Monday, August 15, 2005

Thanks For All The Get Well Notes, Now Lets Get Some News Going Shall We

-USA coach Bruce Arena is always full of little surprises when he calls in a squad for Team USA. This one is for the World Cup Qualifier this week in Hartford CT against Trinidad & Tobago. Here's who the coach pointed his finger at:
Kevin Hartman
Tim Howard
Kasey Keller
Chris Albright
Gregg Berhalter
Jimmy Conrad
Oguchi Onyewu
Greg Vanney
Chris Armas
DaMarcus Beasley
Bobby Convey
Eddie Lewis
John O’Brien
Santino Quaranta
Steve Ralston
Claudio Reyna
Jeff Cunningham
Landon Donovan
Brian McBride
Taylor Twellman
-Not many defenders on that list (5), and really only 3 forwards too, cuz Landycakes is a midfielder. Who do you think will get the start?
-If I was coach Arena, and I nearly am, this is the lineup I would start against T&T (The pre-game speech I would give to the team would be this: ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, and when you are done with that, then ATTACK!):
Albright Onyewu Conrad Vanney
Reyna O'Brien Lewis
Donovan McBride Beasley
-Here's an couple of interesting facts from US Soccer: The USA and Trinidad & Tobago have played nine times in World Cup qualifying, with the USA compiling an undefeated record of seven wins and two ties. The USA has not surrendered a goal to Trinidad & Tobago in a home qualifier since a 1-1 tie in Torrance, CA, on May 13, 1989, and has recorded a shutout in six of their nine overall qualifying matches.
-Does T&T run out on to the field to the song TNT by AC-DC. If I were them, I surely would. "I'm TNT, I'm dynamite!"
-There are rumors floating around that Oguchi Onyewu may be headed to Manchester United!
-I must say that McBride and Reyna are looking real good right now. I am excited to see them in the Red, White & Blue.
-And if yer in the Twin Cities area, we are gathering at the Local for viewing. The Local is at 10th & Nicollet in downtown Minneapolis.
-MLS Mania (and observations):
-Some fans of the Colorado Rapids were driving by the area where their new stadium is said to be built, and found this sign hanging on the fence that surrounds the property. Not bad at all!
-Clint Dempsey stepped up with another classic post-goal-scoring celebration last Wed. In case you didn't see it, he leaped the sign boards behind the net, ran over to those dudes in Boston who dress up like they are fighting in the War of Independence, took one guys three-corner hat off, slapped it on himself, and did some sort of fife & drum inspired dance! Hilarious. Not as good as the baseball homerun celebration, but excellent.
-And speaking of New England, how about that late game Khano Smith goal. Wow!
-Eddie johnson is clearly not healed, and should not be out there. He is hurting the team by doing nearly nothing.
-In the Real Salt Lake 2-4 loss to Kansas City - Jamie Watson, the punk ass diver, got a red card.
-Jason Kries hits goal number 100. Awesome for him. The Alan Shearer of MLS. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
-Josh Wolff had 3 assists for KC!
-My current pick for rookie of the year, Scott Sealy, bagged another goal for KC.
-Can I say a few words about the new stadium in Dallas. First and last and always, its great! But.... can you guys do some thing about those ugly cement walls? I am sending out a challenge to all FCD fans: Make Some Friggin' Banners! Please! Anything will do, the more absurd the better.
-Now for my own absurdity. A bunch of people were at my house watching the Dallas loss to NE on Saturday night and we decided that if we lived in Dallas, we would start our own supporters section called: The Meat Lovers! Other supporters would follow suit with The Veggie Lovers, and The Cheese Lovers. All in honor of Pizza Hut.
-I know you know this, but Chivas USA is awful. They are worse then ever. After they lost to LA at the Coliseum last week, some of the players seemed to think they are good, and better then LA (who have beat them 5 times this season). But the coach is no moron, and he thinks they stink. Speaking of coach Westerhof, is he a stunt double for William H Macy or what?
-Chris Albright got robbed in 2-1 loss to Chicago. He had a goal disallowed cuz the keeper supposedly had the ball firmly in his grasp and Albright kicked it free before slamming it home for a tie score. The keeper clearly did not have the ball in his hands. Sorry ref, yer wrong again.
-Steve Nicol is a great choice for the MLS select-team coach for the match against Real Madrid.
-I liked Ricardo Clark during his first year with the Mets, then he faded away last season. But his game in San Jose has become really strong. He was MLS player of the month in July and get my attention. I have watched him since then and I must say he is an interesting player. He could become a star yet.
