Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can You Please Pass The News

-In the Liberian Presidential election on November 8, George Weah will face off with Liberia's former Finance Minister Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
-In the off chance that I will be coaching the USA in next summers World Cup, and I do have the first name for the job, here is the lineup I would go with on a perfect day (the Brazilian 4-2-2-2 is my prefered attack formation):
Cherundolo - Gibbs - Onyewu - Lewis
Reyna - Mastroeni
O'Brien - Beasley
Donovan - McBride
I think we would win a lot of games like that. What do you think of that, and what would be your line up on a perfect day?
-Thierry Henry will suit up for the Arse in the Champions League match against Sparta Prague.
-Here are todays Champions League matchday 3 games (8 more tomorrow):
Rapid v Club Brugge
Bayern v Juventus
Sparta v Arsenal
Ajax v Thun
Udinese v Bremen
Panathinaikos v Barcelona
Villarreal v Benfica
Man United v Lille
-Tony Meola was named MLS Player Of The Week. And he fully deserved it. Two games in a row he saved his team, and single handedly carried them into the playoffs. Plus, he shaves his legs.
-In Dallas, the team named Ronnie O'Brien as their MVP, and Greg Vanney as their Defender of the Year (I guess they felt they had to give it to someone!?!?)
-Awards were given out by the team in Salt Lake as well. Brian Kamler who retired to take a front office job was named Humanitarian of the Year, Eddie Pope was Defender of the Year, and Andy Williams was named team Most Valuable Player.
-I know for about a year and half people have really dogged Sergio Galvan Rey of Metrostars, but I think the guy has really come on strong at the end of this year, and if I were Alexi Lalas I would resign the guy. He seems ready to burst out of the goalless cocoon. I would negotiate his pay down though. The other factor is that he is almost set to get his Green Card making him a domestic player. Interesting turn of events for the King Of Goals. Mo Johnston obviously thinks the guy has the goods. Who would you rather see start on that team, him or Ante Razov?
-Oguchi Onyewu is still growing up as a player it seems. He got his second red card (not two yellows either, straight red) in three games for his Belgian league leading club Standard Liege. Not good.
-Ives Galarcep on Michael Bradley.
-Bob Luder of the Kansas City Star stares into the darkness that is the Kansas City Wizards.
-And Luder reports on KC's team awards: Josh Wolff - MVP, Nick Garcia - defender of the year, Jimmy Conrad - humanitarian of the year.
-My magical touch is still working, cuz one day after I ask "Where is Rob Hughes?", he responds with a brand new column on Jurgen Klinsmanns battle with the German soccer community over the fact that he still lives in Cali and commutes to Germy. (I bet Jack Bell told Rob I was wondering where he was.)
-The Houston Chronicle's Week In Review
-Glenn Davis goes in search of Cleetus via ESPNSoccernet.
-Why is Paul Gardner writing his new column so stupidly.... You would think he was some idiotic blogger.... or something.... instead of the elder statesmen of American Soccer Writers that he is....


Anonymous Mike said...

Here's my line, and i'll keep it in a 4-4-2 for simplicities sake--


And what is the deal with Gardner's column? Has he decided to ditch proper punctuation to parallel his obsession with free-flowing latin-style football?

keep up the great work

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

...I forgot Keller; even tho it should be an obvious choice

10:36 AM  
Anonymous jbell said...


8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would appear that Paul G. has finally gotten around to reading "On The Road." In his old age he's writing all his stuff from the "throne," and using up a lot of tolit paper.

But, still, I've been reading his stuff for 30 years and give him credit for advocating attacking (Hoddle, Waddle, Periz, Ramos, Reyna) football, and always pushing a lot more (spanish-american) diversity in USA football.


8:31 PM  

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