Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Right News

-Reading gave up 3 goals in 2 games over the weekend in the English Championship Division. But of course they still didn't lose. (Losing hasn't happened in 27 games now.) They drew 2-2 with Derby on Saturday, and then blew-out Cardiff 5-1 Monday. But 3 goals seems like 20 to Marcus Hahnemann. Reading is a machine these days.
-Besides Convey & Hahnemann playing some great soccer right now for Reading, some other Americans in England, Eddie Lewis at Leeds, Brad Friedel at Blackburn, and Brian McBride at Fulham, are all playing amazing soccer too.
-Unfortunately Claudio Reyna at Man City has the broken ankle to deal with, Carlos Bocanegra at Fulham is playing some, but has a bad achilles, Tim Howard has to keep picking splinters out of his butt while riding the pine at Man U, and Jonathan Spector goes back and forth from field to bench at crappy Charlton. Those guys all need to get it together by June.
-DaMarcus Beasley appears to be healed from the hamstring strain and is doing well at PSV in Holland too.
-Forbes magazine has an article looking at the near future of sports in America. They see soccer in that picture.
-Now that the holidays are officially over, I thought we should check in with my Wigan-Everton Prediction. Early in the season recently promoted Wigan sat in 2nd place, while last years surprise team Everton sat in 19th. At that moment I predicted that Everton would finish the season above Wigan in the table. So let's see where we stand today:
5. Wigan - 34 points
15. Everton - 23 points
At this rate it does not look like Everton will get there, but....... I stand by my prediction.
-Jared Borgetti is very unhappy not playing at Bolton and wants out now.
-Frank Dell'apa at Soccernet says the Mexican and American leagues need a head to head battle. If you remember back to my story post MLS Cup, the commish Don Garber & his sidekick Ivan Gazidas said that a version of this was in the works for the very near future. Now wouldn't that be a blast.
-Steve Davis, also at Soccernet, is upset that MLS is going to go ahead and play a regular slate of matches during the World Cup. I agree that it is a mistake, but what else can they do? Up to this point though, I have seen no one offer a better solution. The simple act of "complaining" get's you no points with me, unless you have something to back it up (or you make your complaint very funny and nasty-mean).
-Jonathan Spector gives Yanks Abroad an update on his loan move to Charlton.
-There is an excellent feature from Steve Goff of the Washington Post on USA left back Steve Cherundolo who plays in die Bundesliga with Hannover.
-Former DC United captain Ryan Nelson has gotten himself in trouble with the Football Association over in England. He has been bitching about how the referees treat his team Blackburn, and the FA doesn't much like that sorta behavior. You can read his quotes here. Nelson says that the refs are out to get his team. I like Nelson a lot, but buddy boy, you can't bitch about a teammate getting sent off when he uses his hand intentionally to stop the ball from going in the net. You just can't. End of story.
-Michael Owen has a broken bone in his foot and will miss about 10 weeks for Newcastle.
-Thanks to BQ for the tip on Fulham wanting to extend Brian McBride's contract. Here is the story from Fulham's homepage (look about 2/3's of the way down the page.) Coach Chris Coleman literally slobbers all over one of our favorite players. I hope McBride's wife doesn't wonder too much about what those wet spots & stains are on her husbands clothes?
-The Chicago Tribune is not known for it's quality soccer coverage. However, they do have a very nice feature by Luis Arroyave on the monster defender known as Oguchi Onyewu. For that I thank them.
-Frank Giase of the Newark Star-Ledger with this weeks Metrostars updates (and other assorted stuff).
-The Brazilian Football Confederation is seriously considering changing it's league season to match Europe’s. Right now it is basically the opposite - which makes logical sense because they are in the southern hemisphere and like Europe, they take their summer off.
-Here's a real surprise - Christian Vieri wants out of Milan cuz he isn't playing. Dude, yer not playing cuz you lost it. Inter didn't let you walk away for no good reason. They saw you everyday at practice. Get it together and you can play almost anywhere you want. But keep doing what you are doing and your career is finished. Approvazione?!?!
-Carlos Tevez, the Argentinian who plays in Brazil for Corinthians, has won the South American Player Of The Year Award aka the King Of America. This is the 3rd straight year he has won it. Paraguay's Anibal Ruiz was named South American Coach Of The Year.
-A shocking & revolutionary revelation has been revealed! The great Pele talking To Bild (the German daily paper): "Pele isn’t my name. My name is Edson Nascimento, and I really don’t like people calling me Pele. I didn’t want, and have never liked this nickname. It sounds like some sort of baby language in Portuguese, whereas Edson is reminiscent of Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb." And so it is!
-A personal note to Pele: Next time we hang out, I promise not to call you Pele, if you promise not to call me "Asno Com Um Beard" (which for you non-Portuguese speaking readers means Bearded Jackass). Deal?
-Andrea Canales looks back at 2005 for Soccer365.
-Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho agrees with me that Joe Cole is an out of control ego maniac.
-Metrostars have signed defender Peter Canero from Scotland's Dundee United.
-Two from Rob Hughes at the International Herald Tribune: When an injury turns from trauma to tonic - AND - The new year starts off fast
-Real Madrid have signed striker Antonio Cassano from Roma.
-In other Roma news, their star (??) midfielder Totti had the honor of leading Serie A in 2005 with the most Red Cards. He got 3 straight Reds. Not surprising.
-Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer is one of the best soccer writers in America. It's also time for him to hand out the 2005 Mikey Awards.
-A one act vaudevillian play as posted On Big Soccer -
Beppe: I was reading in the Sunday rumor section in the People newspaper in the UK that Bobby Boswell is being watched by Arsenal and Liverpool?
dfb547490: I didn't realize they were THAT desperate for ticket attendants.


Anonymous Joe said...

Boswell is a quality MLS center back with a huge upside. European clubs would be foolish to ignore him. But he's not likely to get a work permit, since he doesn't have any USMNT callups to back up his studditude.

I just made that last word up.

Mourinho accusing people of being out-of-control egomaniacs? Pot, kettle. Hilarious.

1:54 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

bobby boswell - i like the guy a lot - he had 3 own goals - end of story

3:43 PM  

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