-Somebody in DC always makes great smart ass banners for the games, and this past weekend vs the Goats was no different. It read: Us: 4 Cups - You: 3 Wins. Top notch.
-I can't remember which team, but someone is about to sign Jamaican Jermaine Hue. He is a starting midfielder for Jamaica, and played in Englands Championship League last year. Could someone tell me who he is signing with? ADDITION: Several excellent and smart people have sent an email or posted a comment letting us know that Kansas City is this team. I also gaffed big time by saying he played in England. He did not. His team is Harbour View of the Jamaican league.
-Today is the day for new international signings in MLS. This could get good.
-Metrostars win (2-1 over even more hapless Columbus), and Sergio Galvan Rey scored again. He now has 6 goals on the season. Who predicted that?
-I will make a prediction right now though. Bob Bradley will lose his job. I know, not too bold, but its still my prediction.
-Remember when John Thorrington was the new poster boy for the future of the USA over at the infamous Big Soccer message boards? Well, he hasn't exactly turned out to be the second coming of Ryan Giggs like many on those boards said he was gonna be, but he did score his first goal for Chicago on Saturday. His team beat the losers from LA 2-1.
-Weekend scores:
DC 3-0 Chivas USA
Chicago 2-1 LA
FC Dallas 1-2 New England
San Jose 1-1 Colorado
RSL 2-4 KC
Mets 2-1 Columbus
-And here is the single table:
42 New England
39 Chicago
38 DC United
38 Kansas City
38 San Jose
35 FC Dallas
32 Los Angeles
32 Metrostars
25 Colorado
21 Columbus
19 Real Salt Lake
12 Chivas USA
-Is anyone out there going to the USA v Mex match on Sat Sept 3 in 'lumbus. I will be there. Please drop me a line, cuz I would love to meet more of you.
-The second-leg matches of the Third Qualifying Round of the UEFA Champions League will be held August 23 & 24.
-In the EPL this weekend I noticed that Blackburn had no Ryan Nelson in the line up and Charlton had no Jonathan Spector in the line up. What gives!?
-Attendence for this past weekend in the English top flight:
Fulham 16,550
Portsmouth 20,215
West Ham 33,305
Sunderland 34,446
Manchester City 42,983
Aston Villa 33,263
Middlesborough 31,908
Wigan 23,575
Arsenal 38,072
Everton 38,610
-How's this for a wild stat: All the London clubs in the EPL won their games this weekend.
-Chelsea sure are great and I love some of the players (Crespo, Lampard, Terry, Robben, Duff), but boy oh boy do I hate that team. And I have total love/hate for the coach as well.
-My Minnesota Thunder have gone 5 games with out a loss, yet still find themselves falling out of playoff spots. This is depressing.
-And on another Thunder note: Me and all my pals are going via a team chartered fan bus to KC next week for the US Open Cup match against the Zards and their Zardmeister. Could someone do me a big favor and please warn the poor saps KC that we are headed their way and we do not fool around! No sir!
-ADDITION: Looks like today is finally going to be the day when Michael Essien will join Chelsea from Lyon. Why? They already have 7 high quality midfielders. Why would he do this? I am baffled.


Anonymous Joe said...

Hey Mig, I'll be in Cowlumbus. But if we meet, of course we'll both have to wear masks, so as not to give up our secret identities. But as long as we can drink beer through the masks, we'll be fine.

10:29 AM  
Blogger D said...

Welcome back Mig, good to read the news again.

10:43 AM  
Blogger kj said...

Actually, not all the London teams won (Fulham drew 0-0), but none of them lost. McBride put in a great header... but he was offside.

(Johnny! Johnny! Stay onside!)

11:45 AM  
Blogger Demko said...

beasley has been ruled out

we'll probably see twelman in his place.

what dallas fans? they had 12,000 for their second game at php. pathetic. why bother opening up the additional seats?

12:05 PM  
Blogger Tim Froh said...

I was going to say that Beasley had been ruled out, but demko beat me to it.

The team that's trying to sign Hue is Kansas City. I'm interested to see what others moves are made during the transfer window, which opened today.

12:09 PM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

Why would Chelsea do it? Because they can. If it hurts Lyon, I'm all for it (since it didn't matter one way or another for Chelsea). ;)

Jonathan Spector was signed to be a defensive sub. But, he's still going to get into more games than he would have at Manchester United. The first injury Charlton has in the back, Spector will be in that opening.

9:43 PM  

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