Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Does Anyone Have Any Idea What To Call The Flavor Of This News?

-In the past 24 hours I have read countless articles on "What happened to New England?" in the MLS Cup final Sunday. Here is what I think went down: Shalrie Joseph, Steve Ralston, and Pat Noonan were all so hobbled by injuries that they could only provide their team with a name in a shirt. And I know he didn't light up the season, but not having Khano Smith as a sub really hurt as well. I mean, come on here folks, Ryan Latham (who or what is that?) played in the MLS Cup final! Jose Cancela looked good again as a sub for Noonan, but another banged up player, Andy Dorman added little. They lost Daniel Hernandez during the match to injury too. In the end they could not get the ball in to Taylor Twellman much at all, thus no scoring chances threatened. The other key factor was Albright-Ihemelu-Marshall-Dunivant & Nagamura. Those five defenders for LA played fantastic. There is your answer from me.
-The NCAA Tournament kicks off this weekend. All the seeded teams (the best of the batch) get buys in this first round. Here are the games on the slate:
Nov 18
St Johns v Marist
Yale v Stony Brook
SMU v San Francisco
UNC Greensboro v James Madison
South Florida v Stetson
Hofstra v Providence
Notre Dame v Western Illinois
Clemson v Coastal Carolina
Creighton v Lafayette
Santa Clara v Ohio State
Wake Forest v South Carolina
Bradley v UW Milwaukee
Nov 19
Brown v Rhode Island
West Virginia v Robert Morris
Seton Hall v Hartwick
UC Santa Barbara v San Diego State
Second Round matches are played Nov 22, the winners of all these matches go on the road to face the seeded teams.
-Here are those top 16 seeded teams:
1 Maryland
2 New Mexico
3 Indiana
4 North Carolina
6 Duke
7 California
8 Connecticut
9 Akron
10 Old Dominion
11 Penn State
12 Virginia Tech
13 Virginia
14 NC State
15 Cal State Northridge
16 Dartmouth
-Freddy Adu's people are really working the back channels hard now to get him out of DC. They sent their bobo, world renowned sprinter Michael Johnson, to write an article in a UK newspaper about what a terrible job MLS and DC have done raising Freddy. What the fuck does Michael Johnson know about soccer anyway??? Nothing! Exactly 100% of Nothing! What a fool.
-Seattle Sounders forward Roger Levesque has been on loan from San Jose the past two years, and today was released from his contract by San Jose. Where he will play next year is anyone's guess, although Seattle would seem the most likely. It must also be said that Levesque is a pinhead, and is best known this past season for kicking Minnesota Thunder keeper Joe Warren in the face while Warren was on the ground covering a loose ball. The referee in that situation saw no trouble with the face-kicking and the loosened ball ended up in the back of the Thunder net. Punks!
-Eric Quill & Ryan Suarez were cut loose by Metrostars.
-Here are other big names released by MLS clubs before yesterdays contract deadline:
Hector Cuadros - Chivas
Isaac Romo - Chivas
Wolde Harris - Colorado
Alain Nkong - Colorado
Diego Serna - Colorado
Kenny Arena - DC
Nana Kuffour - DC
Michael Umana - LA
DJ Countess - Salt Lake
Rusty Pierce - Salt Lake
Dante Washington - Salt Lake
-Clint Dempsey of New England is heading to Everton to train prior to the next USA training camp which will take place in January.
-The second leg of World Cup Playoff Qualifiers are today:
In a distant timezone, Australia has pulled off a huge upset and gained their first World Cup birth in over 30 years, knocking out Uruguay. Aust won the match 1-0, tying the series at 1-1, then won 4-2 on PK's. Coach Guus Hiddink proved that he has magic in his fingers by getting them qualified! He should be the next USA coach for sure!!!!
In Bahrain our neighbors to the south from the island nation of Trinidad & Tobago had a glorious day, winning 1-0 and advancing 2-1 to the final as well! Hooray T&T! Hooray Beer! Hooray Beenhakker! Hooray Dwight York! That makes it 4 CONCACAF teams in the World Cup! Pretty cool huh?!?!?!
Czech Rep v Norway (Czech up 1-0)
Slovakia v Spain (Spain up 5-1)
Turkey v Switzerland (Switz up 2-0)
-I am gonna go ahead and assume that the deadline MLS put on Toronto to get a stadium deal done worked exactly as they had hoped it would. They got their stadium package done, and now the team is preparing to roll. So yesterdays announcement by MLS that owners AEG are free to move their team in San Jose to a new city, and set a date for it, is designed to get the good folks of the Bay Area to step up NOW. Last call, as they say. Houston is looking more and more like the city they want to move the team to. Both the San Jose Mercury News, and the Houston Chronicle have stories on the topic again today.
-Graham-Cracker-Crust Jones on the importance of Cobi Jones to LA winning the Cup again.
-Four FC Dallas players are going to England to train:
Arturo Alvarez & Alex Yi to Middlesbrough.
Drew Moor & David Wagenfuhr to Man City.


Blogger Fresh Talent said...

Michael Johnson proves how much he knows about soccer in the second sentence of his article.

"In the US we have Major League Soccer, which is in its ninth year, and we've been hearing that it will eventually catch on."

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Any idea on where to find video footage of the Turkey Swiss brawl?

8:22 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

did that Turkey Swiss brawl take place at a Subway or a Jimmie Johns or a Quizno's??
i happen to love a good Turkey Swiss. preferably with a spicy mustard and romain lettuce on sour dough

9:17 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i am searching for the video

10:28 AM  

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