Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Spastic Colon Of News

-The Thunder will reveal its new Head Coach at a press conference on Wednesday, October 12 at 11am central at Thunder HQ in St Paul.
-Dreadful, but not surprising performance from Team USA down in San Jose Costa Rica the other night. A 3-0 beating is about what they deserved. Did the CR keeper have to make a real save? And how come the USA didn't win the game with a decent midfield? All mysteries. Hopefully some will be answered on Wednesday night in Boston v Panama. As for changes to the USA roster, Carlos Bocanegra & Eddie Lewis have to sit out due to yellow card suspension, Oguchi Onyewu, DaMarcus Beasley & Bobby Convey were released to their clubs in Europe, and Pablo Mastroeni, Kevin Hartman & Wade Barrett were released to their MLS clubs. Barrett also hurt his hamstring. USA added Matt Reis, Jay Heaps, Chad Marshall, Brian Carroll, Clint Dempsey, Daniel Hernandez, Justin Mapp & Steve Ralston to the team for the match.
-Angola have never won a match in the African Nations Cup - but somehow they have qualified for the World Cup. The Guardian tells how it happened.
-Santino Quaranta profile from US Soccer Players Assoc.
-Salt Lake have a suburban home for their new stadium. It will be in the suburb of Sandy. It's south and a little west of downtown Salt Lake City. Bummer. Downtown Salt Lake City would have been ideal.
-Luis Bueno asks Chivas USA President Antonio Cue what he thought of Year Uno for his club.
-Phil Ball writes about the newest wonderboys in La Liga, Messi y Torres: Prodigies Galore
-More USA Player video interviews - Clint Dempsey (WARNING: Falling Cliches Ahead)
-Who's In?? World Cup kick off is less than 8 months from today. Here is who is in:
Cote d'Ivoire
South Korea
Saudi Arabia
Costa Rica
The big shockers were all in Africa where perennial favorites Nigeria, Senegal, Cameroon, and South Africa were all elmidated. Does this make reigning African Nations Cup holder Tunisia as the continents new supreme soccer power?
A couple more might be added tomorrow after those matches. And then we will set up for the playoffs to determine the last couple of spots.
-There is actual FACTUAL news about a potential MLS team in Milwaukee, as always its sent out by the indomitable Peter Wilt and his organization, Milwaukee Pro Soccer, for those interested. (Sorry about all that nonesense Peter.)
-So it will come down to 2 MLS matches this weekend. Saturday it's Dallas v Kansas City, and Sunday its Chivas v Metrostars. KC & Metro are tied with 44 points each. But KC holds the edge with a better goals for/against average by a +6.
-The real Pele calls Robinho the new Pele.
-If you like to stand while watching your soccer match, then you are no longer welcome at Craven Cottage. Fulham now hates you.
-Freddy Adu was named MLS Player Of The Week. Once again, did you see that goal? Wow!
-Other goals and big action are all here from MLS too.
-MLSnet has a Q & A with the newest member of the AARP, Preki.
-Another quick analysis of last weekends MLS game attendance numbers:
DC v Metrostars 18,751
Kansas City v New England 12,546
Chicago v Columbus 21,097
Dallas v Colorado 13,011
San Jose v Salt Lake 19,407
Those are pretty nice numbers all around, except for KC. What is the deal dudes? Yer team is desperate! Yer whole franchise is desperate! Support Support Support ya bastards. Their diehard fans are commendable. The rest of the people of KC stink as fans. And then there is Dallas. Talk about fans that stink. Come on! What's the excuse this week. (Use GWB voice): "I couldn't make it cuz of a big sale on bedding at JC Penney"? Lame Ass Fans, or LAF's. At least go watch Ramon Nunez fer chris'sakes. And lastly, I was surprised to see DC not hit 20k.
-Can anyone out there tell me why Jaime Moreno's free kick goal against Metro was nominated as a Goal Of The Week? It took a deflection off the wall! It wasn't his shot that scored, it was the deflection. While it was great for his team, it was not a candidate for anything.


Anonymous Demko said...

i went to a match at craven cottage last year. it was a dull, listless affair with no energy in the stands. Except for that coming from the visting Birmingham city fans. There was a better atmosphere at the second division Leyton Orient v. Kidderminster Harriers match that I attended.

4:34 PM  

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