Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sweetly Sublime & Stinky News

-There is a seating & price chart available for Chicago's brand new Bridgeview Stadium. It looks so damn great! I can't wait to attend my first match there. My dream is to secure tix for the opening match. One thing I really love about this chart is the view of the "Party Deck"! Woooooohooooo!
-And this page has loads of up to date photos of the actual construction going on at Bridgeview. I am excited.
-If you are a fan of the Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano (he wrote the incredible - Soccer In Sun and Shadow) then you should pick up the December 2005 issue of Ode magazine. He has an article titled: Soccer Is Everything. Ode is a fairly new magazine started by one of the original founders of the Utne Reader. You can also read it on line here.
-Check out Part 2 of a really great interview with Jonathan Spector at Yanks Abroad. A link to part 1 is there if you missed it.
-Rob Hughes of The International Herald Tribune: Asia Punishes Its Best Players
-Taylor Graham of the USL First Division Champs Seattle Face-Kickers has signed with Metrostars. Graham had been on loan to the Face-Kickers from Kansas City.
-Houston Chronicle's Week In Review
-Also in the Houston Chronicle - reporter Bernardo Fallas interviews MLS commissioner Don Garber about MLS & Houston.
-One of the people believed to have started the fight between Turkey and Switzerland after the World Cup Qualifying Playoff game last week was Turkish Assistant Coach Mehmet Ozdilek. Yesterday Ozdilek resigned from the team. Nothing else has been said regarding the matter yet.
-The San Jose Earthquakes have named their Best 11 from their first decade as a team:
Joe Cannon
Jeff Agoos
Troy Dayak
John Doyle
Wade Barrett
Richard Mulrooney
Ronnie Ekelund
Brian Mullan
Eddie Lewis
Landon Donovan
Ronald Cerritos
-Champions League Matchday 5 games on tap:
Tuesday's scores:
Juventus 1-0 Brugge
Bayern 4-0 Rapid
Thun 0-1 Arsenal
Ajax 2-1 Sparta
Barca 3-1 Bremen
Panathinaikos 1-2 Udinese
Lille 0-0 Benfica
Man U 0-0 Villarreal
Analysis: Both Barca & Arsenal who were already thru to the knock out stages clinched the top spot in their group. Bayern, Juve & Ajax are also through to the final 16.
And these matches will be played today:
Schalke v PSV
Fenerbahce v Milan
Rosenborg v Olympiacos
Real Madrid v Lyon
Liverpool v Betis
Anderlecht v Chelsea
Inter v Artmedia
Porto v Rangers
-All the scores from the NCAA 2nd Round matches from last night:
Yesterday we had Indiana talking about winning a 3rd straight title, and now they are out! Another perennial contender, UCLA is also out. But the 2 favorites, Maryland & New Mexico roll on.
Maryland 1-0 Brown
Dartmouth 0-1 St Johns
Akron v West Virginia - postponed due to weather - will be played today at Noon local time
Connecticut v Stony Brook - postponed due to weather - will be played today at Noon local time
Virginia Tech 0-0 UNC Greensboro - UNC-G wins 3-4 on PK's
Virginia 4-4 South Florida - Virginia wins 7-6 on PK's
North Carolina 2-0 Providence
Indiana 0-2 Notre Dame
NC State 0-3 Clemson
Penn State 1-0 Seton Hall
Duke 1-2 Creighton
California 0-0 Santa Clara - Cal wins 5-4 on PK's
Old Dominion 1-2 Wake Forest
Cal State Northridge 3-2 UC Santa Barbara
New Mexico 2-2 UW Milwaukee - - NM wins 5-4 on PK's
Third Round games will be played on Saturday & Sunday.
-Reading went to Ipswich and thrashed the home team 3-0! This win, coupled with a Sheff United draw (0-0 at Wolverhampton) sends them to the top spot in the Championship Division, one point ahead of SU. Once again Bobby Convey was in the middle of all the action. They are really playing great right now. Too bad 60% of the season lies ahead of them still. Marcus Hahnemann had one of the quietest matches of his career. Total domination.
-Eddie Lewis & Leeds also did some thrashing, but at home 2-0 against Burnley. Eddie drew a penalty for the first goal, and played his usual wicked game. They sit snuggly in 4th place, but are already 14 points behind Reading.
-Frank Dell'apa writes at Soccernet about the contract negotiations between US Soccer and the Players Association.
-I missed this one last week: DC United President Kevin Payne laid out his plan for a new stadium, and took questions following. Here is a transcript of the Q&A.
-The US National Team Players Association website has a post-season Q&A with keeper Tony "I Shave My Legs" Meola.
-Gregory Sica from Sports Illustrated has a preview of the Copa Sudamericana Semi-finals. Both First-Leg matches are being played tonite in Buenas Aires Argentina:
Boca Juniors v Universidad Catolica (return leg played Dec 1 in Santiago)
Velez Sarsfield v Pumas UNAM (return leg played Nov 30 in Mexico City)
-And lastly - Have you noticed the 180 degree turnaround by on Soccer from just 1 year ago. For many years they had a Soccer "section" on the site, but a year ago it vanished, only to turn up soon after stuffed in the "Other Sports" drawer with the other stray and holey socks. For many months there followed the insidious sound of the gnashing of soccer geek teeth all across the Republic of the 50 States. But about 2 months ago there was a miraculous rising from the dead of the entire Soccer section. Now, not only is it back, but its filled with all kinds of excellent writers covering stories (like the one I linked above) that no other US soccer source is covering. The story the other day on Carlos Tevez was fantastic and another prime example of the quality SI can deliver when they choose to care. The only bummer right now, is that their best American writer Grant Wahl is barely writing about soccer, and the few times he does, you can only read the stories if you are a subscriber to the magazine. That's a mistake, but for right now, its their only mistake.
-EMERGENCY ADDITION: Word has come down that Roy Keane does not like this weblog! As my mother would say: "Bless his little heart."


Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Rock on!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

Akron crushed West Virginia 5-0 today. From what I've read the first goal was a bicycle kick. Total domination by the Zips in terms of shots and possession (and obviously the scoreline).

UCONN beat Stoney Brook 2-0. Both goals came in the 2nd half.

The Zips travel to UCONN this weekend for the next round thanks to UCONN (15-3-1) being seeded #8 and the Zips (17-1-2) being seeded #9. Basically the Zips got screwed. But they've beaten some big names on the road this year so I'm confident they will prevail!!

Go Zips!!!

1:59 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

yes gary, i will
thank you

2:13 PM  
Blogger kj said...

I think we need to threaten the horizon en masse at the Bridgeview opener.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Flatlander said...

Keane is an idiot. du Nord is the best soccer blog going.

A daily must-read.

3:19 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i bow to you flatlander
and by the way - you appear to have phenomenal taste in music!

but please, dont be too hard on roy keane
he needs a job
and like latrell sprewell, he has to feed his family

3:59 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

I think Bruce is lying about Keane not liking his blog. But I would agree that he is an idiot (Keane, not Bruce).

4:21 PM  

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