Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Is That Smell? My God, I Think It's Coming From The News!

-It looks as though Mexican keeper Oswaldo Sanchez is about to become the second player from MFL to sign with a foreign team this week. He is going to go play in Brazil for Santos. This is a rarity in Mexican soccer, but it looks like the floodgates are opening.
-Inter beat Leicester last night 2-0 in their first game in England, but the following Inter players did not even make the trip: Adriano, Andy van der Meyde, Esteban Cambiasso, Francesco Coco, Ivan Cordoba, Julio Cruz, Alvaro Recoba, Francesco Toldo, Juan Sebastian Veron, Kily Gonzales, Obafemi Martins, and the two Zanettis, Javier and Christian. So who the hell went? Marco Materazzi, the new boys, and the reserves? What a joke. The guys who stayed home and some others from the Inter Primavera and Juniores Berretti squads will scrimmage this week during training with Italian teams Cagliari, Bolzano, & Treviso.
-DC United have released English midfielder Steve Guppy. Guppy started the season pretty well, but got injured and has never really returned to action.
-Because of the massive violence that happened before the last Kenyan home World Cup Qualifier (one dead - many injured), FIFA have ordered Kenya to play their next home qualifier in an empty stadium. The game will be Sept 2 v Tunisia. Don't you think Kenya is getting off a little light for this mess. Shouldn't these teams get some serious punishment so that people take it seriously next time. Who knows.
-Ridge Mahoney in USA Today on Ronaldo: Persistent pressure just a part of being Ronaldo
-As I watched the USA v Panama match on Sunday, I kept asking "why are they not using Pat Noonan for some more offense?" Turns out he had a bad ankle and did not dress for the match. Neither did Steve Ralston who had a concussion. After the match Coach Arena said that Noonan, Ralston, Pablo Mastroeni, Steve Cherundolo, Conor Casey & Eddie Pope (not to forget the loss of Eddie Johnson) were all probably out for the August 17th qualifier v Trinidad & Tobago. Not good to hear.
-Mark Chung was named MLS Player Of The Week.
-Sunday is the last day to acquire players for teams Champions League rosters in the qualifying stages.
-PSV will take on Monchengladbach in Eindhoven in a friendly this Friday. It will be interesting to find out if Beasley or Keller see any action.
-The Scottish league kicks off Saturday.
-My Minnesota Thunder had what might be their worst week in 15 years as a team. They played 3 games and lost them all! Here is this weeks USL First & Second Division wrap ups


Blogger incendiarymind said...

Aw crud. You know what Sanchez being signed means? The one thing the United States has over Mexico, that foreign clubs salivate over some of our players, is gone. :(

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