Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Are You Ready For Tonights Action? I Am! How About Todays News? Are You Ready For That?

-New England are going thru the process of signing Panama forward Ricardo Phillips. He is not a young man, but he has been very good for Panama over the past two years. He currently plays for Tauro FC in Panama.
-By the way, Hartford officially sucks. Only 15000 of the 38000 tickets have been sold so far for tonights match.
-From US Soccer: The USA's last lost to a Caribbean nation Nov. 19, 1994, a 1-0 loss to tonight's opponent. The team has gone 16-0-8 since then.
-Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated, Inside Soccer with Eddie Lewis.
-Word from PSV is that DaMarcus Beasley is now practicing with the team, but it is unknown whether or not he will play on Sunday against Vitesse for this seasons home opener.
-There is news slowly filtering out that Fox Soccer Channel is going to be showing some Serie A from Italy this year. No real details on what games they will be showing. I think that Gol-TV has a deal with Italy too, so these games on FSC may be the less favorable picks each week. This is what the press info from FSC said: Viva Italia! FSC is proud to offer a glimpse into one of Europe's most successful and legendary leagues. Every weekend we'll travel around the boot-shaped calcio oasis to bring you some of the best soccer on the planet. It's bound to be amore once you settle in and let the entertainment begin. Season: Sep.-May · Matches: 20 · Duration: 2 hrs.
-The Chicago Fire website has some brand new pictures of their stadium in Bridgeview being built. It is coming along really well, and the roof structures are being put in place. I am really excited for this.
-It's too bad that Dallas was too cheap to put some roofing on Pizza Hut Park. Who wants to sit in the blazing heat of Dallas and watch soccer - I think in the not so distant future they will regreat this. I say: Get some damn shade dudes!
-Look for news of World Cup TV coverage some time today. And hope for no pay per view games likes the whispers have rumored.
-La Liga squad Sevilla has bought Fredi Kanoute from Tottenham.
-More from Italy & Serie A in particular. What a weird league and country. I am really glad I don't live there. The rules of the league seem to change every day. Actually, to be more acurate, someone seems to make them up every day, cuz there sure don't appear to be any official standards to start with. Today it was announced that Treviso and Ascoli will both be in Serie A this season (which is supposed to start in 2 weeks) and Genoa and Torino have been relegated. None of this was done for actual play on the field. It happened because Genoa have been accused of match fixing (isn't that a crime!!) and have been sent to Serie C, while Torino is too far in debt for the leagues liking and have been down sent to Serie B (I guess to sort out the money thing). For facts sake, let me tell you that Treviso and Ascoli finished 5th and 6th in Serie B last year. So now here is the weirdest of the weird: Bologna who finished 3rd, and lost the relegation playoff to Parma were passed over for Serie A promotion, and there is no explanation given for that move. Plus, Perugia who finished in 4th also got sent down to Serie C for bad finances. What the f... is going on over there?!?!?!? Shouldn't FIFA step in and knock these goof balls over the head with a rock or something? Maybe we will get some reasoning soon. Or maybe not. "Not" might be more fun.
-OK, so, in real news, the biggest early season match in Italy will be on October 2nd with Inter traveling to Juve.
-Nike has some new video stuff with USNT players. And US Soccer has some previews of things to come.
-Glenn Davis interviews Chicago rookie Chris Rolfe at the US National Team Players Assoc site.
-Some World Cup Qualifying scores already in today from the Far East:
Europe - Group Two
Kazakhstan 1-2 Georgia
Asia - Group A
South Korea 0-1 Saudi Arabia
Uzbekistan 3-2 Kuwait
Asia - Group B
Japan 2-1 Iran
With many more games on tap:
Group One
Macedonia v Finland
Romania v Andorra
Group Three
Latvia v Russia
Liechtenstein v Slovakia
Group Four
Faeroe Islands v Cyprus
Group Three
Sudan v Benin
Group Five
Tunisia v Kenya
Group B
Bahrain v North Korea
Guatemala v Panama
Mexico v Costa Rica
USA v Trinidad & Tobago
Plus all those friendlies that I am not going to bother listing.
-Stupidly, MLS has a match on the schedule tonite: Colorado v New England
-Marc Connolly on Santino Quaranta via MLSnet.
-FC Dallas have finally snapped up former Middlesborough player & England U21 International Mark Wilson. Paperwork is being completed by the league before he can play.


Blogger Tim Froh said...

Making up rules on the fly? Sounds like MLS!

P.S. Thanks for the link to the Lewis article. I hadn't caught that.

12:51 PM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

Would have figured MLS had a full schedule for tonight. But, of all the teams that could be scheduled, New England and Colorado? I can't wait for the 0-0 result as Cunningham, Twellman, and Noonan are all in Connecticut (with apparently just as many people in the stands).

1:53 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

when watching the highlights of colorado v new england i counted 9 people at the game! (at least nkongs goal was nice)

11:04 AM  

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