Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Is This That You Speak Of? This.....News?

-Brian McBride is OUT of the USA match v Scotland due to a groin strain. Shit!
-I will admit that Dwayne DeRosario scored a sweet goal in the last week of the season for San Jose, but it was NOT MLS Goal Of The Year! It was a free kick you peckerheads (directed at everyone who voted for it)!! I don't even think free kicks should be allowed in the voting. The Freddy Adu sombrero and drive to the goal on RSL was easily the best thing seen on an MLS field this season, and one of the best in the league ever. How many people in the world can actually do what he did. Not many my friends. There is a goal hit like DeRosario's every week somewhere in the world. Not to say it wasn't fab, it's just not that amazing.
-Now here is some real magic: I have been hearing about this Ronaldinho footage floating around the internet for about a week now, and I finally saw it today. Consensus seems to be that it's footage from a future Powerade commercial. Anyway you slice it (ie digital editing) it's amazing to watch. Thanks to ADSL for the link!
-There has been some rumblings about the fairly poor attendance so far at brand new Pizza Hut Park in Dallas, and discussions about whether or not anyone will show up for MLS Cup Sunday. Well, word is, that only standing room tickets are left and it will be a packed house. Excellent news!
-Just wanna say hi to yesterday's visitors from the Oregon Historical Society & the US Senate.
-Stern John talks to the FIFA website about his dream of qualifying Trinidad & Tobago for the World Cup.
-According to the Glasgow newspaper "The Daily Record", the USA will be without ...first-choice stars Eddie Pope, Bobby Convey, Eddie Lewis and Chris Albright. They might want to take a closer look at the USA squad before Saturdays match if they think those are the missing stars. Eddie Lewis is a starter on my team any day. The other three are not, and Albright wouldn't make my bench.
-2 more teams advanced to the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana last night. In Santiago Chile, Universidad Catolica defeated Fluminense 2-0 to win 3-2 on aggregate. And in Mexico City, Pumas UNAM beat Corinthians 3-0 to advance 4-2 on agg. The only game left in the Sudamericana quarters will be played tonite in Salta as Boca Juniors takes on Internacional trailing 0-1. The winner joins Pumas, Catolica and Velez.
-The first of a 2 part interview/feature on Jonathan Spector from Yanks Abroad.
-USA Today previews MLS Cup with a feature on New England coach Steve Nicol.
-Quotes from USA coaches and players as they prepare for Scotland via US Soccer.
-US Soccer also has a video feature of a Scotland v USA match preview.
-Q & A with Jay Heaps by Snuggly Don Cuddy at Soccer365.
-More from Soccer 365 - Footnotes Before the Final by Andrea Canales
-Two great bits of info from Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune:
1. The deal by ABC/ESPN to show the next 2 World Cups that was reported last week, will also include rights to the next 2 Women's World Cups & the next 2 FIFA Confederations Cups.
2. This Uruguay v Australia World Cup Qualifying Playoff match has seen its share of back room scheduling shenanigans going down. Check this scenario out: Uruguay wanted to play the first leg (home for them) on Friday instead of Saturday so they had the extra travel day (to compensate for the 13 hour time shift) before the second leg in Aussieland. Australia declined. Uruguay got nasty then and countered by changing kick off on Saturday to 9pm from its original 4pm, so that Australia could not leave the country on a commercial flight after the match, forcing Aus to hire an expensive charter to take them home. Uruguay planned to do the same but now can't afford one, so they asked FIFA to reset the match at 4pm again. No word yet on if they are successful, but FIFA looks to be resisting a second time change. The difference between leaving Uruguay Sat night as opposed to Sun morning is a 23 hour later arrival in Australia.
-Costa Rica took at 2-0 half time lead over France in Martinique last night with goals by Alvaro Saborio & Danny Fonseca, but France stormed by with 3 goals by Djibril Cisse, Nicolas Anelka, and Thierry Henry for the win.
-Dallas gave coach Colin Clarke a 1 year extension on his current contract, which will carry him through next year.
-Ronaldo is now a citizen of Spain, as well as Brazil. This really just means that he will no longer count as a foreigner on the Real Madrid roster.
-People in Scotland are pretty excited that their boy Mo Johnston is the new coach of Metrostars!


Anonymous The Belly said...

I got hits from the US Senate yesterday too.

I'm thinking we might be in trouble. ;-D

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Jess said...

The Ronaldhino video is originally from and is an ad for a new kind of soccer shoe.

12:52 PM  
Blogger hartley said...

You may be right about MLS goal of the year. But there was no way I was going to vote Adu or any other DC'er. Just can't do it.

The sombrero was great. But he scored because of a lack of defense on the part of Real Salt Lake. C'mon. Given the circumstances, how many other attacking players could have scored after a insightful turn on that play? I would say many.

I'm not even a Fire fan, but after voters eliminated Justin Mapp's spectacular goal, I was left wanting. So, I voted for a player I like and against those I do not.

Maybe you should push for different goals of the year. How about goals in categories: open play, set piece, and PK. It would be great to finally see a fantatic header win an award.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...

i agree with hartley. the adu goal was okay, but the defense was abysmal. i'd argue that goals like de rosario's aren't scored every day, though you do see moves like adu's sombrero quite often outside of mls (and this was the only remarkable part about his goal). i know de rosario's goal wasn't as good as the roberto carlos freekick a few years ago, but did you see the bend on it? quality.

5:02 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i love this game

8:47 AM  
Blogger Zathras said...

Adu's goal was better than the Ruud van Nisteldive goal that won EPL goal of the year a few years ago when Bolton refused to come within five yards of him. The defense sucking should have a bearing on it, but I don't think that DDR's free kick was even the best free-kick goal this year.

1:16 PM  
Blogger n. hanson said...

Look, I agree that free kicks should not even be considered for goal of the year. I also agree that Adu's goal against Salt Lake looked really impressive. He showed good vision, skill and speed. But I also think that no goal scored against the worst team in the history of the league should be allowed for consideration as goal of the year. When Adu ran past the Galaxy to score last year, that was something. You get no points in my book for running past RSL.

9:12 AM  

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