Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I Need Some Lunch, And All I Got Is This News.......Wanna Trade?

-Tonite in the Copa Oro its USA v Costa Rica from Gillette Stadium in suburban Boston. Both teams are thru to the knock out stages, but this will determine seeding, so there is some value at hand. Coach Arena says he will use a combination of players from the first two matches in tonites lineup (remember, he used two separate starting 11's against Cuba and Canada). USA leads Costa Rica on goal differential if they draw. Personally I would like to see Santino Quaranta get another shot.
-At least 3 European clubs are trying to sign Mexican marvel Jared Borgetti. Good move. He is a guy I always thought MLS should have gone after in a big way. He would look good at the Super-Club in New Jersey.
-MLS Standings for the mid-point of the season!
(team - games played - points)
Chicago - 19 - 35
FC Dallas - 16 - 34
New England - 16 - 32
San Jose - 17 - 28
Kansas City - 17 - 25
Los Angeles - 17 - 25
Metrostars - 16 - 24
DC United - 16 - 22
Colorado - 17 - 17
Columbus - 16 - 14
Real Salt Lake - 17 - 13
Chivas USA - 18 - 9
-An email was sent out to Galaxy fans about getting tickets for upcoming games. It made mention of the fact that there are only a few "grass area" seats left for the match vs Real Madrid, and then it goes on to mention other upcoming events. At the very end we get this special little gem:
We have also released a limited number of Field Side seats for the Real
Madrid Game for $1,000 per seat
For tickets to any of the above events call Nick at 310-630-2229
Nick Mann
Account Executive
Los Angeles Galaxy

I suggest we all call him on his cell during peak hours and ask to purchase 10 to 12 of those special 1000 dollar seats! One Thousand dollars a seat! You better get more than a match for that kinda money, and he or she better be damn cute.
-DC United are finally getting their much talked about mystery defender from Argentina. He is 22 year old Facundo Erpen of Talleres de Cordoba (a 2nd Division team). He came up thru the Boca Juniors system.
-One of the worst players I have ever seen in MLS, playing for one of the worst teams in the history of the league, Matt Taylor of Chivas USA, has turned it around, for at least one magnificent game, to be named MLS Player Of The Week. Not bad for a guy with a rat-tail. The team beat Fake Salt Lake 5-1, with Taylor scoring one and setting up the other four. What a night.
-Juve is going to play a game in New York on Aug 6. No other details yet.
-Real Madrid released their pre-season roster for the two games in the USA later this month:
G: Iker Casillas, Diego Lopez, Carlos Sanchez
D: Michel Salgado, Alvaro Mejia, Ivan Helguera, Carlos Pavon, Carlos Diogo, Roberto Carlos, Raul Bravo, Ruben De la Red
M: Pablo Garcia, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Guti, Luis Figo, Thomas Gravesen, Jose Manuel Jurado, Alvaro Arbeloa
F: Raul, Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Juanfran, Roberto Soldado
-Frankie Hejduk Q & A from Soccer 365.
-It looks like San Jose defender Eddie Robinson is finally getting back to that quality spot he was hitting before his nasty injuries over the last two years. Back then he was invited to a couple USA training camps and got a cap or two. Maybe it'll happen again. Team USA can always use more defenders.
-Our main man Jonesy, aka Grahame L. Jones, esteemed soccer writing aficionado with the Los Angeles Times, has crept on to the USA bandwagon over the last 12 months. Have you noticed this? Today he gives us a big feature story on a big dude: Oguchi Onyewu. Jonesy insists on calling him Gooch.
-Did you see this? I hadn't, but the Kansas City Star says that MLS has gotten rid of one of my pet peeves. They are no longer combining goals and assists into a point system. The stupid two points for a goal, one point for an assist thing is gone! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Thanks Lil John) I hated it. Who handed out the assists? No one knew. It might be an assist. It might not be. Now we don't have to care. Thank you MLS. And Thank You Kansas City Star for noticing and bringing it to our cumulative attention.
-A second great story in today's KC Star (they cover the team a lot better then the fans attend the games that's for sure!). Some smartass fan went and put the team up for sale on E-Bay for a cool $15 million. Good job kid. I mean, why not sell the team this way, seeing as Old Lamar can't seem to sell it any other way.
-Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune: Vantage Point: For soccer's stars, check is reality
-Somehow I missed this a couple weeks ago: New England released two players from the team, Brazilian midfielder Cassio and Canadian midfielder Felix Brillant. I thought Cassio was supposed to be a big deal?


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