Friday, January 27, 2006

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-Cary North Carolina will be home to a brand new First Division team for next year! Read all about it from USL. The team will play their home games at SAS Soccer Park, which is also where Team USA will hold their final trainings on US soil before going to their World Cup headquarters in Hamburg.
-The draw is complete for Euro 2008 Qualifying groups. has the story, the groups and the explanation on how it all will work. The exact schedule is yet to be worked out.
-You know, if I owned a company and my CEO agreed to leave 6 months from now, and I gave him permission to go look for a new job now, while at the same time I was out looking for his replacement, how could I expect my current CEO to do any REAL work? I should expect him to get nothing done. And yet this is what England are doing with their man Sven. I say fire the bastard now before the lethargy & weirdness gets too deep.
-I have already gone on record as saying I like the name and colors of the new Houston 1836. The problem is though, that I don't know my history well enough, where as the local Houston Mexican-American community is well aware of their history and they are prepared to inform me and all my gringo buddies: They do NOT like this name. They say it's insulting. Check out this headline from the local paper Rumbo: AUTOGOL! Which means "own goal" insinuating that the team have shot themselves in the foot. The insult being that 1836 is when the American army defeated the Mexican army in the battle for Texas independence. So they see it as a massive defeat at the hands of Whitey. The irony is incredibly thick considering the fact that one of the main reasons for playing in Houston is to court the Hispanic ie. Mexican-American fan. And now this massive faux pas at day one. This should be an interesting thing to follow.
-Simon Romero a Business section writer for the New York Times give his view on the new Houston name: What's in a Brand Name? Houston Just Found Out
-Talk continues in San Jose for a new team.
-Soccer America has Three Questions for Landycakes.
-In a surprising move, Robbie Fowler has left Manchester City to re-sign with Liverpool!
-More from the final round (La Primera Fase) of Copa Libertadores action. This is a two legged playoff for 12 teams to fill the last 6 spots for the group stages. Last nights first leg scores & upcoming matches:
Deportivo Cuenca 1-1 Goias EC - for group F
River Plate 6-0 Oriente Petrolero - for group C
Defensor Sporting v Independiente Santa Fe - for group B
Now everyone will be playing the reverse legs next week.
-The African Cup of Nations action. Here are the scores and today’s games:
Thursday's games:
Zambia 1-2 Guinea - Make that 2 wins for surprising Guinea
Tunisia 2-0 South Africa - my pick rolled over SA and have a goal differential of +5
Ghana v Senegal
Nigeria v Zimbabwe
Saturday - the final group matches:
Egypt v Cote D'Ivoire
Libya v Morocco
Angola v Togo
Cameroon v Congo
-Keeper Ken sent us these (one - and - two) pic's of St Pauli wearing their winter camouflage shirts!!! Yeah, not the best images, but you get the idea. Pretty funny if you ask me, especially considering the field was covered in snow. Then we got more hot tips on the shirts from Al-Ajax, and the whole line of St Pauli wear. I think its quite rare to see a team with a concern for style. Very nice indeed. Go Pauli Go. Check out the fantastic images of these items: Home shirt, Away shirt, Retro shirt, Warmup jacket, and Socks
-An interview with the now retired US International defender Jeff Agoos from US National Players Assoc
-The USA is looking at playing their final World Cup tune-up match on Memorial Day Weekend in Cleveland.
-Columbus is doing some pretty clever promoting of their team for this new season
-Barcelona lost last night, after winning 18 (!!) straight, 4-2 to Real Zaragoza in the Copa Del Rey.
-German Bundesliga matches resume today and all weekend, after 5 weeks off. They restart with Kasey Keller taking on the league leaders. Here are a couple of big matches to check out:
Monchengladbach v Bayern
Hertha v Hannover
-Mexican Primera League matches this weekend:
Veracruz v UAdeG Tecos
Cruz Azul v Atlas
Monterrey v Morelia
Guadalajara v UNAM Pumas
Sinaloa Dorados v UANL Tigres
Necaxa v Chiapas
San Luis v Toluca
America v Pachuca
Santos v Atlante
-It's the Fourth Round of the FA Cup in England this weekend. Here's the match-ups:
Stoke v Walsall
Cheltenham v Newcastle
Coventry v Middlesbrough
Reading v Birmingham
Leicester v Southampton
Bolton v Arsenal
Aston Villa v Port Vale
Brentford v Sunderland
Man City V Wigan
Everton v Chelsea
Preston v Crystal Palace
West Ham v Blackburn
Colchester v Derby County
Charlton v Leyton Orient
Portsmouth v Liverpool
Wolverhampton v Man United
-ESPN will be auditioning a new voice on Sunday when USA plays Norway. Here's the scoop: Dave O'Brien has announced the World Series. Next up: the World Cup. The former Marlins play-by-play voice, who is now one of ESPN/ABC's most valuable announcers, will call the World Cup in Germany this summer. "I asked for it. I think it's going to be a magical experience," said O'Brien, who will make his soccer announcing debut Sunday on the U.S.-Norway men's match (4pm central on ESPN2) in Carson, Calif., working with Marcelo Balboa. "I love `the beautiful game. I played all through high school in New England, then club stuff in college and in summer leagues. I was a spirited, tackling midfielder in school ... and way back then could run all day. And I coach in the rec leagues." That all sounds fine and dandy to me, but please please please please can't we get someone better than Marcelo Balboa. He is horrifyingly dull. Bring back Ty Keogh over this stiff.
-Luis Bueno, one of the good guys, with a lil update on the USA training camp scene for MLSnet.


Anonymous dang said...

the st. pauli gear is nice, especially the jacket!! their fans are renowned for being explicitly anti-fascist over the stuff.

1:36 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

I heard on the Fox Sports World Report last night that Pele has been quoted recently as having said that "Totti is the best player on the planet". Seriously now. Did he say this for real? If he did he is either going senile or he's been smoking some of his sons drugs.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous peter said...

with regards to Houston 1836 and alienating doesn't seem to bother Paul Mariner(Englishman) coaching a team called the Revolution.

3:21 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

peter - you are right - i have been having some very interesting email conversations with some smart people about all of this

ken - i dont think it was pele, because if you remember, he hates that name and wants to be called edson, cuz it sounds like edison, so if the person on the radio responded to "hey pele, who is the best player on the planet right now?" we know it wasnt him who answered. and probably the only person on the planet who would answer "totti" would be totti's mother, using a fake deep voice.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Noel said...

Wolf, regarding 1836: as I just said on my blog, those that don't know history are doomed to react against it.

4:23 PM  

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