Thursday, September 29, 2005

Is This Candy Free For The Taking? How About This News?

-My love/hate with the LA Galaxy continues in overdrive as they won the US Open Cup last night for the second time. The 1-0 victory over Dallas was deserved. The mythological Herculez Gomes scored the winner on a total Golazo! (You get the bonus of hearing Ray Hudson on the highlight too!) Chris Albright looped in a perfect cross that Herc side volleyed into the net. Dallas played particularly hard, but without Eddie Johnson or Carlos Ruiz they just didn't have the magic touch. I am very happy for LA fans and players, but my loathing for coach Sampson grows more each day! He looked so pathetic on the bench last night. His discomfort was written all over him. He looked like he was bathing in a old moldy can of Dinty Moore stew. Not pleasant. Good job to the team though. Somewhere Sigi was smiling last night. Footballs Are Round! maestro and rabid Dallas fan Dave Walker shares his grief in real time via 3rd Degree.
-His Royal Highness Sir Grahame L. Jones of Lumpy Gravy pontificates on the state of Steve Sampsons mighty Galaxy. And Steve goes down in a heap of bloody rags with bits of brain strewn about. Touche Sir G, touche!
-According to the St Paul Pioneer Press, there are 6 finalists for the head coaching position of the Minnesota Thunder. Here is that list:
Amos Magee - Current Thunder assistant player, and legendary former Thunder player
Tony Peszneker - another former Thunder player with coaching credentials
Ian Barker - director of coaching for the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
Tim Hankinson - former Rapids and Mutiny coach
Omid Namazi - coach of the Cleveland Force of the Major Indoor Soccer League
Constantine Konstin - a USASA national men's select team coach
If you know anything about some of these guys, please drop me a note.
-Reading, starring Bobby Convey and Marcus Hahnemann, drew 0-0 at Southampton. Hahnemann made great save after great save to keep the clean sheet and be named Man Of The Match. It was a bad night for Southampton and their Bobble-head Doll coach Harry Redknapp, as this was their 6th consecutive draw! I would hate to be a fan of that team! They are so mediocre.
-Watched Inter v Rangers Champions League match. It was very odd. Inter are serving a 4 game ban on fans at home games, stemming from last years debacle v Milan when people threw dozens of road flares onto the field as Milan were winning. So the stands are empty, and you can hear the players yelling to each other very clearly. Its like watching a Metrostars game at Giant Stadium.
-There are literally 40(!) UEFA Cup matches today across Europe. They are second-leg matches. See the full listing here.
-Champions League scores from Wednesday half of Matchday 2:
Schalke 2-2 Milan
Fenerbahce 3-0 PSV
Rosenborg 0-1 Lyon
Real Madrid 2-1 Olympiacos
Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea
Anderlecht 0-1 Betis
Inter 1-0 Rangers
Porto 2-3 Artmedia
-Ugly beating that PSV took. The guy with the best name on the team, Jan Venegoor of Hesselink got the red card in the first half and really sealed the deal for PSV. He is their only true striker, the other guys like Farfan and Beasley are wingers playing outside forwards. I did not see the game, but reports showed PSV having plenty of chances to make this a real game, but no go!
-Artmedia (what kinda hilarious name is that anyway?) winning AT Porto was huge, and Schalke drawing with Milan was almost as huge, even though they had the home field.
-Here are the group standings for the Champions League after 2 (of 6) rounds:
Group A
6 Juventus
6 Bayern
0 Club Brugge
0 Rapid
Group B
6 Arsenal
3 Thun
1 Ajax
1 Sparta
Group C
6 Barcelona
3 Udinese
3 Panathinaikos
0 Bremen
Group D
4 Man United
3 Benfica
2 Villarreal
1 Lille
Group E
4 Milan
4 Fenerbahce
1 Schalke
Group F
6 Lyon
3 Rosenborg
3 Real Madrid
0 Olympiacos
Group G
4 Liverpool
4 Chelsea
3 Betis
0 Anderlecht
Group H
6 Internazionale
3 Artmedia
3 Rangers
0 Porto
-Some more analysis: Arsenal with 6 big points looking good in a very weak group. Villareal with no goals after 2 games is kinda shocking, they are supposed to be an offensive powerengine. Group E is proving to be the group of death. Lyon are for real this year, and after last years semi-final run they are now my darkhorse favorite! Porto has no points after 2 losses, one coming at home to a very small team. (And to think they won it all 2 years ago with Jose at the helm.)
-Matchday 3 takes place on Oct 18 & 19.
-Steven Goff, the great writer who covers DC United for the Washington Post held a live on-line Q&A with the punters. Read on ya bastard.
-Eddie Lewis had another great match for Leeds in their 3-1 win over Derby County (not to be confused with Bunky County). Eddie had some walloping shots, and got assists with great crosses on 2 of the goals. He is really setting himself up well for the World Cup.
-Mexico's Club America beat Toluca 1-0 last night to extend their loss-less streak to 27 straight games.
-Here are the other scores from the Mexican League last night:
Atlante 4-3 Morelia
Chiapas 3-3 Tecos
Dorados 1-3 Monterrey
Pumas 1-0 Atlas
Necaxa 2-1 San Luis
Guadalajara 1-1 Veracruz
Tigres 2-2 Pachuca
Santos 3-2 Cruz Azul
And the games coming up this weekend:
Toluca v Chiapas
Cruz Azul v Guadalajara
Monterrey v Santos
Morelia v Tigres
Veracruz v Necaxa
Atlas v Atlante
Pachuca v Dorados
America v San Luis
Tecos v Pumas
The MFL Single Table:
26 America
22 Cruz Azul
20 Monterrey
18 Necaxa
18 Pachuca
17 Toluca
14 Tigres
14 Santos
13 Pumas
13 Guadalajara
11 Morelia
11 Veracruz
9 San Luis
9 Chiapas
8 Atlante
8 Tecos
8 Dorados
7 Atlas
-Diamond Dave Checketts who owns the MLS team in Salt Lake, has just bought the St Louis Blues NHL hockey team.
-Yesterday in Denver they had the big ceremony to kick off the building of the new stadium for the Colorado Rapids. It was called a "Ground Breaking". But from the looks of this photograph, they literally broke ground quite some time ago. Also in the picture we see Diego Serna kicking balls around. Its Diego's finest moment in years.
-Six months ago Sports Illustrated wiped out their on-line Soccer section, and grouped all the soccer stories in with the "Other sports. Today the section RETURNS! A definite win for us good guys! Hooray SI. Hooray Beer!
-Soccer 365 Q&A with San Jose's Sideburn Expert Wade Barrett, by Lars Lifrak.
-In a revolutionary (aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha) move, New England are dropping ticket prices for next year, AND they are not going to charge for parking in their lots!
-Here's a nice lil insult: The International Federation of Football History and Statistics recently rated each domestic soccer league in the world. Not surprisingly, Spain’s was No. 1, followed by England. And MLS? No. 71, just behind the United Arab Emirates, but one slot ahead of India.
-Next Wednesdays Colorado v Chivas USA match has been turned into a double header, with the second game being a Mexican League match - Guadalajara v Cruz Azul. That could prove to be a very good match to attend.


