey is best. So far all of the World Cup jerseys I've seen are really dull. (See Mexico.) So this is a relief. Still have to wait until March to see the Togo uniforms.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous dang said...

hey bruce, you should check out jamie treckers article from last week on the houston 1836 name...he was ready to let it go until the amount of racist e-mails he got from gringos prompted him to respond...racism in football occurs here(as does racism in life,duh) as well. keep up the good work. dang

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole thing about the name change is that I just didn't see the Mexican-American community turning out to support the Houston club. I figured the whole complaint issue was more of something for MFL fans in Houston could use as an excuse to not support the club, which I think even with the name change will still be used. I hope to be proven wrong but I doubt it.


8:46 AM  
Blogger hartley said...

demko --

The league is working very hard right now to keep the Wizards in the KC area. The league is working with the local city and county governments to develop a plan to build a soccer complex. Most of the interest at this point comes from Johnson County, Kansas. I believe Wednesday is a deadline day to get some information into the league.

Maybe this KC Star article will shed some light: http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/local/13874022.htm

11:02 AM  

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