Friday, September 23, 2005

Is This The Fiscally Conservative News?

-You know who must be the most lost man in the soccer universe these days? Frank Yallop, that's who. What do you think he does all day? Study tapes of Montreal Impact matches, or the Tomasz Radzinski highlight reel. Maybe he drives around Saskatchewan looking for young prospects with skills to thrill in the youth leagues. Who knows. Maybe he is in training to becoming the next Scrabble King. Or maybe he runs the painting company that many USL & MLS Reserve Team players work for cuz they get paid so little by their clubs. I sure would like to see him back coaching in MLS. We miss you Frank. Drop us a line and let us know how its going.
-From the World U17 Championship, its USA v Cote d'Ivoire at 330pm central today. USA has already advanced and d'Ivoire is out, but seeding is still to be determined for the knockout stages. So this game means a lil sumthin' after all.
-Fans Q&A with Benny Feilhaber, star of the USA U20's, via Yanks Abroad.
-A Real Heartbreaker. No ladies, I'm not talking about me. DC United. They took a 2-0 lead down in Chile but then gave up 3 as Catolica poured on the pressure for the 4-3 aggregate win. What a crushing loss, but you could feel it building for the last 60 minutes of the match. Better luck next time, but I bet the people who run the Cup will make a USA team play in an earlier round of qualifying. By the way, Catholica has some awesome attacking players in Rubio, Quinteros and Conca! They are a very fun team to watch. They will play Fluminese or Banfield (who play at Banfield on the 28th with Fluminese up 3-1) in the Quarterfinal round next. Two last thoughts on DC: 1. I can't help but feel Bobby Boswell (CORRECTION: I called the poor kid "Bosworth", but Oscar M was kind enough to set me straight. That leads me to this thought: Maybe they should sign Brian Bosworth(!) as an ass kicker, cuz I bet he needs work and he was a supposed ass kicker and they need an ass kicker.) might have been able to help down the stretch & 2. Freddy Adu was awful, he gave two or three passes away easily, didn't hold the ball at all, and committed the bad foul that Conca converted on the free kick. Damn.
-A couple questions for Capitan America Claudio Reyna at USNSTPA.
-Similar treatment for Taylor Twellman from the same site.
-Hooray for Real Madrid. They won a game. Beat Bilbao 3-1. Kinda-Hooray for Dirty Stinky Hippy Jonny Woodgate. He finally played in a match, after being out a year and a half with injuries, and growing, but not washing, his hair. So what does Woodgate do with his big chance? He gifts Bilbao the first goal with a nice tidy diving header own goal!! Then he gets sent off with his second yellow card in the 66th minute! Spectacular! He will probably get a game grade of around 1, just for showing up. But Raul scored 2, and Robinho the other to stop their 3 game losing skid! Hooray Beer!
-La Liga (Spain) scores from the last two nights:
Villarreal 1-2 Celta Vigo
Sevilla 0-0 Cadiz
Zaragoza 3-1 Osasuna
Deportivo La Coruna 1-1 Real Betis
Barcelona 2-2 Valencia
Real Sociedad 3-2 Atletico Madrid
Getafe 1-1 Mallorca
Malaga 0-0 Alaves
Racing Santander 1-0 Espanyol
Real Madrid 3-1 Athletic Bilbao
Top 10 of the table (notice no Barca):
9 Celta Vigo
8 Getafe
8 Deportivo La Coruna
6 Real Zaragoza
6 Real Madrid
6 Valencia
6 Racing Santander
6 Espanyol
6 Osasuna
6 Real Sociedad
-It was all looking so good for Johnny O'Brien who made his first return to Ajax as his new team Den Haag drew 2-2. JOB started in the midfield and played a really active game before being subbed out for a third striker with his team still trailing. But....... and of course with JOB there is always a "But", he strained his groin at practice today. What the f......?
-Kasey Keller was named Player Of The Week in Die Bundesliga!
-Ives Galarcep, in his ESPNSoccernet MLS weekend preview starts off with this sentence: "Somewhere, Sigi Schmid is staring at his MLS Cup 2002 ring, wondering why he still isn't coaching the Los Angeles Galaxy." In some ways I agree with Ives, but deep down Sigi knows he is better off not working for that nit-wit Doug Hamilton anymore. Plus Sigi will be too busy to think about this stuff next year when he is beating the Galaxy and their new coach with his new team.
-So Karel Poborsky of Sparta rips his coach after yet another disappointing match and they take away his team captains arm band, then suspend him, and now loan him out a 2nd Division Czech team Budejovice. I guess they really didn't like his attitude. I always thought he was pretty good.
-Ridge Mahoney has two thoughts at Soccer America: No meat in Revs' beef & More cameras, please!
-Cruz Azul's coach Ruben Romano, who was just freed from his kidnappers had this to say about them: "They were always eager for me to have my cigarettes; they were very well aware of my cigarettes." (He had three cigs during the news conference.)
-Jeff Cunningham is going to get fined but not suspended for storming off the field when he got subbed out in the 53rd minute v Salt Lake on Wednesday.
-Big Games From Around The World this weekend:
Inter v Fiorentina
Werder Breman v Leverkusen
Le Mans v PSG
-And this weekends MLS match-ups:
New England v Metrostars - live at 630pm central on FSC (Demko says this will probably be a 0-0 snore after we get all excited following the 5-4 shootout last weekend between these two teams.)
Salt Lake v Columbus
Chivas v Colorado
San Jose v Dallas
Los Angeles v Kansas City
-Barca, The Arse & Man U are all chasing after a young Mexican player named Giovanni Dos Santos who is supposed to be fantastic. I have never heard of him. Does anyone out there know who this player is?
-ADDITION: Kenny Arena checked in again, just to say that he is looking for a job......


Anonymous Oscar M said...

You meant Bobby Boswell for DC right? :)

12:44 PM  
Blogger Eric PZ said...

Ridge Mahoney is actually on to something for a change. Why worry about the goal line camera when not all games are even on TV? In the interest of being a FIFA brown nose, they are missing sight of what's important...providing entertaining games for fans in this country.

What? Oh yeah, sorry. What's really important is making enough money to stay afloat...entertaining footie is a distant second. ;)

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Kenny Arena said...

Looking for a job...

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Demko said...

i was actually repeating a comment from zathras on the metros-revs game. my personal prediction: 8-7 Revs

6:31 PM  

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