Monday, August 01, 2005

The Penultimate Moment Of The Match Between The MLS All-Stars & Fulham

(56th minute) Forward Tomas Radzinski of Fulham crosses into the All-Stars box from the right side, but it's easily cleared by Simo Valakari. His pass goes to Clint Dempsey at the top of the box. Dempsey turns and charges up field toward the center circle picking up speed along the way. Dempsey draws defenders toward himself then slips a pass forward with his left foot to a slashing Landon Donovan on the other side of the midfield stripe. Donovan quickly and precisely one-times a pass out to the left wing for a flying Ivan Guerrero who slices into the corner of the box and floats a crossing pass to the far post. While this is happening Ronnie O'Brien is making a run to the near post, and Taylor Twellman to the back post. The defender marking Twellman gets in a perfect spot to head away the cross, but he only does so to the top of the 18 yard box. Dempsey has continued his run from midfield and arrives at the 18 just in time to volley the clearance out of the air and straight back at goal, where O'Brien deftly sticks out his left foot and deflects the ball past the helpless keeper! MLS lead 2-1 on a nearly perfect execution of a counter attack! Simply gorgeous.


Blogger Eric PZ said... almost make me regret avoiding the broadcast. :)

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