Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Enjoy The News, Cut Into Even Squares

-Quick and painful. That is how you would describe the USA U17 teams ouster from the World Championship quarterfinals yesterday. They had a few moments of sporadic quality, but all in all they were outplayed. Especially as the match wore on. The entire second half belonged to Holland (with the exception of a couple half-decent USA free kicks) and the final score of 2-0 didn't reflect that, as the Dutch missed several great chances to run it up. I am sorry to say that no one for Team USA shined in this one. Not that they are bad, just still a little more behind the worlds best then we think we are. But it gets better all the time, and some of the kids on this team have true potential. Netherlands will play Mexico in one Semifinal, while Turkey plays Brazil in the other, on Thursday. The Final is on Sunday. US Soccer has a whole page of post-game quotes from players and coaches.
-Dawayne DeRosario's two goals against Chicago helped him get named MLS Player Of The Week.
-Champions League mania - Matchday 2 (here's today's 8 matches, with 8 more tomorrow):
Juve v Rapid
Bayern v Brugge
Ajax v Arsenal
Thun v Sparta
Panathinaikos v Bremen
Barca v Udinese
Man U v Benfica
Lille v Villarreal
-Estimates have the winner of the Champions League claiming about $21 million in tv, ticket and prize money.
-I hope you are not an Arsenal fan (of course for all the obvious reasons) because they are really hurting for this weeks Champs Lg match: Gilberto, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, Robin van Persie & Jens Lehmann are all out due to injury or stupidity. While Robert Pires is questionable with the questionable injury the English insist on calling "dead leg". What the fuck is that anyway? I mean, if it's actually dead, don't you have to cut it off?
-El Guzano, The Worm, Brad Guzan has had a brutal first year in MLS as keeper for the hideous Chivas USA. But he has also been their bright spot. Sadly, his season is over. Late in Saturdays game against Colorado his face collided with Diego Serna's knee (Yes you saw that correctly, Diego Serna! - What is he doing back in MLS anyway?). Guzan suffered a fractured cheekbone and crushed sinus, but of course he didn't come out of the game. Nope! He finished the match. He now has to have surgery. See you next year Worm. And good luck man.
-Frankie Hejduk has also decided to hang up his boots for the year and have surgery on his wrist, which has been in a cast nearly the entire season.
-The country of Spain has given Argentinian Lionel Messi citizenship so he can play for Barcelona and not count against their foreign player limit. How exactly does that work when you are about 17 and have lived in the country for about a year? Magic beans maybe.
-A Clint Mathis tidbit in the Salt Lake Tribune today: Clint Mathis was replaced at halftime by Seth Trembly on Saturday, leading to questions about whether Mathis had already given up on the season and is already looking forward to next year. RSL coach John Ellinger replied: “I hope not, because there might not be a next season.”
-Michael Lewis, who runs the fantastic Big Apple Soccer, is pimping Shalrie Joseph as MLS MVP. I would have a tough time arguing that call, but I also think there are several deserving others to consider, like: Dawayne DeRosario, Landycakes Donovan (I am gonna get killed for this one.... but he makes his team twice as good as they are without him), Taylor Twellman, Youri Djorkaeff, and Jaime Moreno (who was robbed last year). Demko likes Ricardo Clarke as a darkhorse.
-It was great to see Edson Buddle play well and score twice for Columbus. I always wish the very best to anyone fighting the demons.
-Richmond's top scorer McColm Cephas will not play in the USL First Division final against Seattle on Saturday because of a red card he got in extra time of the semifinal win over Rochester. Cephas got into a scrap with Rochester's resident punk-ass-bitch John Ball (huge surprise that someone would take a poke at Ball). Too bad for the Richmond Shitkickers. But I still want them to beat the Seattle Facekickers badly.
-Rob Hughes on the Man U stumbling saga: Ferguson needs some new silver
-Yesterday I think I kind of foolishly dismissed Simon Kupers article about lessons to be learned playing soccer. That was a mistake. I should never count him out. He is a great writer. And this story is a great one as well. It's got lessons on life as much as football. Thanks Simon. (And it sure wouldn't hurt me to heed some of your advice these days too.) Spare a minute to take in the wisdom of 30 years
-The Houston Chronicle Week In Review by Bernardo Fallas.
-I wanna thank all the people who regularly leave comments here on the site, and encourage the rest of you to read them. They are almost always of excellent quality! Keep up the good work everyone.


Blogger Zathras said...

What the Eeeenglish would call a "dead leg" we would call a "charley horse."

Why is it that whenever I had a charley horse I was fine the next day but professional players are out for weeks at a time?

11:15 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

they're pussy's

2:18 PM  
Blogger bdure said...

My old hometown A-League team had Ball and Scott Schweitzer. And Yari Allnutt, who was tremendous despite being unfairly lumped in with the other guys.

Funny thing is that some of these guys have (had?) skill. Schweitzer was like Bill Laimbeer -- an expert at gamesmanship who could also beat you legit.

6:28 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i think john ball has some skill on the right wing too, but he is such a punk when things get tight
i feel bad for teammates of guys like that
on the other hand i love gamesmanship, even when its against my team, its part of the deal and you have to respect that

11:21 AM  

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