Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Why Can't We Always Have This Much Fun With News

-So yesterday I wrote what turned out to be some fairly bogus stuff concerning the future of the San Jose Earthquakes in San Jose (thanks to Ethan_Prime for setting me straight). But since this story is so immediate it was not tough to get plenty of fresh info for y'all to read. Here we go with articles from the San Jose Mercury News laying out many little clues as to what is possible in SJ. Soccer America also has more info on the real reasons that Barca, Ajax & Club America have an interest in the United States. It's not as we thought. And some more tidbits from the Merc News Blog.
-Soccer America also has a feature story on Bobby Convey.
-If you didn't really get to it yesterday you should definitely check out the LA times story on Steve Sampson. He actually opens up a little bit about the France 98 debacle. The one thing that still bothers me though, is that he has never ever publicly taken any responsibility for how bad it went. He only talks about how much crap he gets everywhere he goes in America. But at least he admits that he hears it.
-Here is something I don't understand about Chivas hiring Bob Bradley: Didn't they just commit to Hans Westerhof? So what does he do now? I suppose he goes back to running Guadalajara in a GM type role.
-The draw was held yesterday for the 2006 CONCACAF Champions Cup. MLS has two teams among the 8. League runner-up New England will be paired with Alajuelense from Costa Rica, while League champs Los Angeles will be paired with the winner of Saprissa & Perez Zeledon, also both of Costa Rica. First leg matches are played in late February. Games will be shown on Fox Soccer Channel. Alajuelense won the Cup in 04, while Saprissa won it last year.
-FC Dallas' young shit hot midfielder Ramon Nunez is getting his first call up to the Honduran senior squad. They are playing in a tournament in Egypt in January. He has played for their youth national teams before.
-San Jose defender Danny Califf is trying out for Aalborg of Denmark. He is looking to transfer.
-Two awesome pictures of Rochesters new stadium PAETEK Park. One & Two.
-Madrid's big sports daily newspaper Marca are claiming that Michael Ballack has signed a deal with Real for next year, after his contract with Bayern Munchen runs out. Adios Man U.
-Alexander Hleb, who plays for Arsenal, has been named Belarus Player Of The Year. I know you were all dying to find out who won it.
-The USA Player of the Year award will be handed out a week from Wednesday in LA. LanDo, DMB, and Kasey No-Nickname Keller are the three finalists. I predict that Keller will win it. But I feel that Beasley deserves it most. On the other hand, all three had sensational years.
-The Guardian declare: Fiorentina join the party! By the way, KeeperKen suggests we all get used to calling the team FiorenToni, in honor of goal scoring supreme being Luca Toni, from now on.
-Ricardo Seyton at Sports Illustrated cringes when he writes that an Argentine has taken over Brazilian futbol. But he admits it's true for good reason. Tevez! Tevez! Tevez! Tevez! Yes, Carlito looks like Fred Flintstone, but he is magnificent.
-Champions League Matchday 5 games on tap:
Juventus v Brugge
Bayern v Rapid
Thun v Arsenal
Ajax v Sparta
Barcelona v Bremen
Panathinaikos v Udinese
Lille v Benfica
Man U v Villarreal
Schalke v PSV
Fenerbahce v Milan
Rosenborg v Olympiacos
Real Madrid v Lyon
Liverpool v Betis
Anderlecht v Chelsea
Inter v Artmedia
Porto v Rangers
-NCAA 2ND Round matches on tap for today:
Maryland v Brown
Dartmouth v St Johns
Akron v West Virginia
Connecticut v Stony Brook
Virginia Tech v UNC Greensboro
Virginia v South Florida
North Carolina v Providence
Indiana v Notre Dame
NC State v Clemson
Penn State v Seton Hall
Duke v Creighton
California v Santa Clara
Old Dominion v Wake Forest
Cal State Northridge v UC Santa Barbara
New Mexico v UW Milwaukee


Blogger hartley said...

Anyone know how much the Rhinos new home is costing them?

Also, is there anyway to convince ESPN that Manchester United is not America's team? Many of us who watch the Champion's League only via ESPN2 would love to see Arsenal or Liverpool or Werder Bremen or PSV or Lyon rather than Man U. They need to mix it up a bit. So, we should all send ESPN emails about this, right?

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anybody know where we can get info on how much each mls team earned or lost $ for the year. I remember a couple of years ago that LA made a profit after moving into their new stadium. It would be interesting to see how the other teams fared this year.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

Tonight's scheduled NCAA Tournament match between Akron (17-1-2) and West Virginia (13-7-3) has been postponed due to inclement weather. The two teams are scheduled to play tomorrow at noon at Lee Jackson Field in Akron.

Go Zips!!

6:13 PM  

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