Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tinkle Tinkle Go The Ivory Keys Of News

-No Landon Donovan on the squad for Team USA's Oct 8 World Cup Qualifier v Costa Rica at the infamous Saprissa Stadium in San Jose, CR. Here is the full team listing (there could be an addition to this team since Beasley tweaked a hamstring playing for PSV last weekend):
G: Kevin Hartman, Tim Howard
D: Chris Albright, Wade Barrett, Carlos Bocanegra, Danny Califf, Eddie Lewis, Oguchi Onyewu, Eddie Pope, Jonathan Spector
M: DaMarcus Beasley, Ricardo Clark, Bobby Convey, Kyle Martino, Pablo Mastroeni
F: Brian Ching, Santino Quaranta, Taylor Twellman
Word is that some additions will be made to the squad for next weeks match against Panama.
-Photos from the Team USA Monday practice session.
-Last weekends MLS attendance:
Columbus v Chivas 20,548
Metro v DC 27,670
New Eng v San Jose 14,316
KC v Chicago 7,207
Colorado v Salt Lake 14,063
LA v Dallas 25,557
As you can see, the big disappointments are in New England where they have a very exciting team at the top of the East standings playing the very exciting team at the top of the West standings San Jose - the place should have been packed and rowdy! But no. And its really sad to see KC going down the drain. Only 7000 at a game that they HAD to win, and against their rival from Chicago. Bummer dudes (and I was just starting to warm up to those KC people too). The other 4 matches all had great attendance! (Yes I am saying that 14000 in Denver is a great number.)
-With Santino Quaranta joining the USA in Costa Rica this weekend, DC United might debut their new Argentinean striker Lucio Filomeno. His work visa has come thru, and he is over his knee injury. Does Kaspar really have the magic touch in finding these guys?
-San Jose Keeper Pat Onstad with a Q&A after their big win in Boston last Saturday.
-God damn Chelsea are good. Do they have a weakness? Let me know what you think. So are Juventus. Patrick Viera has really helped them. And here I always thought he was a bit overrated. Ask the Arse what they think of that.
-One word: Dedi!
-The 40 teams left in the UEFA Cup were drawn into 8 groups for the round robin stage that begins on Oct 20th. My pick to win it all is Hertha Berlin.
-We now know that Jack Bell of the New York Times reads this fine piece of work I call Du Nord. Last week I demanded to know what Frank Yallop is up to these days, apart from the rigorous task driving his kids to school everyday. Frank himself was too busy using Google Maps to find quicker home-to-school routes to check in with me directly, so Bell, sensing a story in the making, took the preemptive stance on the issue, picked up the phone, and asked Yallop for comment himself. Luckily for all of us, FY obliged. In a personal note to Jack Bell: feel free to steal my ideas any time you want. That's why they pay you the big bucks - to steal from the best! I find it all very flattering.
-This past weekends results from Mexico: (The top teams are starting to sort themselves out after 11 rounds, especially with Club America not losing for the 28th straight week.)
Toluca 0-1 Chiapas
Cruz Azul 0-0 Guadalajara
Monterrey 2-2 Santos
Morelia 0-2 Tigres
Veracruz 2-3 Necaxa
America 3-1 San Luis
Atlas 1-0 Atlante
Tecos 3-1 Pumas
Pachuca 2-1 Dorados
The MFL single table:
29 America
23 Cruz Azul
21 Monterrey
21 Necaxa
21 Pachuca
17 Toluca
17 Tigres
15 Santos
14 Guadalajara
13 Pumas
12 Chiapas
11 Morelia
11 Tecos
11 Veracruz
10 Atlas
9 San Luis
8 Atlante
8 Dorados
-Former one-year LA Galaxy star Andy Herzog is back in the soccer news today. He has joined Austria's national team as a coach. AND... he has made the grand statement that Austria are going to beat England in Manchester this weekend. Alright Andres!! Stick that foot right into that mouth immediately! But I still like it.
-Soccer America's College Top 25 ranking.
-Hercy Gomez from Los Angeles has been named MLS Player Of The Week.
-Minnesota Thunder 2006 season tickets go on sale today, with deals galore for early purchasers.
-The Houston Chronicle's Week In Review
-Who from the current USA U17 team has the goods to go pro. Andrea Canales writes for ESPNSoccernet: Assessing the future pros
-Yanks Abroad says there is no good news for Cory Gibbs and his knee.


Anonymous Ken said...

Wow! My hometown Akron U Zips are ranked 2nd in the nation!

12:03 PM  
Blogger tom said...

New England experienced some nasty weather a few days back. Not sure if the game correlated with that or not, but there is one other explanation for the lack of interest, namely Johnny Damone Husky's Red Sox. They're single minded folk up there.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I doubt we'll see Filomeno start this weekend... The idea is for him to be a spark off the bench. I think Jamil Walker will start in Tino's place after having a great game on Saturday.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Does anyone have a reason or should I say does anyone have a theory on why attendence was so high this past week?

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Bq, I'll give you both.

A reason: Because soccer is totally boss.

A theory: Lazy soccer fans in MLS cities are running out of home games. Got to catch 'em while you can, regardless of whether they're in contention.

I like the reason better than the theory.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Jack Bell said...

du nord dude--please don't get carried away. of course you can be flattered, you can be whatever you like. and yes, i do read your blog from time to time.

but in this case, you're not quite accurate. i've been trying to track down yallop for a chat since before the canucks went to spain. got the emails to prove it. but as you can imagine, our friends at the fed up in du nord weren't the swiftest getting back to me.

hey, nothing to denigrate what you do. and i'm not as high-priced nor as talented as you give me credit for.

always happy to talk, whatever ... bell@nytimes.com.


9:50 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

lets all give a big thanks to jack for stopping by and seeing the sarcasm in it all!!
but really, i do derserve all the credit in the world
and i too have the emails to prove it (prove what? i dont know,but something i'm sure)
i love the internets
and long live frank yallop

9:15 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

maybe we can get kenny arena back on here and see what he thinks of grant wahl, jack bell, frank yallop, and bob bradley
come on kenny, yer not busy, check in and give us yer thoughts man

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Jack Bell said...

As long as you don't have the pictures.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous jackbell said...

hey, honestly, at least you guys care about the game. can't say that for most of the folks i work with, but that's another story.

6:39 PM  

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