Monday, February 27, 2006

Hartley's Charlton v Villa Redux

Hello dear readers,
Here's just another new attempt to diversify my investments at du Nord.
This is a match report from regular reader, and part time blogger Hartley on his beloved English team Charlton. (He also supports Kansas City, but we will try not to mock him too badly for that.)

Charlton Athletic 0-0 Aston Villa

The good news is that Jonathan Spector got the start and played the full 90. By all accounts, Spector played well again, though he had some moments in the second half as Aston Villa pushed in an effort to steal the points. Spector has started four Premiership matches in a row and continues to improve. Alan Curbishley's staff seems to know something about training outside defenders -- just look at the improvement of Luke Young over the past couple of seasons. Here's hoping Spector continues to excel and gets a chance with the US National team in its upcoming match with Poland.

Also good news is that during a time when the Addicks usually start a springtime swoon, the team seems to be holding steady. Though Charlton will most likely not finish in any European spot, they also will not be near any relegation battles.

Bad news is that this match had few if any highlights. It was a tale of two halves as the Addicks had a few chances in the first half and the Villians came close in the second. It's a shame Darren Bent couldn't show a few more flashes and get one in the nets -- especially since Sven was in attendance at the Valley.

Some may be wondering if the Addicks are missing Danny Murphy since selling the malcontent middleman to Hotspur. Not really. The Charlton midfield seems to be struggling with keeping its width and providing some service to the Bents up front. What the Addicks are really missing is some dangerous outside play from Jerome Thomas and Dennis Rommedahl. Get either or both back and the Addicks attack will immediately become more potent.


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