Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Cinnamon News

-According to various British tabloid news outlets.... "Brian McBride will quit international football with the USA to concentrate on playing Premiership football with Fulham." Yeah right! AFTER the World Cup! Although I doubt he will play for the USA anymore this year. They don't need him right now. (PS. He was amazing in the air against Mexico. Every single long ball, goal kick, and set piece etc were directed at him.)
-Here's a link to a little video ditty posted by a Member who goes by "jameseyla". A huge thumbs up to him for posting it. This will give you the feeling of exactly what it felt like to be in the Sams Army section during the USA v Mex match!!! You will see a clip of DMB scoring that classic second goal! (Quicktime needed for viewing.)
-The DC United faithful are all weeping hard this morning with the news that David Stokes is going to miss the rest of the season to have ankle surgery. The rest of us are still wondering how he is even on the team.
-Down Mexico way: Ricardo LaVolpe & Hugo Sanchez are both firing nasty shots at each other over the Mexican loss to USA.
-Put a big red circle around December 9 on your calendar. That's the day the World Cup Draw takes place.
-Why is Chivas USA giving El Guzano the bench again. Sure they are giving up a ton of goals. But it's not his fault. They have the Three Stooges and Herman Munster playing in front of him. So now a second keeper from Guadalajara gets a chance in the net (and gives up 3 in his first game, at home!)
-Justin Mapp is the MLS Player Of The Week.
-You can vote for the MLS All-Time Best XI.
-The USL First Division regular season ends on Sunday. Here is the league standings and playoff scenario (courtesy of ESPNSoccernet), followed by the remaining game schedule:
USL First Division standings
x-Montreal 58
x-Rochester 48
x-Vancouver 45
x-Seattle 41
x-Richmond 39
Portland 33
Charleston 32
Minnesota 31
Atlanta 30
Puerto Rico 29
Virginia Beach 28
Toronto 17
x-Clinched playoff berth (top six qualify, top two receive first round bye)
Playoff Picture Update: The defending champion Montreal Impact have clinched the regular season title and a first round bye along with the second-place Rochester Rhinos. Positions three through six are still to be settled with four teams fighting for the last remaining playoff spot. Vancouver, Seattle and Richmond have clinched while Portland, with two games left, is in the driver's seat for sixth. Chasing Portland is Minnesota, Atlanta and Puerto Rico. Minnesota is two back with one game left. Atlanta is three points back with two games left, including one a showdown with the Timbers. Puerto Rico is four points back with three games remaining.
Games Ahead:
Thu Sep 8
Portland v Atlanta
Fri Sep 9
Puerto Rico v Toronto
Seattle v Montreal
Sat Sep 10
Rochester v Virginia Beach
Minnesota v Atlanta
Portland v Richmond
Sun Sep 11
Puerto Rico v Toronto
Vancouver v Montreal
-Walter Samuel of Inter got a 3 match suspension for spitting on Pavel Nedved of Juve. His appeal is tomorrow in Rome. And here is an interview with him about the situation.
-I would guess that with Carlos Ruiz being a Hooters pitchman and all, we could presumably go to our local Hooters to see him play tonight?
-Every once in a while US Soccer comes up with a very interesting stat. Here is today's: During Bruce Arena's tenure, the USA holds a 44-0-2 record when leading at halftime. The draws came against Korea during the 2002 World Cup and Guatemala in a qualifier on July 16, 2000. Conversely, the team is 2-14-4 overall when trailing at the half.


Anonymous Ken said...

Hey Bruce, love the blog. I'm thinking I might have to take Friday December 9th off and host a WC draw viewing party. Maybe a brunch of sorts in my soccer garage (assuming it would take place in the morning hours our time). Do we know yet where the draw is to take place and at what time?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Ken said...

I found the answer to my own question. Per the FIFA site the draw is to be held in Leipzig "Live coverage on German first channel ARD begins at 8:15 pm with a worldwide signal activated from 8:30 pm."

So that's like 1:30 our time. Sound like a good time for brunch to me.

11:44 AM  
Blogger angelo said...


just a quick note on Samuel and Nedved. The Argentinean spitted on the field while looking at Nedved that was at least 3 meters away from him. The judge who sanctioned him with a three games suspension said he disciplined the intention.

I am fine with this interpretation (he must be good at reading other’s mind :-)) but what I do not understand is why he is not coherent.

He gave a three games suspension also to a Juventus players that physically put his hands on another player and to a player who punched an opponent. Let’s not talk about the headings that Ibrahimovic landed on a rival without even being sanctioned.

So what I would like to see is a strong hand with all kinds of irregularities and a punishment based on the foul’ severity (for ex. Three games for spitting, five for a rough tackle, ten for punching and so on…).

Thanks for letting me post a comment.

3:35 AM  
Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Thanks for the Sam's Army clip!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Eric PZ said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:35 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

angelo - great insight man, i really appreciate your comments! keep it up.

PS. I love Inter!

4:02 PM  
Blogger angelo said...

Thanks Mig.

As I said I (we) have to thank you for giving us the opportunity to comment.

I love Inter too and when I decided to start blogging guess what topic I chose :-)

9:19 AM  

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