Blogger kj said...

Where'd you hear the Checketts news? The Blues are my hometown NHL team, and still take the top hockey spot in my heart. Through the lockout and such I didn't keep good tabs on the NHL, and it was news to me when there was muttering of ownership/money issues towards the end of the summer, since last I knew they were owned by heirs to the Wal-Mart throne.

It's going to be a trying transitional year for the Blues, no doubt, but I hope this isn't an omen that they'll be as bad as RSL.

12:11 PM  
Blogger tom said...

I am eagerly anticipating the DuNord endorsement for the next Thunder coach. I briefly spoke with Amos at the end-o-the-year celebration. Nice fellow, who is obviously passionate about soccer (and Kick Aids!), though I've never seen him play. Does he have the fire in his belly to continue the giant slayer tradition?

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

Thanks for the Herculez video--I was at the game, and wanted to see it again (Tivo'ing other stuff during the replays).

12:55 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

amos has some serious "david" qualities in his blood, his inner fire is for real

3:57 PM  
Blogger Zathras said...

I'm surprised no one has picked up on the MLS insult.... I find that hard to believe. There is only one player from the Indian leagues playing anywhere in Europe: Bhutia playing in the third tier of English soccer.

4:07 PM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

Not to sound like the FIFA rankings haters, but come on, did you look at their overall rankings for individual clubs? Inter Milan is #1? On what planet!

9:41 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

inter is #1 on the planet i come from!!!!!!!!!

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Peszneker played for the Wichita Wings in MISL/MSL/NPSL. Was a bit of a fan favorite and one of the few non- Euorpeans to get P.T. I remember him being gritty and reliable but not particularily flashy. Can't for the life of me remember what he looks like, but then again Mooch Myernick doesn't look like I remember him either from his days in Doodah.

8:49 PM  

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