Friday, November 18, 2005

My Head Is Spinning Cuz Of MSG, Or Is It News

-A little bit of a kinda sorta update on the sale of Kansas City by the Hunt family.
-No real surprise to most of us, but it's the end of the frickin world for many blind Manchester United fans: Roy Keane has quit the team. Shocker!! The dude quit on Ireland right before the last World Cup too. I guess the moral of the story is that when the chips are down, don't count on Roy to be there. And if for some reason he is still lingering around, he will find someone else to blame for all the bad shit going down. By the way, I know plenty of diehard Man U fans that think Ferguson should be gone too. And lastly I will say that Keane was a great player at one time, but that day is long past. Too bad his ego is so massive that he can't see that, and act with some humility behind the scenes instead of making a giant messy splash.
-Brazil's 1994 World Cup winning goal keeper has joined the staff of Miami FC as a talent consultant.
-The NCAA Soccer Tournament kicks off tonite with the Play-In round. Winners of those 16 matches will play next week (Tuesday actually) at the seeded teams who have a buy in the first round. I ran the whole schedule a couple days ago, so check back there for the detials on today and tomorrows matches.
-On top of the news that MLS Commissioner Don Garber is in Germany touting his league to the top Bundesliga clubs, and Barca Pres Joan Laporte attending the MLS Cup final, comes word that Chelsea owner & President, Roman Abramovich & Peter Kenyan, are in LA to meet with AEG (owners of the Galaxy) and touring Home Depot Center.
-In addition to the lousy player swap between Salt Lake & Chivas USA yesterday, SL also got young player Christian Jimenez in the deal. This tips the scales mightily in the favor of SL in this deal. This kid has some skills but is still very green at 19. This then begs the question, "Why did Chivas give up Sequeira & Jimenez for someone as mediocre as Dunseth?" Are Chivas trying to be bad?
-Salt Lake also signed Diego Walsh who was released by KC.
-Not too surprisingly Bahrain is officially protesting their loss to TnT. Their claim is that they scored a late goal that was wrongly disallowed by the referee. Oddly, US Soccer has taken up TnT's case, with a video of the offending goal, and a link to the actual rule that "rightly" disallowed the goal. Check it.
-The short list for the 2005 Missouri Athletic Club Hermann Trophy aka the NCAA Player Of The Year.
-A rumor going around San Jose is that Ajax of Amsterdam may be interested in buying the team, or being involved in the ownership of the team.
-Both Everton & Kansas City say there is nothing to British tabloid stories on Josh Wolff being sold. He is simply at Everton training to maintain fitness until US Soccer calls him in to the team in January.
-Big Euro matches this weekend:
Roma v Juve
Real Madrid v Barca
Fiorentina v Milan
Celtic v Rangers
-Off to the races in Mexico with only two rounds left before the playoffs:
Cruz Azul v Monterrey
Guadalajara v UAdG
Sinaloa v Chiapas
Veracruz v Pachuca
Necaxa v Atlas
San Luis v Morelia
America v Atlante
Santos v Toluca


Blogger hartley said...

I just wanted to say thank you for including my blog among your links. Until I saw it there yesterday, I hadn't posted in over a year. So, I made a real lame post yesterday. And then this morning I really got back to my old style.

Thanks again for the inspiration.

And where do you get all this news?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Ethan_Prime said...

Is the Ajax/SJ news different than what we already knew?
Are they really talking about buying them out right?

9:38 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

hey hartley
i cannot give up my sources, but consider the fact that i have no life, and you will get some idea of where i get my info from.....
and i am humbled to know i inspired you to write again

ethan prime - this may be the same old news, but it was used in reference to the scrambling going on behind the scenes to keep the quakes in sj

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Billy Ennis said...

Please get your facts straight. Roy Keane did not "quit" on Ireland before the world cup, and I doubt he quit Man Utd. Your moral of the story? Can't count on Roy Keane? Did you not see the game in Turin in '99? Actually, have you ever seem him play? Your ill-informed interpretation may be one thing, but the facts are something else; Roy Keane will be honest to the end; Roy Keane will not bend to popular opinion; Roy Keane will not let you down and he will not accept mediocrity. So I doubt he'd like your blog. Do the world a favour and get your facts straight!

1:25 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

hey billy
i guess you and i have different interpretations of the word "quit"
oh well
at least i am not blowing a fuse defending a worn out beyond his sell date gas bag like old roy boy
but its ok - we understand when you irish, or are you english, get all worked up over things that amuse the rest of us (is that factually correct?)
the only real problem i have is that i lost sleep last night knowing that roy keane does not like my weblog

1:47 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

all mocking aside Billy, i like your passion, and your opinion, and thanks for taking the time to fire back at me

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Billy Ennis said...


I wasn't blowing a fuse. I prefer to think of it as having a meltdown. Remember Shankly's words: (was it Shankly?) football is not a matter of life and death, it's much more important than that.

I am Irish by the way, and I concur that good old Roy is just that: old. He is a long way past his best. But... he was one of the best players ever to pull on an Irish jersey, one of the best to ever pull on a Man Utd jersey. So when people give him stick... I go a litte crazy. I stick up for him because he gives so much of himself to his cause... winning football matches. And when you have someone like that playing for your team... enough said.

Anyway, I'm back to normal now.

Keep up the good work.


4:56 PM  

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