Thursday, August 18, 2005

USA Win 1-0 Over News

-After every USA match, US Soccer releases a quote sheet from the coach and certain players. Here is the quote sheet from last nights uneventful 1-0 win over the powerless Trinidad & Tobago.
-The game started in spectacular fashion for our boys. A goal from McBride 1:32 into the game. Then, nothing but missed chances for the remaining 88:28.
-I haven't seen much written about the reason John O'Brien was pulled from the match. It seemed to be a hip injury concern. The word is that it should not be serious for the fragile man. I hope that is the case.
-Marc Connolly writes via MLSnet about the Trinidad & Tobago view point of the match: For T&T, defeat stings
-The Hartford Courant has some decent coverage of last nights game.
-As dull as the USA game was, at least they didn't lose 4-1 to Denmark like a supposed World Cup contender did. How's the weather in England today?
-They are calling Englands loss their worst ever! The BBC posted a list of their other horrifying matches (and the USA makes the list not once, but twice):
USA 1-0 England - World Cup 1950
England 0-0 Saudi Arabia - Friendly 1998
England 2-2 Macedonia - World Cup qualifier 2002
USA 2-0 England - Friendly 1993
England 1-3 Australia - Friendly 2003
-The details for CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying look like this:
Last nights scores:
USA 1-0 Trinidad & Tobago
Mexico 2-0 Costa Rica (Jared Borgetti got his 36th (!!) international goal.)
Guatemala 2-1 Panama (Panama scored first. El Pescadito tied the match. And Guate scored in extra time for the winner,)
16 Mexico
15 USA
7 Guatemala
7 Costa Rica
4 Trinidad & Tobago
2 Panama
-Pavel Pardo, Mexico's captain, picked up a yellow card last night and will miss the USA match.
-As promised, here is some World Cup broadcasting info from AP: ABC and ESPN will broadcast their fourth straight World Cup next year and will televise all 64 games in high definition. The networks will not decide until after the draw on Dec. 9 how to split the games among ABC, ESPN and ESPN2.
-Personally I find this bit of news from ESPN to be even bigger: ESPN/ESPN2 also plans to televise two European Champions League games most weeks when the tournament is going on this season. In recent years, ESPN/ESPN2 have broadcast only one game in many weeks. I would like to think that all my emails are what got them to pony up the dough to show two games a week instead of one.
-Oh, I almost forgot. Taylor Twellman was clearly not offside on the second USA goal. It would have been his first goal. He deserves a break.
-From the FC Dallas fan run web site 3rd Degree: He's Back! Yes, that's Richard Mulrooney back at training. Well not training, but out rehabbing while the team trains. It's the next step on the road to return. "I want to play by the end of the seasons, or maybe in the playoffs." says Richard. Fantastic to see.
-Another of my favorite writers, George Vecsey, doesn't get to write nearly enough about the beautiful game for the New York Times. But today he does: How Soccer Explains the World
-Colorado beat New England 2-0 last night in MLS play. The first goal was a smoker from Alain Nkong who has gotten better as the year has gone on. The other surprise for Colorado lately has been the very young Haitian Fabrice Noell. Do a web search by his name, and read his story, its pretty sad, and yet amazing. I don't know how he has stood up to what his life has dealt him.
-Another note about Colorado. They have not lost in 4 straight games now, which makes the 4-1 ass-whipping that the Thunder put on them look even more incredible.
-There were a massive amount of International matches played yesterday. Here are the results:
World Cup Qualifiers of big importance:
Group One
Macedonia 0-3 Finland
Romania 2-0 Andorra
Group Two
Kazakhstan 1-2 Georgia
Group Three
Latvia 1-1 Russia
Liechtenstein 0-0 Slovakia
Group Four
Faeroe Islands 0-3 Cyprus
Group A
South Korea 0-1 Saudi Arabia
Uzbekistan 3-2 Kuwait
Group B
Bahrain 2-3 North Korea
Japan 2-1 Iran
Group Three
Sudan 1-0 Benin
Group Five
Tunisia 1-0 Kenya
Friendlies that only count for bragging rights:
Albania 2-1 Azerbaijan
Austria 2-2 Scotland 2
Belgium 2-0 Greece
Bulgaria 3-1 Turkey
Croatia 1-1 Brazil
Denmark 4-1 England
Ecuador 3-1 Venezuela
Estonia 1-0 Bosnia-Herzegovina
France 3-0 Ivory Coast
Hungary 1-2 Argentina
Iceland 4-1 South Africa
Ireland 1-2 Italy
Jordan 0-0 Armenia
Libya 0-1 Nigeria
Malta 1-1 Northern Ireland
Netherlands 2-2 Germany
Norway 0-2 Switzerland
Paraguay 3-0 El Salvador
Peru 3-1 Chile
Portugal 2-0 Egypt
Spain 2-0 Uruguay
Sweden 2-1 Czech Republic
Wales 0-0 Slovenia
And scores from something called the Lobanovsky Tournament:
Poland 3-2 Israel
Ukraine 2-1 Serbia-Montenegro
Angola 2-1 Cape Verde Islands
Senegal 0-0 Ghana
Morocco 0-1 Togo
-You can check out all the group standings and remaining game schedules via the great FIFA World Cup site.
-Yesterday I ran a link to a story about Argentinian young star Lionel Messi saying he has great talent and just might make his senior Argentina debut last night. Well he did make his debut, and his appearance lasted exactly 1 minute! He got a straight red for throwing a vicious elbow! Nice job dude. Where did you learn that stunt?
-The return of ZiZou by Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune: A touch of divine as Zidane returns
-And more on the retardation in Italy from Rob Hughes too (I know he can explain that whole mess better than I can): First in chaos: A litigious summer for Italian leagues
-I forgot to mention this a couple days ago, Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon will be out of action for about three months after injuring his shoulder. He just had surgery.
-To make room for the new signings we keep hearing about, Chivas USA had to release a couple of players from the current squad. They chose to get rid of defenders Alfonso Loera & Aaron Lopez. Loera had played in 12 matches, Lopez 4. Neither will be missed much, except by their landlords when rent is due next.


Blogger Brian said...

You're right concerning the news about the World Cup coverage. It's not huge news knowing that at the very least Univision will cover all the matches.

The big news is that ESPN is finally showing two CL matches a week. There are no excuses for showing only Man U or Real Madrid every week the tournament is on. You find yourself rooting for these two to go out early so you can catch other clubs.

11:40 AM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

Yesterday I ran a link to a tory about Argentinian young star Lionel Messi saying he has great talent and just might make his senior Argentina debut last night. Well he did make his debut, and his appearance lasted exactly 1 minute! He got a straight red for throwing a vicious elbow! Nice job dude. Where did you learn that stunt?

Freddy Adu? Apparently the two of them are good friends. Or at least forever linked in a lot of people's minds due to their first matches of the U-20 World Cup.

3:24 PM  

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