Thursday, February 16, 2006

The du Nord Interview - Andrea Canales

It's everything you would expect, and we are proud to bring it to you. Gripping, Searing, & Soul Searching? No! Not even close. Some fluff and a little personal insight? Sure, why not. We talk to our favorite people inside the world of soccer (who will answer our emails)! Meet Andrea Canales. Journalist covering the beautiful game these days for Soccer365 & ESPN's Soccernet. Read the answers to all 8, yes EIGHT, questions (quite possibly the 8 biggest questions anyone has ever asked):

1 What city do you call home?

AC: Los Angeles

2 Who is your personal favorite soccer team?

AC: Boca Juniors

3 Who is your favorite player of all time? And who is your current favorite player?

AC: Probably Daniel Passarella. I'm a fan of solid defense and team play. Ronaldinho is magic on the ball, though.
Locally, Herculez Gomez was a lot of fun to watch this past year - partly because no one saw him coming.

4 Do you have a strong interest in anything that is quite different from soccer?

AC: I love theater. I read a lot. Anytime I get a chance to travel, I'll take it.

5 Where is your favorite place to eat in America? And how would you describe the food there?

AC: That really depends on my mood. If I'm feeling chic, then Blowfish in West Hollywood serves up tasty sushi in a trendy atmosphere. The Arroyo Chophouse in Pasadena dishes up an excellent steak. For hanging out at a table with friends, nothing beats a pitcher of sangria and Cuban food at the original Cha Cha Cha's on the corner of Melrose and Virgil. It's hard to top the simple pleasure of an In-N-Out burger, though, unless it's with a Tommy's chiliburger instead. Zankou and Roscoe's do completely opposite things with chicken, and they're both divine. The pastrami at Langer's Deli is great. I've got to quit here, because there are still the all the Thai, Ethiopian, Mexican, Persian, Salvadorean, Indian, etc. places I love. I don't usually get great food when I travel. Mostly to save money, I keep it simple and safe. Eating in Los Angeles is like sampling tastes of the world, though.

6 What is the last great piece of music you heard?

AC: I respect music groups more for quality of output than just one song, so I have to go with U2. I also like Ozomatli. It's not deep and meaningful, but a lot of the reggaeton music out now always cheers me up. When I want to feel moody, Miles Davis, Jeff Buckley and the Smiths.

7 What is the last great book you read?

AC: Cry the Beloved Country - all those planning to go to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup should check out this powerful story of the elements that are still struggling there today first. An awareness of some of the history makes any trip more meaningful.

8 Say you have a crisp new $100 bill in your pocket...What would you do with it?

AC: I'd probably finally upgrade to a good digital recorder and move my microcassete one to backup duty.

And with that we must say goodbye and thank you Andrea, you have been a tough but fair sport.


Blogger kebmodee said...

thanks for the podcast link to bruce. good info indeed. who is your starting 11 for the WC?

i've got some people listed here but not all the spots are filled.

cherundulo berhalter onweyu bocanegra
beasely reyna convey lewis
mcbride donovan

?? whaddya think? convey i love but maybe he is better on the flanks? who else in the center with claudio, mastroeni?

1:44 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Wow! Nice picks Monsieur Wolf .

First on goalkeepers I would list the same three but my order (I know you put them in alph. order) would be Keller, Hahnemann, and last Howard.
My differences might be to pass on Josh Wolf. I just am not convinced he can score very many goals at the int. level. Though he does add speed to your options.
But so does E. Johnson and Donovan can also push up if need though not his best position as he is much better just behind the attackers. Isn't Ralston hurt? Hopefully he will be ready by June. Also I am not sure about O'Brien. He has not proven yet that he is fully over his injuries and can play at the same level. I agree with the next batch you have. Conrad has shown great as well as Zavagnin and Todd Dunivant has looked really good lately. I really didn't know much about this guy until recently. Quality player.

6:06 PM  

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