Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Smell Of Wood Roasted News

-Brazil & Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho was named FIFA World Player of the Year yesterday for the 2nd year in a row. Second place (and way way back in the voting) was Frank Lampard of Chelsea. Third was Ronaldinho's Barca teammate Samuel Eto'o.
-The Copa Sudamericana Final was Sunday, and was won by Boca Juniors who beat UNAM Pumas 4-3 on PK's after the match finished 1-1. I watched it last night on Fox Soccer Channel, and the match lived up to the hype of a Gran Finale. Here are some of my astute observations: Boca, being the home team, totally dominated the match at a packed and very loud Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires. Maradona spent most of the match leaping up and down like a little kid on too much sugar. Boca had a player named Palacio who was sporting a nasty "rat-tail" in the back of his hair. Pumas had a defender, Botero, who looked like the young Mexican cousin of Joey Ramone. He was also sporting a very large black head band decorated with a skull and crossbones! I kid you not! Boca got their goal in the first half by Palermo who beautifully volleyed home a free kick. Pumas scored early in the second half on a penalty kick by Marioni. For me the craziest part of the game featured the Boca keeper Abbondanzieri aka Pato. Midway thru the second half as Pumas came flying down the field on a counter attack, he came charging about 10 yards out of his box, went to ground, and grabbed the ball from the attackers feet, then his momentum took him into the player who got wiped out in the action. To my shock Pato only got a yellow for his very blatant move. I thought he deserved red, but not today I guess. On the other hand, I am no referee, luckily, and this very well may be yellow. Probably is yellow, seeing as the ref made that call and the Pumas players did not have a melt down over it. The game went to PK's where once again I thought Pato clearly violated the rules as twice he came a yard of two off his line before the opponent had struck the ball. I think the rule says the keeper can move up and down the goal line, but not out toward the taker. The Pumas keeper also made a great save, but did it legally. Both teams then made a couple, Boca hit a cross bar, and Pumas hit a post to set up the 6th and final penalty kick of the match, which naturally was taken by Pato, who slammed it home to become the hero!!
-Gregory Sica of Sports Illustrated makes the argument that Copa Sudamericana is better than Copa Libertadores: Southern exposure - The Sudamericana is becoming the better tournament
-And Ricardo Seyton (also from SI) looks at the two teams in the final of the Club World Championship won by Sao Paulo on Sunday: For the love of the game
-Milan has announced their long rumored plan to build their own stadium, and discontinue the tradition of sharing the Guisseppe Miazza Stadium, aka San Siro, with city rivals Inter.
-From Soccer America: Bakersfield Brigade of the PDL's Southwest Division has hired Eric Wynalda as technical director of player development.
-Yanks Abroad is reporting that Kasey Keller has signed a new 1 year contract (for next season) with Monchengladbach.
-I watched the Lazio v Juve match Saturday and did not see Paolo Di Canio give his Hitler Power Salute, but I guess he did it again, and has now been given a 1 game suspension. Wow, what a punishment. Maybe next they’ll take away his front row parking privileges, or deny him his travel per diem. Oh right, I almost forgot, it’s a Roman salute. And what was sweet sweet Paolo's reaction to being suspended: "I am appalled." Sorry dude, didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
-Simon Elliot of Columbus is all set to join Fulham on a free transfer when the window opens in January. A New Zealand paper that first reported this story feels that Elliot will be a replacement for the team’s star midfielder Papa Boupa Diop who will be sold for big bucks in the transfer window. And in my opinion, if they think Elliot is an even replacement for Diop then they are taking some of the finest drugs on the planet.
-More news on Fulham from Sky Sports: Carlos Bocanegra is rumored to be on the cusp of pledging his future to Fulham. The American full back has proved a consistent figure since arriving from Chicago Fire and reports suggest he will soon sign a new deal.
-US Soccer Federation and the US National Team Players Association have finalized their new labor contract. A statement is found here.
-This site, South Texas Soccer, has some images of Robertson Stadium where Houston will be playing. Good lookin place. Unfortunately there is a rumor that they are going to replace the grass with fake turf. Boooooooooooooooo! Who is the moron who thinks this is a good idea?
-Chicago's new stadium in Bridgeview will be chosen as the site of next summers annual MLS All-Star Game. It has been reported that the league All-Stars will again play a big English team, with the name being suggested as Chelsea. Would be huge!
-Spanish daily newspaper ABC says Ronaldo wants out of Real Madrid. Ah, tabloids.
-Deportivo Cali won the Colombian championship for the eighth time on Sunday.
-Tonight, Wednesday and Thursday the Spanish La Liga teams will play their last games of the year. The next round will take place on Sunday Jan 8. Happy New Year to all the players and their teams, from the entire staff here at Du Nord.
-Fox Sports says Tim Howard wants his job back at Man Utd.
-Something I forgot to mention yesterday.....On Friday night Lyon lost their first Ligue Un match of the season, at home no less, to Lille 1-3. They got smoked. Hmmmm.
-We should be seeing the list of players being called in to the January 06 USA training camp sometime this afternoon.
-Frank Dell'Apa of the Boston Globe talks to MLS Rookie Of The Year, New England defender, Michael Parkhurst about his offseason.


Blogger Jarrett said...

I've heard from two separate sources inside MLS that the Bridgeview MLS All-star game will be against Barcelona, not Chelsea. Either way though, it should be interesting.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No mathis on the us training camp roster? Good for Jaqua and Clark. Ugo? is the Bruce serious?

ussoccer.com 's got the complete list.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

"Happy New Year to all the players and their teams, from the entire staff here at Du Nord."

That's funny...

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Oscar Merida said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the Botero on Pumas team is a Bolivian forward, not a defender.

5:11 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

"Oscar Merida said... Actually, I'm pretty sure the Botero on Pumas team is a Bolivian forward, not a defender."

then i wonder what the players name was
i must have written it down wrong
thanks oscar

12:23 PM  

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