Friday, September 16, 2005

I Am Damo Suzuki With The News

-We frickin lost. Thunder 2-5 to LA. Damn. No one was at the game either. We tried. At least the fans did. I will question the players efforts, but not in this column. I will save that for another day, when I recap the season.
-LA resigned midfielder Marcelo Saragosa from Sao Paulo. He played with the Galaxy on loan from his Brazilian club last year, but they wanted a lot of money to sell him. Now that he is no longer under contract with Sao Paulo he was free for LA to snap up. I think its a good inclusion. The team also shitcanned always-overrated striker Jovan Kirovski. Jovan proved what a gentleman he is by calling Sampson names on his way out the door. (I wonder if the door hit him in the ass?) Then again, I call Sampson names almost everyday here, and dog on Hugo Sanchez for ripping LaVolpe, so what does that make me? We are all lame!
-The Clean Sheet: Alas, poor Thunder By Tino Palace - The dude who (supposedly) used to live in Minnesota writes about the Thunder and losing to LA in the Open Cup semifinal the other night. Did he come talk to me? Noooo! And I was the one who emailed him and told the boy we were coming in the first place (an email he didn't respond to!)
-A recap of all the MLS roster additions as the deadline for International transfers closed yesterday.
-Looks like Fast Eddie Johnson is gonna miss the rest of the MLS regular season and probably the last two World Cup qualifiers cuz that broken foot of his just won't heal properly. Get it fixed dude! We need you in Germany.
-Will Jon Spector get his first start this weekend for Charlton?
-DMB curled in a corner that Jan Venegoor Of Hesselink slammed home for PSV's 1-0 Champions League win over Schalke.
-More Champs Lg stuff: Seeing Real Madrid get pounded 3-0 by Lyon was pretty damn funny! So was seeing Wayne Rooney, Patrick Viera and Robin Van Persie get red cards for being total idiots. Match Day 2 is Sept 27 & 28.
-Landycakes will be belatedly happy to know that Leverkusen booted their coach, Klaus Augenthaler, after their worst season start ever. A tad bit too late to be of any actual use for Landy though.
-On Tap in MLS with 6 weeks left:
Columbus v Chicago
DC United v Colorado
Metrostars v New England
Kansas City v Los Angeles
Chivas v San Jose Earthquakes - on FSC at 9pm central time Saturday
Dallas v Salt Lake - on ESPN2 at 1pm central time Sunday
-In UEFA Cup action this week....... ah forget it. About 1000 teams are in the damn thing. Talk to me about it in April.
-The big Euro matches this weekend:
Schalke v Hertha on Sunday
Bordeaux v Lyon on Saturday
Alkmaar v Ajax on Sauturday
Charlton v Chelsea on Saturday (who would have ever thought this would be a big September game)
Liverpool v Manchester United on Sunday


Blogger angelo said...

If you had fan seeing Vieira sent off I suggest you to keep watching Juventus Champions League games.

For what I've seen until now he should be sent off every game so you will have a lot of fun :-)

Do not bother looking Serie A matches. Since he plays for Juventus he will never be punished like that (if he breaks a leg he will maybe get a yellow card).

3:44 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

Thanks for the update Angelo.
I love watching Serie A. Inter the most, but Juve, Fior, Milan, Roma, Lazio too.
I hope Viera does well, but he is a hack.

12:01 PM  
Blogger angelo said...

To be honest I love watching the Premiere League and the Spanish Liga but Serie A quality of play is improving so it is not that bad.

As for Vieira I think he is a great football player. If only he could not do that two-three harsh tackles every game it would be wonderful.

P.S. Thanks for your updates on MLS. Here in Europe they do not talk about it so it is great to have a news source like yours. Keep up the good work!

4:26 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

angelo - could you please drop me an email?
wolfdruce (at) gmail (dot) com

2:12 PM  
Blogger angelo said...


You have got mail.


3:47 AM  

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